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  • No, I just look fat.
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  • Hahahaha this is pretty funny. My husband and I were at a restaurant when I was about 7 months pregnant last time, and the server came over and mentioned something about me being pregnant. My husband looked at him totally straight faced and told him I wasn't pregnant. The look on this poor guy's face was pure terror. I couldn't keep a straight face for long!
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  • and then another time in a gas station when I was DAYS away from having DS this mean old guy stared at my belly for like two minutes straight and then angrily said "You know what causes that right?" And I was like "Yeah, a happy marriage and lots of sex."

    Sorry not sorry. Don't say stupid shit to pregnant women. 
    I would have paid to see this.. I *might* have peed in my pants from laughing so hard.
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  • It's funny, I thought I was getting a bump about 2 weeks ago (2nd time mom, currently 12 w+ 3 days) and switched to maternity pants, but it was just major bloat. I barely see or feel anything at the moment except the normal post-baby pudge and am back into normal pants again. I can't wait for my stomach to officially pop!
  • I have a leftover pooch from previous PG but my bump is starting to show and it's hard. Ultrasound tech confirmed last week that the top of my uterus is only an inch or 2 below my belly button. And like she said, your uterus is pushing everything above it in your belly up and out (depending on how tall you are I guess) so there's that too. I'm having a hard time hiding it now at work. I'm 14+3 today and this is my 3rd PG. 
  • Big bump here. 2nd pregnancy. 13wks 1day❤️❤️

  • I'm 10w3d on baby number 3 and have a definite bump forming. Can see it when I lay down over my pelvis area. 
  • BostonBaby1BostonBaby1 member
    edited March 2017
    I was huge with DS. I have had many past abdominal surgeries so my abs were already split in both directions plus he was measuring over 2 weeks ahead. 

    At birthing class, the instructor assumed twins. I just glared and said, "Only one. One large baby." She had the decency to be apologetic.

    Around the same time (8 months) I had an argument with a cab driver. He was insistent that I not take the cab for a short ride. When I told him that I had already walked miles and I didn't want to walk more because I was pregnant, he said that I wasn't!!! I assured him that I was and he finally agreed after reaching my destination and getting out. 

    People are rude and a pregnant belly leads some people to believe they no longer have to edit what they say. 

  • efrey1986efrey1986 member
    edited March 2017
    We are on baby number 3!! Definite bump here at 14 weeks + 4 days! I went register our 4 y/o for kindergarten today and all the teachers noticed I was expecting! 
    Edit to say: I tried to post a picture but it won't post

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