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Middle name for Chloe

We have been trying to come up with a middle name for our little girl, who is due in a couple weeks. We wanted it to be meaningful, as my son has my maiden name as his middle name; however, we just can't seem to find anything. So looking for ideas of middle names that just sound nice with the first name Chloe. Thank you!
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Re: Middle name for Chloe

  • Chloe Maxine
    Chloe Elaine
    Chloe Selene
    Chloe Maureen
    Chloe Inez
    Chloe Christine
    Chloe lorraine

  • What sound does the last name start with and how many syllables in your last name?
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  • Our last name is 3 syllables and starts with F. 
    Married 10/10/2009
    MC 4/23/2014
    BFP 8/1/2014, expecting our rainbow on 4/12/2015

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  • We had Chloe on the list for our first daughter, the middle names we had were Rose, Mae, Louise and Eve.
  • Chloe Eve
    Chloe Jane
    Chloe May
    Chloe Delle
    Chloe Elaine
    Chloe Rae
  • Chloe Jane was on my list and I really love it

    If you want meaningful try to think outside the box- the street you lived on, where you met or got married, the month you got married (May, June could work). Maybe your mom or Grandmas maiden name could work, or DHs mom or grandmas maiden name.

    My friends daughter is Brooke Marin (Marin because they got engaged in Marin county California).

    I have thought about giving another daughter the middle name Elizabeth because that's our street name or Mae because that's when I was born.
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  • I agree with looking outside of just family names for something meaningful. The site of your first date or a special memory or something you and your husband love.
  • I think a single syllable middle name would flow best, but be careful about a name that starts with the same sound it ends with, so a long E name would be difficult to distinguish (ex Chloe Eve) but I like the suggestion Chloe Rae or others like it.
    Chloe Mae/May
    Chloe Blair
    Chloe Gwen
    Chloe Skye
    Chloe Sloane
    Chloe Grace
  • Chloe Elise
    Chloe Louise
    Chloe Anne
    Chloe Avril (Could be cute, since you're due in April, and Avril is French for April.)
    Chloe Maren 
    Chloe Diane
    Chloe Joy
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  • I like Chloe Grace 
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  • I'm a big fan of Chloe Grace. 


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