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  • @Sugargirl1019 funny, my LMP puts me at 9/18, ovulation at 9/17 and measured at 9/19...so she's going with 9/19 for now until I go back on Wed. I would've thought they'd do the LMP like you but newp!

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     #1: 8wks MMC 4/16
    #2: 13+4 T21 + Hydrops 3/17
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  • @Sugargirl1019 IRL due date TWINSIESSS! <3
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  • My ultrasound at 8+6, so a few days further than I thought. Heartbeat was 181 and the most amazing thing to hear! Now a Saturday ticker change girl.
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  • Aw! I am 9 weeks today too but I only had an ultrasound at 6 weeks. Hopefully I will have another soon! It's nice to see yours to guess what mine might look like!
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  • First ultrasound at what I thought was 7+2. Baby is measuring 8+3. I feel 8 days is quite the gap. 
  • @jdghilarducci hi! Flip it around n you'll c that's the feet buds n then hand buds n then the head. Ur looking at it upside down, or ur bean is upside down should I say! Lol. Congrats :)
  • We only have our first ultrasound at week 12 here in UK, you guys are lucky! I am just 6-7 weeks now, confused because my cycles are usually 35 weeks, so I still have a good few weeks to go before I see my bean!! 
  • Aww @IdleFancy that's an adorable little baby you have there, kinda looks like a cute little seahorse lol! (I love seahorses, they are adorable.) My first US with my son looked like an alien... his eyes were huge and buggy and he wasn't very cute lol! I mean he's cute now but I was worried  :D 
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