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The Weekly Bitch Fest (1/31)


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  • npaulie said:
    @kap1988 I tell people that we aren't sharing the name until after he's born. Which is true... but it makes them stop asking 
    I feel like I've implied that but I guess I just need to be more forceful.  

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  • @kap1988 I have the sammmmmmeee thing going on with the name. I'm like man you must really love me to tell you the same response over and over!
  • @kap1988
    I made the mistake of telling people what we're naming our son and I have regretted it ever since. I constantly hear my future mother in law carrying on and on about her excitement about "Baby Dean" and it is almost enough to make me want to pick a different name (needless to say, I can't stand the woman). And of course there's always the people that don't like the name and think that you care about their opinions.

    Because of this, I told my fiance that when we have another child, we aren't telling anyone except for maybe one or two close friends what name we've picked out. We are going to sit and think of the stupidest names imaginable and tell people that that's what we're naming the baby. 
  • @direwolfmini yeah, people do take offense. I just stopped caring, because pregnant. Haha. My mom is the reason I'm not telling anyone because I got sick of hearing her say she through the names we were thinking of were weird. I've learned my lesson for next time to just say "we can't decide on a name"
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  • @npaulie I may have to use that excuse!
  • @Burrberrymum Its like a man cold on steroids. I'm sorry you had to deal with that, plus the blood pressure thing is dangerous! He should be ashamed of himself!
  • @direwolfmini
    People do get offended. Its like refusing to tell people the gender of the baby, or having people ask the gender when you don't know (I had tons of fun with that. Didn't get to find out until I was nearly 30 weeks). But, honestly, most women get really offended when others criticize the name. I say, its better to offend other people than stress yourself out by opening yourself up to everyone else's opinions.

    When you tell people that you haven't decided yet, do they tend to start making suggestions for names? I was fortunate to not have a lot of trouble with that, but I know people like to give suggestions. I watched it happen way too often with my cousin. She got to the point where she would just end the conversation the instant someone brought up names.
  • @Burrberrymum omg, I'm so sorry but that just cracked me up! What a big ol baby, saying you left him for dead. What more could he want? Did he want you to babysit him and spoon feed him the soup? I'm sorry he fussed at you and got your blood pressure up, though. Try not to stress about it. He survived. He'll be okay. 
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  • @Burrberrymum ugh! I'm mentally smacking him upside the head for you. Seriously what else could you have done? "what if i choke" really!? how would you give him the heimlich with your big ol belly anyways... men!
  • Team "we can't decide on a name" !! I have no shame in using that excuse as an answer for everyone who asks.  **even though we still haven't agreed 100%** if we did have a name forged in stone I still wouldn't tell!!

    @Burrberrymum awwww, lady! You poor thing! Definitely sounds like you went above and beyond and are trying to take care of all FOUR of you at once. Stupid man flu is THE. WORST. 
    Ive had so many colds this winter--as I complain often about on here--but I'd rather be sick myself then have my husband sick! What babies!
  • Thanks ladies your comments actually put a smile on my face tonight! I couldn't even handle the what if I choked comment from him.. would I have even heard it while DD tantrums all day from being cooped up? Spoon feed him lol right? I don't understand what more he wanted me here for. He just wanted me here to be here. 
  • @Burrberrymum It sounds like you already went above and beyond! If my husband was sick I would not have done any of that lol I have no sympathy for him! 

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  • Man cold just hit our house! Wish me luck this weekend. If I were your SO @Burrberrymum I would be super happy that you entertained DD all day so that I could rest in peace! 

    On the topic of names, we haven't shared with anyone either. I am really excited to announce it when he is born because he will be named after my grandfather, so I can't wait to see the reaction from said grandfather and my mom! 
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  • @Burrberrymum ugh! I'm mentally smacking him upside the head for you. Seriously what else could you have done? "what if i choke" really!? how would you give him the heimlich with your big ol belly anyways... men!
    This is totally beside the point but... I think there IS a way for a pregnant woman to administer the Heimlich.  We were told in our first aid class with my first pregnancy but I can't remember!  And if a pregnant woman is choking, she should be up against a wall and someone pushes on her sternum. I am nervous now and need to look these up.
  • @kap1988 @npaulie @ShannonJ96 I feel that people take it as a personal insult if you will not tell them the baby(ies) names.
    People totally take offense. I just don't care and reiterate in a polite way that we are going to surprise everyone when she is born. 
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