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  • hi everyone! our EDD is 10/29 with our first baby boy! 
  • Hello ladies!!! I'm a FTM and we are expecting our baby girl on 10/26. Super excited to be apart of this board!!
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  • CavatxCavatx member
    Hello everyone!  My husband and I are pregnant with our first child (a son!).  EDD is mid October. Excited and nervous all at once! 
  • ediaz07ediaz07 member
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    Hi everyone, after lurking around for some time. I thought I'd take the plunge and join in. After trying for some time we were overjoyed when we found out we were expecting our little one. Our little one is due beginning of October. 
  • Hey! My name is Ashley and I'm expecting twins in October! I'm 22 weeks and trying hard now to get their room ready and important things done! Nervous and excited are two of many emotions!!
  • My edd is Oct 8th. I am now 25 weeks along!  Some days is seems like it is going fast and others slow. I've had new symptoms his time around. Varicose veins. Having to wear compression hose. Next app is the glucose test for me in July! 
  • I'm Jena, 
    This is baby number 4, due Oct 28 but growth shows her a little earlier than that. I currently have 2 boys and 1 girl, this will be our second girl. I need to get my husband to agree to a vasectomy now lol. And I'm currently dealing with hellish hormones and mood swings !! 
  • Hello Ladies!

       My name is Michelle and I am a FTM. I'm currently 24 weeks along and our due date was recently changed from November 7th to November 3rd so I figured I should probably hang out in the October and November boards (: happy to be here with all of you!!!
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    Welcome @Isabelgium and congrats!! 
    Pregnancy Ticker

    Married 11-11-11
    TTC only since Dec 2015. I had some weight to get off. Been working hard in the gym for over a year.
    BFP 02-15-16 with our first
    IT'S A BOY!!! 

  • Hello! 
    This is baby #2 for me and baby #1 for my fiancee Paul and I. My daughter Leilani is 5 years old and is very excited on the new baby. Baby #2 is left to be a surprise! (Hoping for a boy) due October 31st! I am so excited to be having a baby due on Halloween, only a few days after my 24th birthday on the 28th. 
  • I really should have done this a long time ago,but no harm in trying now. Hi everyone,not new to the forum but first time commenting. My baby girl #2, is due october 27th,its being a real bumpy ride with moving to a new country and trying so hard not to miss home. Just glad to be where I am right now.
    Baby girl is doing pretty well and am busy trying to get my 2 yr old Angel to understand another bundle of joy on the way soon.
    It's being lovely learning so much on this family like community and I intend to keep learning,thanks for having me on board.

  • Hi everyone!  I am so sad I did not find this community sooner.  I am a FTM due Oct 13 to a little baby boy.  I am nervous and unsure of what to expect as well as overwhelmed with all I feel I have left to do.

    Plus, I was one of the unlucky ones diagnosed with gestational diabetes so food and lifestyle modification has been incredibly challenging for me.
  • Haven't been on the board this pregnancy until now....I have a 13 month old and I'm due Halloween......yup! Hoping she comes early. They will be 15 months apart. Didn't lose much weight from first pregnancy so I feel like a whale this round. Names Jen, nice to meet you all :blush:
  • FYM here. My EDD is 10/29 good luck ladies with all your births 
  • Better late than never I guess.  By my dr's account I'm 36+1 today, since this is impossible I'm sticking with I'm 37+1 today.  Super stupid long story short, he says I'm due Oct. 20.  Regardless, we have made it to month 9 and I'm just now checking out this app on my phone, but I've spent the last week reading the posts and catching up.  This is our fourth, we have had two losses.  The other children are 18 years, 14 years, 18 months.  At 32 weeks we had an US that estimated Andrew was just over 5lbs.  So at this point every week that passes I'm just getting more depressed at the thought of how big he will be.  My first child was 9.5 lbs.  Healthy is all we really want of course.....but now that we are in the pretty safe to deliver range the walking has officially started lol 
  • Late to the party over here! 

    I found out I was pregnant at nearly 8 weeks. We weren't trying but it seems the stars aligned for us and decided a baby we shall have! due date was October 12 and she was born via a very lengthy induction process on the 14th. she has been such a sweet addition to our home and I am enjoying the challenges of motherhood thus far.
  • Hi everyone!  I've been lurking for awhile but really want to join in so hopefully you'll have me. My EDD was Oct 29 but after an unsuccessful induction which led to a c section, my beautiful girl arrived on Oct 23. I'm a FTM and have a lot to learn and am grateful to join this support system. 
  • And a formal welcome to you! If you log in at you can change your username there (allegedly) if you wish :)
  • @AllyTheKid thanks! I think I was able to update it that way. I'll know for sure once I post this comment. 
  • Hi! I just found this "birth month club"  on here so I'm super late to the party!  I am a FTM and had my beautiful baby girl on her due date, October 27. I ended up having to have an unplanned c section after an extremely long day. I would love to keep checking in for the added support! Looks like there might be a Facebook group. How do you get added to that? 
  • @lmrichards sorry, the fb group is only for established members and is now closed. we haven been a part of this community since our bfp and developed a level of comfort knowing each other before ever moving to fb. 
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