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  • Anyone taken a look yet at what the Trump tax plan will do to your personal finances?  My husband and I will get a small tax break, but yknow what?  We are beyond fortunate that we super don't need it.  And it still won't make up for the damage that the repeal of the ACA will do to our healthcare costs, even if we're so lucky as to remain healthy.  Many of my colleagues are looking at thousands of dollars in tax hikes, while the super-rich will see millions of dollars in tax cuts.  So, thanks for that, Don.
  • @MommaBean, I really wanted to read that, but I can't get it to work when I click on it. Is it just me? Wouldn't be surprised
  • @Jab3 Are you mobile bumping? If I'm on my phone, I can't open links in app; I have to copy the link and open it in browser app like Chrome or Safari. I just was able to open the link now using that method. 
  • @purplewriter, yup mobile bumping, but even when I try to just copy the link it's not working. I'm sure it's something I'm doing incorrectly. Will keep trying lol 
  • @Jab3 sorry, I posted and went right to bed. I'm on mobile to and almost always have to copy links. If that's not working, try googling the title from the link. 

    I <3 Biden memes. 
  • @MommaBean That is a very interesting read! 
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  • The Biden memes are totally cracking me up.  Let's hope they continue for the next 4 years because lord knows we will need them to make it through :-p

    I haven't checked out the tax plan in detail yet but much like @PerraSucia I'd gladly give any break I get back for us to get a Mulligan on this election :-p

    While I was very much disappointed and concerned about the outcome of this election I have been trying to put myself in the mindset of "give him a change" because the reality of the situation is that he will be our president so this is what we have to work with :-/  But good lord he keeps making some really dumb moves and he's not even sworn in yet!!!  >:-(

  • @MommaBean, I was able to read it, it was very interesting. 
  • Did you guys see Russell Brand's take on this? 

  • Question for you smart ladies...would you ever consider going to the Women's March in Washington on Jan 21st? My EDD is 2/7 and my last pregnancy ended at 34w. So I'll either be super pregs or have a newborn. This whole idea gets thrown out if I'm on bedrest, but I'm putting that part aside. 

    I feel like this is one for the history books, ya know? I'm about 3-4hrs outside of D.C., and my college bestie lives there so we could crash with her. 

    And bonus question - would you take a 2yo with you if you think going preggo or with a newborn is feasible? 

    I live in a suburbia bubble, so I'm optimistic that logistically, DH could wear DS in a backpack and I could waddle around or take a chair and sit or wear a newborn in a moby. 

    Polling IRL looks like this - DH is up for anything, mom friends in suburbia would never dream of going to D.C. with that many people, pregnant or not, and my sweet soul sista in DC is a cool, single city slicker who thinks nbd.

    Halp me with your wisdom, internet friends. 

  • My initial thought was that my doctor recently warned me that I shouldn't be more than an hour away from my delivery hospital starting in January.  Also, as a FTM, I can't imagine facing that scene with a newborn.
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  • @ohstars personally- no I would pass on that. If you're still pregnant especially with a history of early delivery your dr isn't going to want you that far from home at 37 weeks. If you're not still pregnant you'd have maybe a 0-3 or so week old baby tentatively. And if they'd been born early there would be a chance of nicu stay etc. or if no nicu I still wouldn't want to bring my itty baby around that many people. Sickness and all. And also the probability of still bleeding, getting used to bf a new one etc. To me on all fronts it would just be a no go. 
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  • @ohstars I have been seriously trying to come up with a way to make the WM work for us. I think I'm just gonna have to consider my friends my proxies. I will either be about a week away from baby-having, or two weeks post- C section with a newborn (it's a whole Placenta Thing). I'm part of a group that is committed to doing one thing every day to help affect change and make things better for the marginalized (aka ACTUALLY make America great), so my consolation prize may be doing like ten things that day. The fact that you're even so passionate about wanting to go is huge! 
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    I have no advice since I'm a FTM,  but I would love to go and wish I could!   I think if you are close enough and easygoing enough to make it I think it would be amazing.
  • @ohstars I would love to go, and am less than 2 hours from DC, but I don't feel comfortable putting myself in that environment at 36 weeks.  I'm so sad about it, but I think of all the logistical problems that could arise in the case of an emergency, and I can't justify it. 
  • @ohstars I'm less than an hour from DC and not going bc of my pregnancy. Better safe than sorry and there could be some hot tempers out there. 
  • Thanks guys. Its the truth I needed to hear. But I'm super bummed the world is out making history while I'm at home. Back to my letter writing campaign.

  • @ohstars you're part of making history whether you are there or not. You'll be busy finishing creating a human who you can help shape into a good person! But I get being bummed having to miss something you would totally do if it weren't for that. 
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  • @ohstars since I've already had to face someone telling me what I can't do b/c I'm pregnant, I don't say this lightly. 

    I wouldn't go to the march. I went to Obama's first inauguration. It was BEYOND freezing, a super long walk, lots of standing and a gagillion people. 

    Obviously the weather played a large part in making all those things worse. Personally I wouldn't risk it. 

    I think the only way I could see myself going was if I lived in DC, it was a beautiful day and I knew I could get on the train or get a car if I wanted out. 

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  • @ohstars I'm late to the party here but I really wanted to go to the WM but it just won't be feasible since I'd have to fly (at almost 36 weeks) or drive 7ish hours (not happening).  But have you checked to see if there are any local marches near you.  Maybe not since you're closer to DC but there is going to be one in Boston on the 21st and I'd imagine other cities are having them as well.
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  • I'm contemplating Boston @CurlyCupcake21! I have an early EDD though, so I'm going to wait and see how I feel. 

  • FX that you're feeling well enough @Xstatic3333! I'm really excited about it since I know I won't make it to DC. I'm going to try to get a bunch of ladies together for it!!
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  • @ohstars I'm late to the party here but I really wanted to go to the WM but it just won't be feasible since I'd have to fly (at almost 36 weeks) or drive 7ish hours (not happening).  But have you checked to see if there are any local marches near you.  Maybe not since you're closer to DC but there is going to be one in Boston on the 21st and I'd imagine other cities are having them as well.
    That's a good idea. I'm about an hour outside a big city that is hosting a support rally. Something definitely worth considering!

  • I wish I could go, I use to live in NOVA.

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  • This is a really hard day and I also have been in denial about the reality of it.  Can't believe he is the president of our country.
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