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If you're not sappy, pretend you are. What would your perfect/dream Valentine's Day look like?  


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  • We would do absolutely nothing! Neither of us are Valentine's Day fans and we both get kind of annoyed when people (read: in-laws) push us to go out. 
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  • My perfect Valentine's day would be a surprise wine bus tour for the two of us. He would get up.with her and let me sleep in and take my time getting ready. He would fly my mom out here to watch J for the day. Then we would do the tour and just spend time together. 

    We're probably just going to make a nice dinner once Baby J goes to bed. And maybe sleep early. 
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    I've been SERIOUSLY thinking about this question since I saw it yesterday and I'm drawing a total blank. I have no idea what my "ideal" Valentine's date would be. We spent 4 years not able to celebrate Valentine's day on the actual day while I was away at school so really it's just nice to be able to be with DH on Valentine's Day for his cheesy cards.
    I think I have an ideal gift though...DH quit buying me flowers after he did a Pro Flowers order and they arrived broken and dead. And after 10 years together I've gotten 1 locket, a promise ring (which broke 3 times :( ) and then my engagement & wedding rings so I'm thinking it would be nice to get a jewelry item :smiley:
  • I second the paid day off! Lol
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     Sorry guys, hit the post button trying to hit back on my phone lol
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