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*TW* Walgreens HPT trustworthiness question

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Hello all!
I am new here, just a few months so far TTC so I know patience is a virtue at this point!
I have seen all the frustrations about the blue dye EPTs and know all the basics of evap lines and all of that!
What I want to know is, is anyone familiar with false positives on a Walgreens EPT?? (Actual false positive - pee for 5 seconds on the stick, wait 2 minutes, wonderful solid blue line albeit slightly lighter than the control line, still there days later, read the test in the 2-10 minute window and the line was blue and DH was right there to confirm it wasn't a hallucination and was in the limited 2-10 minute window).
Last weekend I had THREE what I thought were BFP! One at night, one the next morning and one the day after that in the afternoon.
Went to Dr and got 2 BFN tests. I was so disappointed I didn't even think to ask for a blood test.
I know there can be evap lines and misdone tests and even faulty tests...but 3 what look like legit BFP in a row?! Has anyone else experienced this?
Thanks in advance and good luck to all TTC!

Re: *TW* Walgreens HPT trustworthiness question

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  • lindybirdlindybird
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    @eggplantface Thanks so much for your reply! I am not sure if you know but the app actually won't let you post without first lurking for a required time period.  So all newbies have do that first :smile:
    To be clear, I don't expect, nor did I ask anyone on an Internet forum to tell me if I am pregnant LOL!!
    I just want to know if this is a common error with Walgreens tests so I know not to use them again or if it was freak lighting! :blush:
  • @lindybird If I were you I'd immediately go to the store and get about 5 different brands and use them all. If they were all BFP I would believe that over the test at the dr until you get a blood test. Which I would also schedule right away. From what I've read, false positives are rare unless you are doing some kind of assisted reproduction and there's leftover hcg in your system from the shots.

    Good luck to you 

  • Also, maybe change the title of your post to something that doesn't make your BFP obvious and includes a TW. Sometimes it hurts for us to see these kind of drive by posts when we've been trying so long and have never seen any kind of positive test 

  • @bluejeanbabi05 Good point! I edited the title and included a TW. And I am going to wait a few more days and see if my next period comes. *TW* My last "period" was early and spotty so I do know it could have been a CP but there was no bleeding afterwards at all so i was thinking possible implantation?? *END TW* 

    @eggplantface the walgreens tests are blue dye tests, which brings me back to my original question...are those not accurate? (again, not evap lines, just straight up 2 minutes after peeing on the stick blue line). I will check out those other tests - the price of drugstore even generic adds up so fast!!
  • @lindybird Hi! I'm relatively new here and mostly just lurk. But, to answer your question, yes! I think the Walgreens brand EPT tests are garbage. *TW* I'm breastfeeding my 8 month old DS and haven't had a PP AF. However, each month I take a HPT just to be sure. In December, I took the Walgreens brand EPT (they were on sale so I thought I'd try them out!) and immediately got a BFP blue line well within the time limit. I was shocked and excited, but also very skeptical. It was a two pack, so the next day I took another one and same thing. However, I just wasn't sure. I went to the store and bought a pink dye test (which seem to be more reliable and recommended by these ladies) and sure enough completely white. It was cruel and disheartening.... End TW* So long story short, I do not recommend the blue dye walgreens test at all. I would get a pink dye test and test again!

    Good luck! If you end up sticking around, read the newbie guide and tell us about yourself in the weekly intro post! ☺
  • @Caityyyy That is super helpful feedback on the tests!
    I am going to get the ones off Amazon!
  • ps @hartmich seriously? -_-
  • lindybirdlindybird
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    @adirat You are so awesome.  Seems like you and @cheframsay and @heatherdubrow make quite the team! Hope you enjoy each others company ☺ Feel free to quote all my posts - none of them are going anywhere!

  • lindybirdlindybird
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    Meanwhile in relevant to my question replies, thank you, again @Caityyyy for actually answering my question! 

    If old timers @adirat @cheframsay and @heatherdubrow cared to use their apparent long-time status here to point me in the direction of some board I missed in several days of going through various threads and general Google searches and key word searches here, including searching terms like "Walgreens" I will be happy to follow you all leading the way!

    If for now you just get off on roasting newbs without actually addressing their questions, well, you lovelies do you.  Ain't nobody got time for internet bullies at our age! LOL
  • PS @LadyMillil Those are good points. If my AF wasn't as regular as a Swiss clock I would shrug off abnormalities.  But *TW* bizarre spotting for me is just that, bizarre. *End TW*

    After learning that the Walgreens tests apparently can actually be faulty, I filed a complaint with them and know to never use those tests again! And obviously I don't recommend them for anyone else!

    Good luck to you all!!
  • You are all fantastic!
    Thank you!!!
  • lindybirdlindybird
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