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Any body else's LO's start taking their first steps?? My son started New Year's Day and is relentlessly charging around the house upright now.  :# 

Re: Walking???

  • Aw man I thought this was a thread on sleepless babies. I'd have a novel to write on that topic! 

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  • Oh man I just realized my title is misspelled! Maybe that's why nobody's commented  :D
    but while we're on the topic of waking, man I wish my little guy would sleep through the night!
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  • @SmallyMcSmall I hear ya. Believe me. I haven't slept through the night in over a year. 

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  • My DS started walking Christmas weekend and is all over the place!! It's cute to watch him try and run from us and then just fall though, hahaha. I'm such a mean mom. Obviously if he's actually get I'll cuddle him, but it rarely actually ends in tears. 
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  • @CecilB93 hahaha likewise! Nothing gets my little guy moving faster than saying "get back here!", and he'll squeal delightedly as he plows full steam ahead  :D 
  • my tiny has started letting go while she stands - you can tell she is super enjoying the feeling of finding her balance - but doesn't look like she's going to take any steps yet ... which is just *fine* with me LOL

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  • My LO has been walking for a couple of months now, she's even started running. My boys didn't walk til after they turned 1 so it's been fun watching her. 
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