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March Randoms

Figured we should start this with the new month!

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  • Well Luke is finally 5 months. He is 18.4 lbs and 27 inches long. He is to big for his infant car seat when he has a coat on. He looks like a hot dog that got over cooked and blew up and then I still tried to fit inside a standard hotdog bun LOL.

  • @ jennlynn777 That is too funny. I can absolutely picture what you're talking about and its hilarious!
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  • Nothing like having someone you can count on and trust. Especially with a new baby!
  • Well we now have to start feeding our six-month-old every two and a half hours during the day while he's awake as well as start rice cereal twice a day. The pediatrician is worried about his weight gain because he isn't even plotting on the percentile scale for his weight and age. He is 50th percentile for his length but not even on the scale for weight. I knew I had a long skinny baby and he doesn't look malnourished, he looks fine but he needs to fatten up a little bit.
  • @jenkar01 that sucks you have to worry about that! How was his growth at his 4 mo appt? Sounds like he's just long and skinny! Can you feed something like avocado that has good fats instead of rice cereal?
  • He was still not on the chart for his weight at his 4 month appointment either but we were hoping he would be this time. He is long and skinny. 26 3/4 ins long and 13# 12oz. Granted he was 5# 7.8 oz at birth so he has been playing catch up since day one. He wants us to try the rice cereal first since he has never had solid food and if he does okay with that then we can try others. I honestly think I have very lean breastmilk so he isn't getting a lot of fat from my milk. We shall see how this goes. Not looking forward to nursing him every 2 1/2 hours. May bottle between feedings to give me a break because I have plenty of frozen breastmilk I could do that.
  • My LO still eats every 2.5 hours also...Just her preference not ordered but she is on the tiny side too. Out 4 month appt she jumped up in the length % but the weight was still less than the 10th %.  I'm hoping solid food may help pack on the pounds as well. I'm curious as to her weight now but when I went to book her 6 month check up the earliest appt was 3.5 weeks out! Annoying. 

    Do you pump? You would notice a nice fat layer once the milk separated in the fridge. Mine is not lean I just think I only make enough for her to be full for a couple of hours. I'm really looking forward to introducing more solids and maybe stretching that timeline out!

  • I was thinking you were the one who overproduced, so at least supply isn't an issue! That's good you can move on from rice if he's fine w it.
  • Yes I am the one who overproduces. There is separation of fat and milk but it isn't a whole lot of fat. The overproducing is why I think I will go between breastfeeding and bottle. I don't want to stimulate even more production. I just got it under control. Plus our freezer is still pretty full so I have plenty of milk and I'm still pumping at work, mornings, and before bed so I will keep my supply stocked.
  • @jellybiehn that sucks you have to wait that long. Our Dr makes us schedule our appointments before we leave our current one. No more checkups until his 9 months appointment and no more shots until 12 months woohoo.
  • @jenkar You got this! Ellie still eats every 2 to 3 hours day and night it seems. She has two stretches she'll go longer. Definitely rely on that pumped milk. I second the avocado, just mash it up and thin it out with breastmilk. Try the rice first but try the avocado next. 
  • Dylan still eats every 2 to 3 hours! It can be exhausting but you will get through it! We used oatmeal cereal instead instead of rice cereal, I read somewhere that it was better with more health benefits 
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  • Is there a way to increase fat in breastmilk? I feel like I've googled that before. Off to google...
  • Kellymom says no, you can alter the types of fat thru diet. But an emptier boob has higher fat milk
  • Well he loved the rice cereal. So we will try it for a week and then see about adding more things next weekend. We both work full time and weekends is only time we have to try new things with baby.
  • Oh my god the extreme fussiness/whining these past two days :s I'm not sure if he's about to cut a tooth or what but it's never been this bad before. What ever it is, I hope it passes soon.
  • @BabyBoyH92016 I completely feel you on that one. X has been super fussy the last couple days and at points refusing to eat. Totally not his normal and think he is teething. He is usually a very happy baby but not this past weekend.
  • @jenkar01 Yes I've noticed the loss of appetite too. Teethers almost seem to make it worse. He desperately tries to shove them in his mouth and then starts to cry from either frustration of not getting the toy in his mouth the way he wants to or pain. I don't think there is anything I could do for him other than wait this out. 
  • Well LO napping has gotten better, but the past three nights I've been up 3 or 4 x with her! Argh! Hopefully this is a short lived phase...
  • Omg the fussiness has hit a record level this week

    I feel like I'm useless when she is screaming and nothing is helping. I don't know whether it is teething or upset stomach from new foods, or a very mild cold we both have. Poor little girl! Furious is the only way I can describe the crying I get every time I put her down. She has not been sleeping through the night anymore this week either.

    STM's when do you know when to medicate? I have advil for her in anticipation of teething or illness issues, but am very reluctant to give her medication if not necessary. It's not going to help if it's her tummy or just being clingy, but at the same time if it is her gums it could give her some relief. Am I overthinking this in usual FTM fashion...

    Don't get me wrong here, I'm not looking for an advil quick fix for her fussing, just worried I'm missing what's triggering it as it is worse than usual and all her little tears are breaking my heart.

  • @jellybiehn I can relate. I posted earlier this week about fussiness and it's still going on. He just whines all day long. When he's on the ground he'll lunge toward me to hold him, but when I hold him he starts to squirm to be put down. Nothing seems to make him happy for very long. We had our 6 month today and the pediatrician said his gums looked very red and swollen and to feel free to give him Tylenol anytime the fussiness gets really bad. I've been holding off on giving anything but it's been almost a week of this so im about ready to give it a try.
  • Man the fussiness seems to be going around. Xavier is been the same way if I put him down he just screams bloody murder like he's in pain or he's just straight-up upset. I know it's not his tummy because he gets mylicon drops every once awhile and I can tell his tummy cry. But Lord the tears and the sniffling from all the crying and it's breaking my heart. I hope it is the teething and not him getting sick or something. He does seem to be chewing more than usual and all that.
  • Wow seems like we all have fussy babies. B is GRUMPY! I cannot put him down for even a minute without him screaming. He is not a baby that cries a lot usually but this week it's been non-stop tears. He is also super, super sweaty. He was yesterday afternoon he was napping and had beads of sweat all over his whole face and his clothes were damp when he woke up. I thought maybe he was sick and took his temp but he didn't have a fever. I guess I'll chalk this up to teething too. His 6 Month appointment is Monday so I will ask his doctor about all this if he doesn't make a turn for the better by then.
  • Ellie is a bit younger than most of your babies and my oldest is 8, but I remember the releif I felt and sleep I got after giving Lorelei Tylenol when she was teething. I felt a little guilty for not giving it to her earlier because she was in so much pain. I used the teething tablets with the first two teeth but I hear those are a no no now. Orajel is horrible, horrible stuff. Sorry to all the momma's not getting a break. Try teething rings and nuby pacifiers too. 
  • Yeah, I'd say give Tylenol a trial run and see if it helps. 6 months is also a time where they're starting to figure out new sounds to make, that mommy goes away, etc. So I think their little brains are in over drive. After a week of craptastic sleep, our LO finally had a good night and only woke once last night. She had her vax yesterday though too, might've wiped her out.
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    @hejo2016 I hate when my LO gets shots, but it's always a guaranteed good nights sleep and great naps. Mine got his yesterday too.
  • Lol...exhausting week with cranky baby all by myself, then the weekend rolls around and she's all smiles and giggles with Daddy...Figures! 
  • I've been listening to the podcast "The longest shortest time" Great, relatable, and real podcast about motherhood. I highly recommend it. 
  • Oh I'll have to check it out!
    Reminds me of the "the days are long but the years are short" saying :)
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    Ugh X has finally gotten sick. Made it six months without an illness. Poor guy had a fever from Sunday until last night, has an upper respiratory infection, and yeast infection on his neck. Now have a reason for his crankiness and clinginess. Well I guess snuggles and sleep are in his future. Also his appetite has suffered. 

    Update: he has been fever free 24 hrs and ate​ most of his bottle, some carrots, and all his rice cereal at bedtime. Hopefully on upward trend.
  • @jenkar01 fevers are no fun. Dylan had one for about 3 days and he was so miserable I felt so bad for him. Luckily he has only had one that one time. He has been snotty almost all winter but has felt fine most of the time. I am just ready for summer ! 
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  • Well X have been fever free since yesterday. Spiked a low one Tuesday evening. He has gone back to sleeping back in his bed and not with us, thankfully. Mommy and Daddy were getting exhausted. He is back to sleeping like his norm and not up every hour or so. Hopefully this continues and he remains on the up trend. Of course now mommy is feeling under the weather but won't slow me down I've got things to do and places to go. Plus moms don't get sick days lol.
  • Good to hear! Hopefully you're not getting it too!
  • @jenkar01Glad to hear he's feeling better!

    And going back to a previous post about podcasts. I have a recommendation if you're into non baby related podcasts as well. I'm currently listening to Missing Richard Simmons. It about how Richard Simmons one day fell off the map. He hasn't been seen by his friends or in public for over two years. One friend suggests that his housekeeper holding him hostage. It's super interesting!
  • I forgot I had a question too. What does everyone think about getting 6 month photos done? We did a newborn photoshoot. The photographer also offers 6 month photos. I like the idea because I feel like B is at prime baby cuteness right now. It's like $500 for about 75 pictures. She does a great job and I love her work but I am trying to decide if it's a waste of money or not. $500 isn't going to break the bank but it also is not a drop in the bucket. Thoughts?
  • I heard about the Richard Simons podcast! I definitely need to check it out.

    The pics are a tough call. I don't think you'll ever regret getting professional pics done. I thought about it too and was torn, but here we are already at 6 months and I have not set anything up. Oops...I guess I have my answer. They are in prime cuteness at this age, but I honestly have thousands of cute pics on my phone that I can print. The cameras on phones are so good now, I don't feel like I'll look back one day and feel like I didn't get enough nice pics of LO. I think we will definitely do the 1 year professional pics. Since it will be close-ish to the holidays I will most likely use those professional pics for a holiday card.

    Also, i promised myself I would make a really nice photo album of pictures of Los first year using Shutterfly or a similar site. Something like that can easily cost several hundred dollars if you do high quality binding/paper. I think I would rather spend a few hundred bucks on that and have a nice collection of our favorite photos throughout his first year.
  • Oh wow , I just booked our 6 month photos and it will be $89 for a 30 min session. We didn't do the newborn ones and I just took them myself as I couldn't justify the cost of them either. I have done a few photobooks off of Shutterfly as well, just the cheap phone app versions as I keep getting coupons for free ones, but will probably spend the extra money to have a nice one done as well for her first year. But I do agree, the pics my phone takes are great...And I have about a billion of them....
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