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UO (1/19)

Annnndddddd GO!
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Re: UO (1/19)

  • I'll go: all the non-pregnancy related signature options for the site do not work for me at all. I need quirky, a little offbeat. The fact my baby was the size of a turkey when he came out? Funny as hell; I liked knowing that about my baby. The baby tickers are all just so... straight up. *sigh*

    And I'm guessing the fact that I can say this and think about this will make this a pretty unpopular O, because I know a lot of you ladies are uncomfortable as fuck. Sorry...

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  • I am too much of a wuss to even consider natural birth.  I will fully admit it.  Props to people who can!   And after 2+ years at a fertility doctor, needles dont even make me bat an eye.  I even gave myself my own PIO intramuscular shots because I didnt want to have to go to the office every morning!
  • It's not that I hate all of the specialized abbreviations on The Bump and similar sites and forums, but I'm definitely overwhelmed by them.... It took me a while to find out what UO means lol. 
  • @sadiec92 if you check out the thread called "read this first", there's a link to guide you to all the TB abbreviations. It's pinned somewhat at the top of the board. 
    First BFP: 12/16/13
    EDD: 08/23/14
    Baby BOY born: 08/29/14
  • Why doesn't anyone ever read it first???
    We might need to make it more obvious like "Want to not be a Speschul Snowflake and save yourself from being flamed? Then Read this Thread First" Though that is quite a lot of words so they'd prob still skip it...
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  • Image result for not another teen movie gif t to the fourth power y

    IDK why but all this abbreviations talk made me thing of this scene in not another teen movie
  • sadiec92sadiec92
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    Somehow I missed over it. I found it and saved all the abbreviations where I can find them. :) Thanks!

    I realized how I missed it--obviously most forums have a thread to read first, but I didn't expect there to be 2, so after reading the introduction thread, I thought I was all good...
  • I agree with the DH, sometimes he is not so dear haha and do use just H occasionally. Although I still use DD for my daughter since I think she is so dear (for the time being)! Maybe I'll change my mind when she gets the terrible twos or that preschool attitude haha. 
  • I thought of a judgy opinion to share-I judge people who put a styrofoam cup over an iced coffee. Such a waste!
    People do this? That's bananas.

    I think hubby is pretty vom-tastic.
  • @LC12261012 I totally agree with the go fund me! I've seen some pretty ridiculous (in my opinion) reasons to start them! Like, your house burned down, sure I'll help out; you want a vacation, NO, save up for one like the rest of us!
  • Looks like @NiceyMeany and I have found something to disagree on. I actually call my H hubs as a pet name around the house. Never ever ever in front of others, though!

  • +1 to hating hubby/wifey. My friend isn't getting married until June and has already worn a "wifey" shirt. Just, no.
  • @lfrank12 Wearing a shirt?! That may be grounds for unfriending. 
  • @Xstatic3333 I don't even know who you are anymore.
  • I second the "old lady" comment. It is as bad as the "old ball and chain". 
    My husband refers to me as his honey or his woman...both I am good with. 
  • Your H family sound like real winners @LivingLaVidaGinger
  • My best friend calls her husband "hubby bear" in a baby voice on the regs. I love them both so much but it's a little difficult to hide my cringe. Lol

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