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Mucus plug

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Hi everyone, I am expecting baby on the 9tg of January... I've been on my ball this morning and had a cramps pain in my lower stomach that went into my legs, I went to the toilet and when I wiped the second time there was a thick mucus... ftm and have no idea what I'm looking for... however I have read that there doesn't have to be blood in the mucus plug... could this be the start? I have discharge alot but this is so different! 

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  • is this an actual freaking joke???? please delete that pic, i'm assuming by now you're obviously followed by a medical professional, ask them, please not us 
  • 1. Delete the picture. Nobody wants to see you MP or vagina goo. Sorry.
    2. Call a medical professional. If you're experiencing cramps, and you're close to your due date, they may want to check you out.
    3. That discharge could be your water leaking. That was my case, and I didn't know it until nearly 36 hours later, when I wet in for contractions.

    But for the love of god, delete the picture!!

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  • For Pete's sake that is disgusting! 
  • Please please delete the picture! Nobody wants to see that.

    Call your nurse line or doctor. They may want to do an exam just to check if your water broke. Also, you can start to lose your mucus plug weeks before you go into labor. 
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