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  • @Heathereaddy Ugh I feel you, he's still in the R&P and I've only managed a couple successful naps in the crib...haven't even attempted overnight. Dreading. It.
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  • @shanparadise Same here and it's made the days so incredibly long. She literally naps for 30-35 minutes max. On thursday, a storm blew in and it made the skies super gloomy and dark. So her bedroom was super dark and she napped for 1 hr to 1.5 hrs. Same thing on friday and today. Sun is supposed to come back tomorrow so we shall see if she just needs a darker room to nap longer. Maybe that could work for you too?
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  • @shanparadise I agree that naps seem to be way harder than night sleep! On a good day Milo takes 3-4 naps, his first one is usually 1.5-2.5 hours, his second at least an hour and any others are 30mins - 1 hour. In order to make that happen I do what many frown upon and I lie down with him (either in my bed or his, he has a full size floor bed but only uses it for naps) and side-lying nurse him until he's out or just about either while just softly talking to him or reading or sometimes softly singing. then I sneak out Mission Impossible style. If he wakes up and it's been less than an hour I try to get him to go back to sleep first before I pick him up. 

    He's also generally good at napping on the go, either in the car or in any of our carriers so that opens up our options too. 
  • I was nervous the transition from rock n play to crib would be rough but so far, it's not bad.  We started aft r he turned 5 months. E woke probably 6 times the first night but only once the second and third night.  @stellaluna14  I also nurse to sleep and frown on it!  The ninja escape is fun though!
  • Naps aren't too much of an issue here. I feel like I'm pretty lucky. Sometimes he cat naps and sometimes he's out for hours. He likes a nap around 6-7pm, and I keep that one to only 20-30 min so he's not up all night. I've had him napping in his crib since 2 months and fully transitioned to crib overnights at 3 months with pediatricians blessing. Now I rarely have him nap in crib unless we happen to be upstairs. We moved the pack and play downstairs and he'll nap there or usually in his mamaroo. 

    I will say ive noticed he's a better napper at daycare. His naps are practically scheduled even though they don't really "put him down". There I have to tell them to wake him after 2-3 hours of sleep, but they do keep it kinda dark for a good part of the day while all the kids nap. 
  • Wow!! That's awesome @FTM53!! We have a two story house also. I might consider bringing the PnP down. Especially now that my mom is watching her during the day. I imagine that would be easier on her. 
  • I am so jealous of those of you who have a baby who goes down for naps.. E takes one nap in her bouncer for about a half hour every morning, but she's going to outgrow it soon. I try so hard to get her down in her crib, but it's way too hard for me during the day when I'm home alone. I always give in too soon, and then she naps on me. 
  • M naps, but with no ryhme, reason, or schedule. So I'm jealous of all of you with baby's on a semi predictable schedule. She is still in our room in the RNP and we do a little co sleeping too. We keep saying at 6 months we'll sleep train... that's still 6 weeks off so we'll see.
  • @schaze We're the same as you. If I'm really persistent I can get William to nap in his pack and play but it might take 30 mins to get him down and he'll sleep for 25. If DH is home we trade off but when it's just me it becomes so overwhelming that I give up. Right now if he naps at all its on my lap with my boob in his mouth. I let it happen because he sleeps horribly at night if he doesn't nap. I have no advice because clearly we haven't solved the problem. 
  • Last night we started getting DS to sleep in his pack n play at night. I noticed while my husband was gone, DS slept much better because he had more room in the bed. I got a 5 hour stretch last night! However when he woke up to eat, I noticed that his hands were absolutely freezing. Has anyone else found anything to help keep them warm? He was in footies so the rest of him was warm. I ended up letting him back in bed with me to help him warm up and got another 3 hour stretch (whaaaat?! sleep?! yessss). It was nice for me to have the bed back but I don't want him cold either.
  • Same thing happening over heee with the freezing hands!!  I feel so bad for him.  I check his head and ears and they are always warm. I figure he's just chewing on his hands in the middle of the night and then they get wet and cold.  Haven't found a solution yet but it doesn't seem to bother him.
  • Elise always has freezing hands. She doesn't seem to mind at all! I was told not to worry unless her tummy is cold. 
  • I agree with @shaylalr I've been going by the same rule of thumb - warm tummy means they're ok. My neighbor who has a baby born 7/5 and I had this conversation. She has told me she read they just have poor circulation at this age and tummy is a good way to judge. 
  • I feel much better. Thank you ladies! I'm glad it isn't just us. He's definitely warm everywhere else, just not his hands. The chewing on his hands makes sense too, because those are definitely always in his mouth haha. I'm just thankful we are getting  some good sleeping patterns after No Sleep November. 
  • @DachshundMomma No sleep november! I love it! I'm totally going to start saying that. LO has the same problem and I usually just bring her into bed with us. Good to know it can be normal and to just check her tummy. 

    On a more positive note, I think we've departed the sleep regression train. She has only wolen up once a night for the past 3 nights. (Hopefully I didn't just jinx it.)
  • Naps haven't been great since I started back to work. I'm wondering if it's largely just her adjusting to the "new normal". Sleep has been decent these past couple days. I made the huge mistake of putting her old diaper in the genie after I put her back in her crib in the middle of the night. The loud clasp of the genie woke her and it took a good 30 min of off/on fuss to settle herself. Won't be doing that again!! It can wait until the mornings. 
  • TiffRox81  Yup- I throw the diapers on the floor if they're just potty and put them in the pail in the morning (fortunately she doesn't poop at night...knock on wood).  It also took me a while to realize that the toilet and her crib share a wall so flushing at night would be loud in her I either use a different bathroom or wait until morning to flush...if its yellow let it mellow, right?
  • @babycakesday it was legit. I'm going to be in recovery for the next 18 years. I'm hoping we can stick with 3+ hrs between wake ups during the night and naps during the day. 
  • Hey Ladies! I need some major help. I believe LO has started the 4 month sleep regression. The last couple of nights shes up every 1-2 hours. I used to have rolled up blankets between the mattress and the sheet to kind of box her in since when we transitioned her to the crib at 2 months she didn't like the empty space. Now that she has decided to be a rolling queen I removed the blankets out of safety. So we tried a nap in the crib today with no rolled up blankets for the first time and sure enough she woke up two minutes in and rolled over to her stomach. She had one leg out of the crib so I came in and helped her, then left again. She eventually rolled over to her back again but rammed into the crib sides in the process and started sucking in the crib since her pacifier fell out in all her movements. I swear she managed to touch every part of the mattress in the 15 minutes she was in there. Now she's back sleeping on my chest because that clearly wasn't working and she was growing overly tired and frustrated at this point. Any suggestions?? I'm desperate! It killed my mama heart to have her roll into the sides of the crib and soothe herself in the bars. Thanks in advance! 
  • @tennisbabymama - My LO is a wild woman in her crib as well (although she loves her crib and has for some time now).  Once she could roll, like yours, she got stuck.  ALL. NIGHT. LONG.  I broke down and got some of the mesh bumpers...she was bound to break a limb and she would get stuck on her tummy because she couldn't get her arm/leg/or both out of the bars and I thought the risk of her suffocating from not being able to roll was far worse than using mesh bumpers.  They helped tremendously...until she started scooching in an effort to crawl.  She would scoot to the "headboard", smack her head, then keep trying to go forward, then scream because she kept ramming her head.  Her bed now has soft bumpers on the ends and mesh bumpers on the long sides and it has worked wonders.  Now she is just up once a night most nights as opposed to every 20 mins- an hour from getting stuck. 
  • @kmurdock925 Thanks so much! I went and bought some mesh bumpers today. She's in bed now. She struggled rolling over when I put her down, she rolls and wakes herself up all mad. But eventually after being flipped and many tears later she fell asleep. Fingers crossed tonight is better than the last couple. 
  • DS doesn't well starting off his night in the pnp but during the middle (around midnight) he gets extra fussy and wants to cuddle, which I do happily. However we now have another piece of the puzzle to deal with...he has figured out how to roll from back to belly. Last night he kept rolling and ending up "stuck" on his belly and would start screaming. I ended up sleeping with my hand in the pnp (he's a side sleeper anyway) helping him stay upright and asleep.

    I hope he figures out belly to back here soon and how to do so while remaining asleep . 
  • This week has been awful. E goes to bed around 8 every night, has been since she was a newborn. The last couple weeks she has been waking up around 11 and will NOT go back to sleep in her p&p. Usually DH gives in and lets her sleep on him for a few hours before attempting to put her back down. Then she's up for a couple hours in the early morning (3-5 or 4-6). Nothing has changed with her routine, she still takes her normal naps. I have no idea what this could be, but I feel exhausted all day, and I just am really hoping this ends soon!
  • I'm in the same boat :(  Is there a 5 month sleep regression?!  I feel like we skimmed over the 4 month but the 5 month is hitting hard.  She is up 4 or 5 times between 9 and 12.  I'm wondering if it is leap 5, if she is eating enough during the day.  She rolls to her belly (she can easily roll back over so she isn't stuck) but its like she is waking herself up when she does it...which is weird because it never woke her up before.  She has been rolling to sleep on her tummy for over a month now.  I'm dying. 
  • @kmurdock925 I was wondering the same thing! My LO has been sleeping through the night, until this Saturday all hell has broke lose. If I don't get sleep soon I am not going to make it.
  • My SIL and sister gave me some great advice that I *think* has helped...I'm now leaving the sound machine going all night! I had it on the 15 min mode but with their suggestion the last couple nights I've tried letting it run all night. I think it's helped!! Saturday night was AMAZING but I think that was also her recovering from the overnighter we had with 6 kids and 6 other adults all wanting to interact with her, haha! Last night wasn't as good but it was decent!! I'm curious to see what effect it'll have this week when she's with my mom during the day, getting bottles round the clock and just evening nursing....
  • @TiffRox81 I keep our sound machine on all the time but maybe I should make it louder...
  • Ok, seriously...LO was up every 45-50 minutes all night long..ALL...NIGHT...LONG...can the 4 month sleep regression happen at 5 months??  Something has got to give. 
  • Last night we gave the sound machine another go because before she really didn't need it, putting it on high volume on the fan sound setting got her right to sleep and she only woke up once around midnight and we were able to get her back to sleep within 15 minutes. Thanks for the recommendation @TiffRox81! I hope we can make it back to that wonderful time where she just went to sleep and stayed asleep the WHOLE night, I didn't fully realize how much of a blessing that truly was! 

    I hope the high volume helps you @kmurdock925, because the waking every 45 minutes is no joke.
  • @adough27 Oh good!!! I really do think it's helped us too. It's got to be the consistency...and it'll obviously help mask any sounds that randomly happen outside the room. Hallelujah!! 

    @kmurdock925 Oh man that's super rough. Hopefully things turn around soon. I think the worst days we had were like 2-3 in a row then it's slowly gotten better. Not perfect but better!!! 
  • Up until this point I haven't had the heart to let her cry it out...but she has almost got me to my breaking point.  DH is deployed...and i feel guilty asking my mom (she is staying with me during the week while he is gone) for help because she does so much during the day.  And she is very against CIO...I feel like i have literally tried everything.
  • LO started waking up every few hours now. It's funny because it seems the amount of oz. of formula he drinks before bedtime is how long he stays asleep. If he drinks 4 oz, he'll stay asleep roughly 4 hours. Weird. And now he's doing what many of you have seen your LO's do and freaked out about! He rolls on his stomach and stays there! He gets his arm stuck behind him and can't roll back and then when I go to pick him up in the middle of the night to feed him, his arm is cold from the lack of blood circulation.  :/
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  • @Jodi1980 Yep...sleep time directly correlates with oz digested here too. Crazy! However she'll wake and nurse usually around 11pm/12am and then again 3am/4am but after that sleep for like 5 hours!!! I'm sadly never the recipient of that stretch as I have to be at work at 7:30am :neutral:
  • @kmurdock925 CIO was really tough for me as well, especially when I realized I was doing it wrong, if you have tried everything maybe try CIO in 5 minute increments, therefore you are there to soothe her, but still giving her time to self-soothe. I was more comfortable with this and LO learned how to suck on her hands and turn herself onto her side. If you aren't comfortable/ it doesn't work you can always stop.

    Being alone at night can be really tough, my husband works the night shift and then overtime on the weekends, so it can be very tough without a team mate, but what helped was to think that this is a sign of her growing mentally and physically, so this sleepless period shall pass. We are all routing for you! 
  • @adough27 I'm glad you said that because prior to doing a lot of reading today I didn't realize cry it out didn't necessarily mean just let them scream until they stop. For those of you who have done it, how long did it typically take for them to calm down?

    That is an encouraging way to look at it!  I like it!  Thank you!!!!!
  • When I first started I did the Ferber method. You slowly stretch the crying periods as the days go on. This did not work for us! When I came in she would get more and more agitated and upset. After the first horrible week of endless crying, I just let her cry and didn't go in. It usually took her about 10-15 minutes to fall asleep. Now she doesn't cry at all. She cries when I don't put her to bed! 
  • I did the ferber method. The first day she didn't cry longer than 15 minutes. By the end of the first week, I wouldnt even need to check on her because she would cry for a few minutes and then fall asleep if she even cried. It took about a week after that before she went back to sleeping huge chunks. It's been 3 weeks now and she only wakes up once at night. She doesnt fuss/cry for more than a few minutes when I put her down for naps. She never cries when I put her down for night time. 
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    Does any one else's LO seem to have night terrors? I'm not talking waking up a little fussy. I'm talking banshee screams and is nearly inconsolable. When I initially put him down he goes without issue. After the first terrifying wake up, he doesn't want to be out of my arms. I check him to make sure nothing has bit him or something of that nature. I feed him and that'll help calm him down but we're talking every hour to two. He's 4 months so I'm aware of the regression but I was hoping that's why I never slept in November lol. If anyone else has experienced this, advice please! I don't mind cuddling my son and holding him to sleep but we're going on night 3...

    Edited to finish: and I just don't know what to do or not to do. He is teething and I'm sure that's part of it. I just feel so awful.
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