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Monday B*fest 12/19

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What's not so festive on this Monday before Christmas?
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Re: Monday B*fest 12/19

  • I couldn't agree more @kswiger06. We often have days with freezing rain here too. It's the same
    thing with our schools and/or daycares. They can't even be bothered to salt the parking lots by the time parents are bringing their kids in. 

    Also, I was behind a school bus earlier and all of the back windows still had an inch thick of ice. No way that the driver can see through them. I was livid. I told my husband I was considering calling the school board. 
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  • Alright, I have a new one. So my husband has sort of taken over budgeting. He still hasn't come up with what he wants to spend for Christmas. On anyone (ummm except himself apparently) and I asked him to get it figured out so we can get the kids shopping done before they get out on break and because Christmas is less than a freaking week away. So yesterday he kept talking about some dumb fishing reel he wanted to buy that was getting bid on. He said it was expensive, but I didn't think there was a chance he'd buy it right now since it's a saltwater reel and we won't be going fishing in saltwater until July. Plus he has just recently spent money on fishing crap that i wasn't  thrilled with but didnt throw a fit. Well I just got on ebay and this is what I saw.... and he's on his way home and unless he's got magical money powers, the shits about to hit the fan!

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  • @kswiger06 i would definitely be cracking up about that!!
  • My mbf is pretty minor. my feet started to swell last week so i got compression support things so i wore them to work under my tights today & theyve been making my tights slide down all day & i then poked a hole in my tights tryint to pull them up. Im too tired for this crap!
  • @kswiger06 I would lose my shit!! Give him heeeeeell!!
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  • @kswiger06 and @lemieuxk you both deserve to make heads roll today! 
  • @lemieuxk do you think DH could intervene at all and say something? I feel like I would be so bad about confronting MIL on the issue too, but maybe DH could let her know how much of a trying time this actually is for you and that it isn't just a tropical island vacation for you? Or he could just not give you the cards and such unless  there's money in the envelope... haha
    Haha, trust me there's no danger of money being in the card! I might ask him to say something, but one of the challenges in my relationship with her is that she tends to go around me and talk to H alone if she wants to say something she knows I won't like (i.e. trying to get him alone on the way out the door to.ask him for things that she knows I would say no to or feel uncomfortable about). I try to be direct and assertive in general, but she's my Achilles heel because she just knows how to push my buttons!
  • @kswiger06 i would definitely be cracking up about that!!
    Sorry for the tangent, but I love when you use slang because British slang and American slang have totally different meanings. "Cracking up" here means laughing, which I am guessing is not what you mean in this scenario.
    It can mean laughing here too but also really angry :)
  • kswiger06kswiger06
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    I love seeing @Janefelicity say something I'm not familiar with!! I'm still waiting for a very long rant using crazy obscenities I'd have to Google to get a translation lol

    ETA I realize I could be chalking all this up in my own head and maybe there's not really the type of rants I'm imagining, but it's fun to imagine anyway. :)
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  • so a couple months ago our exec director told us we all have to use up all our vacation time by year end  or lose it, because they decided to change to a different system as of Jan 1, wherein we get a "lump sump" of hours based on  how long we've ben with the company. So I went and used up all my time, thinking I'd have about a month paid vaca time to use for maternity leave. Which still isn't enough, but hey something is better than nothing. Well today, they told us that, never mind, out auditors (we are a nonprofit) have decided they don't like that and it will screw up the "books", because our state fiscal year runs July 1 - June 30, so we will not get our lump sump of vaca time for the year until July 1. And being as I was told to use my time up before year end, I will now have a whopping like 12 hours (they will allow us to accrue again until the 7/1 year starts) paid of my maternity leave. W.T.F.

    To say this has made my already raging anxiety worse, is an understatement.

  • @Rachelbd that sounds terribly unfair!! It seems like there has to be other people besides you that ended up taking their vacation, and now for no reason. Do you think the company will try to make it right with any of you who decided to use it since that's what they told you to do?
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  • @Rachelbd that's horrible! I'd be livid!

    @kswiger06 I'd be pissed at that too. That's a ton of money to spend at Christmas time and with a baby on the way. H really wants a new video game system that comes out in March, but totally understands that he needs to make sure the baby is home safe and our medical bills are paid first. Ugh. 

    My MBF is minor. I hate H's "family" Christmas Eve and I don't wanna go. There used to be a big party, which I'd be fine with, but now there isn't anymore and he just likes to drop in on people on the street where they all live while they wrap presents. If we do find something fun going on, it involves drinking with a bunch of smokers which I clearly can't do this year, or even be around. His family is big on women in the kitchen gossiping, men having fun outside, and I hate being separated. He knows I hate it when he ditches me and tries not to, but they really pull us apart effectively. I want to fake a headache and skip it soooo badly. I really just want to take it easy this year. 

  • @Rachelbd I would be PISSED. +1 to taking this to HR or trying to figure out a way to file a complaint. That is completely unfair.

    My bitch for the day: I work and live on the west coast, but most of my team is on the east coast. There is a 4-hour call tomorrow morning at 6:30am that was requested by the director of marketing. I checked with my boss as to whether my attendance is really necessary, and unfortunately, it is. She said she usually wouldn't make me call in that early, but since there was a recent re-org, she really wants the director of marketing to have all of us on the call. So I will be calling in, from home, in my pajamas at 6:30am for a 4-hour call. Awesome.
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  • I finally succumbed to a winter cold. The week of Christmas, yay. 

  • My daughter goes to an in-home day care and it has been great. I love the woman who watches her... she went to another in home day care before and it was also a positive experience. 
  • My co-worker's last day was today for the next 5 weeks (she is taking a medical leave). So I have to handle our entire workload for 5 weeks alone with the two mostly incompetent new people. Send help, and chocolate.
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  • @WinchesterGirl this is also my life right now! I'm covering for someone having acl surgery when I am barely covering my own shit 
  • @beern I feel you! I haven't had any nasty or unfriendly nurses but there are definitely different levels of competence and investment. It's hard to be dependent on strangers for so much!
  • Oh man, everyone in here deserves a break

    @kswiger06, heads would roll. 
    @Rachelbd, that sucks and I would be furious.

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  • My MBF today is my stupid brain.   Why is work picking up right now,  the week before Christmas?  I am completely consumed with getting through Christmas,  getting everything together and baby brain is making a mess out of everything.   
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  • We do allowances 
  • @kswiger06  - oh no...just no. I would flip my lid ten times over. DH would be in deeeeeeeep shit.  

    @Spicyweiner - feel better!

    My itty bitty BF is that I am freaking tired after getting almost no sleep and I'm sore and it is about to be 9 degrees out. Why do I need to be at work....I should be home in my cozy comfy clothes sipping tea and relaxing. But instead I get to leave work to drive home in 9 degree weather at 11:30 tonight. I am super bishy about this.... 
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