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  • So last night i got pissed off at my husband when i discovered he had bought his sister extra christmas presents that we hadnt discussed (he had already bought her a pair of boots at £150) & also cause she phoned him looking for him to do stuff for her for uni. This snowballed as i had already been mildly pissed off that he had been giving out that he has to cancel 2 weeks of work(hes a locum dr so works for himself and books work months in advance) in january now that im going to be taken in to be induced 2 weeks before my due date, priorities!!
    so i kinda picked a fight with him & said a lot of stuff about his sister that has been building up and building up (shes repeating the same final year at uni for the 3rd time & still cant get her shit together, only contacts him when she wants or needs something, doesnt even say thank you for all he does for her just expects him to drop everything & come running, so much of her shit is still in our attic as apprently their mums 5 bedroom house has nowhere to put it, the list is endless) & now were not speaking and i feel awful cause i started it and it just upsets me more not speaking to him but dont want to apologise cause what i said is all true and glazing over it will just mean that it will errupt again at a later stage and it all just pisses me off so much!
  • @Janefelicity I'm sorry you are dealing with that! It sounds like his sister definitely has some growing up to do. With you and DH, things will calm down once a little time goes by for you to both cool off, and then you guys can discuss it again. It's going to be ok! *hugs*
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  • @Janefelicity I'm sorry you are upset. I agree with @WinchesterGirl, once there's been some time to cool off and think, I'm sure there will be a new discussion. I understand not wanting to apologize, and make it seem like it's less of a big deal than you really feel. Maybe with some time to think, your husband will end up realizing that it's true. Temporarily, maybe you can take a nice bath, and do something to relax and get some space until you two are ready to revisit the topic.  <3
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  • @janefelicity I'm sorry you had such an awful fight! I hope you can get it sorted out today!  <3
  • @Janefelicity I'm sorry you're dealing with that. Hopefully you guys can talk it over after work and he can see where you're coming from. SIL stink as bad as MIL sometimes, in my opinion! My SIL is a big baby and still wants to be like a kid (she's 27) and have her big brothers at home. Once she tried to tell me that my DH should be on her side because it's her brother. I very rudely told her that he was her brother because that's the way it is, but I was his wife because he chose me. She didn't like that one at all! But it did make her back off for awhile. Blah blah blah, they need to grow up. 
  • @rachelbd that's too bad that most everyone is shrugging it off. I'm glad the HR lady is at least trying to do something.
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