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Is it too much? It's a family name and I would never have dreamt of it but I heard the NN Cilla recently and I kinda love it. I just know I'd never use the full name, which bothers me.

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  • I like it.
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  • I like it
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  • I don't love it.
  • You said you'd never dreamt of using it and you would never use the full name. I think you answered your own question! Also, what if someday she'd ask you how she got her name, and you said, "well, it's a family name, and I didn't love it at first..."---and even if you grew to love it---wouldn't this be an awkward thing to disclose?
  • TBH it sounds a little harsh

    What about Cecelia nn CeCe or Celia?
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  • It's harsh yet kinda frilly I'm not a fan but LOVE Cecelia as mentioned above

  • I really am not a fan of it and makes me think "prissy." I do love Cecilia and think you could get away with Cilla as a nn for it.

  • Thanks ladies. It would be predicated on using the full name so I think you are right- I answered my own question. So I may have to leave this one for another relative to attempt!
  • I knew a Priscilla growing up who went by Prissy, and she really was quite prissy. It's put a bad taste in my mouth for the name ever since.
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  • Ugh I would never let her go by Prissy hence Cilla but I know you can't control what others call your kid...
  • It sounds prissy to me.  Cilla sounds nice, but there would be lots of times people call her by the full name. Think of things like having her name called in the doctors waiting room, filling out documents, teachers calling attendance on the first day of school, etc.  If you dislike "Priscilla" in these types of situations, don't use it.  PP suggestion of Cecilia nn Cilla is a good idea.
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