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Weekly Randoms 1/16 - 1/22

Chatter away about all things random.  :)
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Re: Weekly Randoms 1/16 - 1/22

  • @JNR6510 that's so exciting! I was hoping we'd be able to move before this baby but it's not looking possible. It'll be much easier to move while PG than with a newborn! Good luck!
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  • @JNR6510 Congrats on the house! So exciting! Hoping moving goes smoothly for you!
  • @JNR6510  Congrats on your new home!  Your description of the place sounds amazing!  How exciting!

    My random is this wait to see my midwife.  It's the longest wait!  First you wait two weeks to get a positive pregnancy test, then fret over faint lines, brand of test, etc.  THEN, you wait 6+ weeks to see the little bean?!?!  Uggghhhh.  It's not even a typical 6 weeks, it drags on and on and on......

  • @JNR6510 Yay!!!! 

    Yesterday my dad and DH started what they thought would be a super easy bathroom fix that ended up taking almost 6 hours and still isn't finished.. ugh! Somehow during that time I got caught in a loop of watching Dr Phil videos on YouTube. Has anyone seen the girl that claimed she was pregnant with Jesus? OMG
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  • @JNR6510 that's awesome and I'm extremely jealous! That's all I've ever wanted but recently moved to vegas where I can't find that!

    my random thought is that I would really like to change professions but I don't know what else I could or want to do!! This is my 9th year teaching and I would like to do something different!
  • @Sprite2012 Time does drag while waiting for that appointment. Our first appointment is on 1/24, and it feels like forever away! 
  • daniellelynette I am so sorry for your loss :-(
  • @JNR6510 Yay! Congrats! That's really exciting!!!
    @daniellelynette I'm so sorry about your loss. 
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    BFP Nov. 20, 2017; ended in CP
    All the tests. Everything normal except treated for ureaplasma and DH potentially has high DNAF.
    BFP Dec. 25, 2017; EDD Sep. 5, 2018; DD arrived Aug. 26th
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  • @daniellelynette I'm so sorry for your loss.  Will you honor your grandpa with your little one's name or anything?
    Married to David 3/22/14
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  • @daniellelynette I'm sorry for your loss. I hope you and your family find some peace while your going through this.
  • wyomama0427wyomama0427 member
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    Thank you all! Truly, your kind words mean a lot! <3  I really hope we can find some peace too. It got really hard there in the end. He had to suffer through things no person should have to suffer through. @sableeg if it's a boy I want to name him Everett George, (which interestingly enough will give him the same initials as DS, who is Easton Glen) George being my Grandpa's name. His name was George Joseph and my cousin named her son Dempsey Joseph. DH isn't sold on the name Everett but I can't find another name that I like as much. 

    Edited because I forgot the opening parentheses 
  • @daniellelynette  I'm so sorry.. I know how hard that is. I remember when my grandmother died a few years ago I was so angry at how sick she was at the end. I guess I had a vision in my head of how people die and it just didn't go that way. It seems very unfair. 

    I hope the memorial goes well and that you are able to take some peace away from it. 
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  • I feel so bad but I can't handle my dog's breath right now. Every time he comes near me I start gagging and dry heaving. I feel bad for not giving him much attention but at least my husband and girls have been loving on him. 
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  • All I'm thinking about are Frosted Flakes but I feel to crappy to eat them 
  • @HollyGolightly09 I'm sorry about your Grandmother! It really is unfair how hard the end is. It seemed so cruel. One of my favorite bible verses that really helped me through it..

    "God always gives you all the grace you need. So you will only have to suffer for a little while. Then God Himself will build you up again. He will make you strong and steady. And He has chosen you to share in His eternal glory because you belong to Christ." 1 Peter 5:10

    That's the English contemporary version, it's different in other versions but that one is my favorite. The memorial is going to be hard but DS and I are staying for a few extra days after the family leaves so we can keep Grandma company for a while. They just celebrated their 65th anniversary. She's really depressed and my heart hurts for her. Hopefully we can cheer her up for a few days.
  • @daniellelynette sorry to hear that. Prayers for you. 

    i think my mom might be psychic or something. We didn't tell anyone we were pregnant. My mom looks at me and says you are pregnant aren't you?...  whatttttt! Pshhh no. She figured it out and I didn't even say anything to give it Away! 

  • @LuckyPenny1231 it's crazy how people can pick up on that 
  • My friend texted me a week before we found out that she had a dream that I was pregnant!
  • @kelseyrayray @ashley2824 We had a similar experience!  DH's dad called him the day we found out and said "my buddy texted me that he had a dream last night that we were singing to your daughter".  It was so weird.  :|
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  • I called and made my first appt. They scheduled me for an intake appt for next week when I will be 8 weeks according to my lmp. Except I ovulated super late and will only be 5w4d according to O. They said they have to book everything according to my period. It's kind of annoying because I was tracking my ovulation and I know their edd is two weeks off. 
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  • @daniellelynette I'm so sorry. Prayers. 

  • So my due date was changed to Aug 28th. Are you letting me stay in Sept or exiling me to Aug 2017? 

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  • @JessKo08 we would love to keep you here! But we also understand if you want to be in a BMB with people ahead of you so you can gain from their experiences and expertise too. I can't say much being at the end of the month, but if my DD gets pushed back to October, I would still stay here...but again, it's up to you and what you want to give and get out of this experience :)

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  • Ugh...I have officially come down with some sort of bug. Fever, aches and sore throat. SO not ideal right now!! I get to go have a flu test tomorrow...yaaayy... :( that on top of nausea and existing fatigue. Can I hibernate until week 13 please??
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  • @LaceyC1020 Girl, me too. I think I might actually have strep throat, I go to the doctor in the morning. The worst part is? My aversions and overactive appetite haven't gone anywhere. So I can barely swallow, but all of the things I can eat or drink- OJ, soup, etc, sound and taste awful. All I really want are chicken wings. What is wrong with me? Who wants chicken wings when they have strep throat?
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  • @amandarene112 that's awful!! I've only had an aversion to spaghetti so far. Try Gatorade maybe?? I really don't think I have the flu, but better to be safe than sorry. Watch for temperatures, they can be dangerous during pregnancy. I hope you feel better soon!!
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  • @LaceyC1020 I'm on the tylenol train over here, no fevers for me. I hope you feel better soon as well!
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  • Congratulations @Knottie1442286612! A good friend of mine just graduated from PA school not too long ago!
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  • @bayhunter6 Same here! Love my dog, but right now, her smell is unbearable to me.
    Me: 33 DH: 33
    Married: 10.15.16
    BFP: 12.24.16
    DS BD: 8.20.17
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    EDD #2 3.13.20
  • I am wide awake with a screaming toddler. He is so sick. Dh of course is in my sons bed sound asleep. go figure. 
  • @JNR6510 We are moving too! Our closing date is Friday, and we are going to try to move everything over on Saturday. 
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  • Congratulations @Knottie1442286612! A good friend of mine just graduated from PA school not too long ago!
  • I've given up my second cup of coffee starting today.  :'(   I did my research and then measured how much I normally have, and it's too much. How are you all making it through life with no nap and no caffine?!? 
  • kailapop said:
    I've given up my second cup of coffee starting today.  :'(   I did my research and then measured how much I normally have, and it's too much. How are you all making it through life with no nap and no caffine?!? 
    I gave up caffeine when I got pregnant with my DS who is now 18 months. I don't miss caffeine at all! I had headaches for a week and that was it. If I drink caffeine now I get jittery and wired. I pretty much only drink water. 
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