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  • Wow, superwoman! Congratulations! 
  • I first read this at 3 AM in the middle of my pregnancy insomnia and was touched with how beautiful it was. 10 hours later and now all I can focus on is how much of a badass you are! Thanks for sharing your story with us!! 
  • Oh my goodness, lady, you are AMAZING! What a birth story!!! Congratulations!
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  • I've always admired your wit and spunk, and now you're basically my hero @DrillSergeantCat :lol: That birth story is amazing, and the fact it happened to you and got to share it with us made it 1000000 times better! Congrats on your beautiful little girl!


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  • Wow! Congratulations! That's quite the birth story.
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  • WOw what a story!!! She's beautiful and how amazing for you to know your body so well! Way to go momma! 
  • Wowowow!!! She's perfect and you are incredible!!!!!
  • What an incredible story!!! Congratulations mama & baby! I absolutely love the name! You are such a rockstar!!!!

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  • kjd291 said:
    I know you have better things going on right now (aka baby snuggles) so no rush-but for a curious mama when you have a chance: to asnkwr: @DrillSergeantCat how close together were your contractions while you were waiting to leave your house!? I'm sure I'm not the only one who's terrified by your story and hoping to make it to the hospital on time. Haha. You're amazeballs. 
    Also::how does billing work!? You better not have to pay for a delivery fee since you did it ALL by yourself!
    I can say at our hospital it's kind of lump sums: labor and delivery, room and board, nursery, pharmacy, and then any doctors like your on practice. The only one that seemed to be affected by use for me was's a set rate for everyone :/
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  • Congrats to you!

  • Wow, what an amazing birth story.  You are amazing and I could not even imagine the roller coaster of emotions tied to that whole ordeal!  
  • You are incredible!!!  <3 
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  • Oh WOW! Congrats momma!!!
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  • You are a-freaking-mazing, mama!!! What a story to tell her later! She's beautiful and love the name!
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  • So last night I had a dream that I delivered my baby while I was taking a bath.  I don't know if it's because I read your birth story @DrillSergeantCat, but now I'm terrified. 
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  • @DrillSergeantCat can you tell us more about how you are doing so that I can live vicariously.  More pics plz.
  • @JustAnotherUsername16 Not to hijack, but my husband drives a lease. He already has a plan to line the backseat and floor with garbage bags and towels. 
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  • I told my DH and he was like " Could we have that kind of quick delivery?"
  • Holy smokes! What an amazing story! You are a rock star. Congratulations, mama. :)
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  • +1 to the "my DH asked about the state of the car" list. Men are funny.
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    Samantha - 4/5/2017

  • Wow what a story! Congratulations! She is beautiful!
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  • Congratulations!
  • Ooooooohhh myyyyy goodness!!!!!!!! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh congrat!! And wow!!!! Xoxo

  • @Cbeanz we're doing good. Came home Friday and still adjusting. She's unable to nurse because she doesn't have the facial strength to hold suction due to being early term. 

     I do have leather seats but stuff gets down in there too. The hospital cleaned it but there's vernix in the ventilation holes and I can smell iron when the heated seat is on. 

     @SienaC hospital policy is a nicu visit for any baby born outside the hospital so that will negate any savings. 

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  • Lurking from F17 just wanted to say congratulations!! And that is a crazy birth story that will be fun to tell the kids once they are much older lol. 
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  • so happy you guys are home! that pic of DH with the babes is so sweet  <3
  • She's beautiful!
  • That's like something out of a movie! She's beautiful and I love her name :)
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  • She is so beautiful, and she looks very healthy. Love the new pictures. Congratulations again! 
  • What an amazing story!!  She is perfect, congrats!!
  • Aww look at that little squish! She's so cute!
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    Samantha - 4/5/2017

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