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  • I don't have a bedtime routine! Our schedules are so crazy with Phillip working overnight every other week that nothing will be normal until we can both work a 9-5ish job. I work 11-7 M-F and then I have a different bedtime for the weekend. It's just too much. Thankfully Jaxon does pretty good with bedtime whenever we actually get to do a routine like bath, play time, bottle then sleep.
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  • So 2 nights ago baby girl fell off the bed  in the middle of the night. I felt so horrible!!!! Thank God she was alright I stayed up the rest of the night monitoring her. She has slept in the bed with me since the beginning and I feel weird not having her next to me but She's like a little worm when she sleeps so now she sleeps in the crib. I still can't believe that happened! 
  • Update: last night was 2.5 hours. Today was 30minutes. I hate doing CIO and it was never my intent, but even if I pick him up, he still cried and screamed inconsolably. That's what started the need for sleep training. 

    @lalamilk OMG! So happy she's okay! How scary. First few nights in the crib is rough. 
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    @FTM53 CIO is tough. But I don't know how else teaching them to self soothe works. ETA - half my post disappeared...We had to do a couple tough nights but she got the hang of it quick and can now be put down drowsy at the end of the night. Nap time...not so much. Still trying to master that one!! 
  • @lalamilk so glad LO is ok! how scary.

    @FTM53 it's so so tough, but hang in there! For us, the 4th day was magic and she had gotten the hang of it, but the first 3 days were terrible. Don't even get me started on how awful naps are. It's exhausting!
  • When did y'all start the sleep training? LO is beginning to have bad sleep nights so I have a feeling we may entering the 4 month sleep regression. 
  • I started at 2 months. I saw success with night time sleeping right away, but I just started getting success with naps this month. I didn't push naps at first because I didn't like her screaming too long at such a young age. Now she is unswaddled and has multiple self soothing options. 
  • @babycakesday we started around 3 months. I think we just got of the 4 month sleep regression,but we never had bad bedtimes, just a lot of wake up tims during the night/early morning. 
  • Did anybody start with nap training?  Nights are going ok but naps could use improvement!
  • @babycakesday- we are waiting until 6 months. That is what our pedi recommends and what I've read should be the youngest age to do it.  

  • So, I was able talk some sense into DH and we are going to start sleep training after all the holiday guests leave (we had started on Friday originally) We figure it's going to be hard to be 100% consistent with family coming in and all the special events. Plus, even with a 'no tears' or minimal cry method, grandparents are going to want to console or be involved or give their opinions. We also have read many places were 6months is a good starting age. 
  • I tried cio for a nap yesterday to try and get him to nap in his crib I only could take it for ten mins I then rocked him till drowsy laid him down and patted his tummy till he stopped crying then left he slept 45 mins.  We're back to swing today lol
  • Stayed with CIO it last night and it was very difficult but I didn't give in except to feed him at 11pm and 330am. I'm thinking I need to refrain from feeding but he seems so ravenous for the bottle after his cries get louder. That's usually my indicator. 
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  • How in the world do I get these absolutely insane babies to nap for more than 30 min?! They do just fine at night, go to bed at 6:30-7, up at 11 and 2 to eat, up for the day at 7. But holy crap are the afternoons/early evenings brutal. They are so overtired and are absolute monsters. I've tried cribs, swings, rock and plays, and the only thing that seems to work is holding them, and I can't hold both at once! Any ideas ladies?
  • @shanparadise Trying to keep your *ish together with two, kudos to you! I'm dealing with the EXACT same thing! LO is in daycare until 2:30pm (if DH picks him up) and 4:15 pm if I pick him up. Basically, between 4:30 and 6:30pm is a fight! He almost always fights his naps at daycare and will only sleep for 10-15 minutes while there. I try to get him down before bedtime but again, he'll only stay asleep for 10-15 minutes the longest if I'm lucky otherwise as soon as I put him down and his head hits the pack and play or boppy, it's game over!.
    DH feels defeated with picking him up from daycare and trying to sooth him when he gets home before I do so I've been picking him up instead. Like you, swing, paci, bottle, NOTHING works unless "I" as in just me, stands up, bounces and rocks him. There is a 50% chance he will be calm and doze off. It is making me nuts as I have other things like dinner to prepare. I hope you find something to ease them into naps girl! You are my hero! :#  

    While naps are not the best, his NT sleeping and CIO (night two) went well last night! He went down at 7pm and woke up around 12:30 am and again at 5 am to feed. I'm hoping there is light at the end of the tunnel! Hope you ladies are finding CIO working for you. The sleep-sense read has been a good read!
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  • I have a friend with a baby born 7/ she's same age as many of our babes. She's coslept for a while now but is looking to transition her to the PnP or possibly crib. Any suggestions? Baby is having no part of it. I should also add she's always let her nap on her too. Basically this baby hasn't slept anywhere away from her in the last couple months. I'm not sure what sort of advice to give as this is very different from how L sleeps. I thought I'd reach out here and see if anyone has any suggestions!! 
  • @TiffRox81 Oh No!! That sucks for your friend!! I work in behavior management and, unfortunately, your friend has now trained her LO to only sleep with/on her. She is basically going to need to do a type of sleep training to resolve the problem. My suggestion would be to hold the LO until they are dead asleep and then put them down. And she can also put one of her used (dirty) shirts between the mattress and sheet so LO can still smell mom. The shirt would need to be changed out every couple of days. Wish her the best of lucks!! 
  • @TiffRox81 this was (is?) me! We're still working on it but we started putting her down during the day but still close to her. Now, she still sleeps in the bed with me, but not in my arms, and we don't have to cajole her to sleep. We can just lay her down. So the crib is the last step! Lol

    ...I can't help with naps though. She refuses and now I'm back to work so it's the BIL's problem now! Lol
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  • @FTM53 I was kind of afraid of that. To each their own. I've never said anything negative but I wondered that - how do you break he cycle?! She also "refuses" to do CIO. Last night she said she'd let her go for 5 min and see if she calmed down. I'm no expert but my guess is the 5 min didn't make a difference, lol. Maybe 45....but probably not 5. At least I didn't have the baby that learned after 5. I will let her know what you're doing @KASG....slowly separating more and more. That seems like the best plan. I do think she's planning on adding the smells to her PnP and crib. 
  • @TiffRox81 yeah, I'm doubting 5 min will do much. My LO sleeps fine in his crib and it took over an hour the night we tried CIO. It sounds like she's following slit of attachment parenting guidelines. She may want to contact an AP board for advice. Or she can try the no cry method of sleep training.  
  • @TiffRox81 we co-sleep and plan to continue, it works well and M sleeps for 10-12 hours so I'm happy. plus baby snuggles are the best. For naps we have chosen to use a floor bed instead of a crib (more of a montessori style nursery). it works much better because I can lie down with him and then leave when he's asleep or nearly asleep. He sleeps much better that way than he ever did in the crib. 

    I will say that it's not for everyone but it works well for us (and others). I'm not worried about breaking the habit but to each their own. 

  • @stellaluna14 Ok so for napping you're not with him and he sleeps in the bed? She wears her. Either in the ergo or just holds her the whole time. I think from time to time they do naps together in the bed. But she never leaves her. The problem with overnights now is no one is getting good sleep I guess. The baby is moving a lot and kicks her husband, lol. It wakes up everyone in the bed. So that's why she's thinking it's time to make a change. Do you have any suggestions that might work to keep baby in the bed?? I'm happy to tell her anything that might work!!
  • @TiffRox81 yeah he sleeps alone for naps, though sometimes I still wear him or hold him because I like to, but he will sleep in his bed alone now. as far as making cosleeping work, mastering side-lying nursing was THE BEST THING EVER. I never turn the lights on, and we are rarely awake for more than 5 minutes if he does wake up at all at night. 
  • @stellaluna14 Hmm. That's exactly what she does. With the exception of leaving her for naps. But the baby does stay with a friend 4 days a week for about 6 hours a day and naps in the swing there! She's a pretty sharp cookie so I'm certain she did her homework on it all beforehand. Maybe it's just a phase. Our babies are very close in age and I'm certain L is teething right now. She could be bothered and uncomfortable from something else entirely. I think probably easing her away a little bit at a time is what she's going to have to do if she wants her in her own space. I do appreciate all the info!!!
  • Worst night of sleep ever he went down so easy around 730 then was up like every hour from 9-1ish he never even did this as a new born of course the night before I scheduled a practice drop off at daycare in the morning ahhh 
  • For almost 2 weeks, DD2 has been waking up 4-7 times per night. I've been trying to not feed her each time so she doesn't get used to eating that often. Last night she only woke up 2 times!  I feel much better! Less like a zombie. 

    When DD1 was 6 months old, she was still waking up 6 times per night. We got the book Good Night, Sleep Tight: The Sleep Lady's Gentle Guide... I love that baby isn't crying it out be herself. We followed the plan exactly and it worked really well! 

  • @holly142 I'm going to look into this book. We are planning on starting a no cry method after the holidays. 
  • @FTM53- I loved this method! There was still some crying because I wasn't nursing DD1 to sleep anymore. However, I was right next to her crib. I could pat her and say shush. If she started crying hard, I picked her up and hugged her until she was calm. If I remember right, the first night took 1 1/2 hours for her to fall asleep. The 2nd night was only 30 minutes! After the 3rd night, I moved farther from her crib, closer to the door. 

    DH has 2 weeks off for Christmas. DD2 will be 6 months on 12/30. If we need to do sleep training, we will do it winter break. 

  • @holly142 Tell me more about not feeding during each MOTN wake! I'm curious about this. I currently feed each time. L will sleep 3-4 hours on average. 5 on a goodnight. But I assume she needs food each time she wakes! Am I wrong? I usually wake up to her moving around grunting in her crib. I usually get up us the bathroom then head to her room. By the time I'm getting there the grunts start turning to fuss...which I'm contributing to hunger. But maybe I'm wrong? We desperately would love to find a way to encourage her to eat like a fiend during the day and less at night!!
  • @TiffRox81- If babies are fed tons in the night, they get used to that and are genuinely hungry when not fed that much. This happened with DD1. Feeding was the only way I could quickly get her back to sleep and I was so exhausted I did that. However, at 6 months she was still eating 6 times per night. With DD2, she sometimes slept 5 or 6 hours at a time. Until she hit a 4 month regression. She then started waking up much more but I didn't want her to get used to eating at night every 2 or 3 hours. So I'm trying to only feed her if it's been at least 4 hours since I last fed her. If she eats every 4 hours, that means I'm only waking up 2 times in the night which I'm good with! The other times I'm walking her, patting her or giving her a pacifier to get her back to sleep. 

  • @shanparadise This is adorable. I would struggle to be annoyed. 

    I feed at every 3 hours in the night. He generally only eats off one boob, so I figure that's do able until he starts taking a bottle at daycare more regularly. I also never wake him to eat. So when he's in the mood to sleep, he'll only wake up once. 
  • Man sleep training is hard!! We started Friday and it has gotten better each day, but my husband has been the one going in and patting his back every night and nap. Well today when he went to work, I had a MAJOR melt down when it was nap time! I couldn't handle him screaming! I was bawling and ended up picking him up. Then I freaked out thinking I F-ed up all the hard work we did over the weekend!! So I called my husband crying and freaking out and he reassured me that everything is fine and to just do what I need to do to get him to sleep. I ended up wearing him and he slept for 2 hours. I am not cut out for this... 
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