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My baby's abnormalities

I just wanted to get this off my chest and share about what I am dealing with and anyone who relates please speak up! My baby has quite a few defects throughout his body starting with his heart. He has a vsd which is a hole in the bottom of the heart. Also accompanied by that his aorta is bigger than his ventricles. Following that one of his kidneys refuses to drain. I also found out he is missing the cavum septum pallucidum in his brain which can cause vision and behavior problems growing up. A couple of his toes r also connected. Along with that he has a short nasal bone and jaw bone which could interrupt his breathing and feeding. All of this combined lead to a defect. He doesn't have enough of chromosome 8 and too much of 9 which leads to a learning disability.
He is being watched very carefully and many prayers prayed. Please share relatable expirences! 

Re: My baby's abnormalities

  • Take it all in stride... my first was born with an ASD, VSD, PFO and the 'appearance' of tetralogy of fallot (all heart defects), also Tracheal Bronchus and Tracheomalasia (both lung deformities), EA (a missing gap in his esophagus requiring 7 months in the NICU after birth with numerous surgeries) and also a head deformity called Trigonocephaly.    

    Long story short.... he's fine!  He's a wonderful toddler, and he's happy and thriving!   Things were terrible in the beginning when we were coming to terms with his medical issues, but we manage to tackle everything that comes our way and are all happy.  

    Mama - AKA "Separation Anxiety Counselor, Closet Monster Wrangler, and tired Fetal Incubator"

  • So sorry. I just prayed for you and your family! This is such a scary time when I'm sure you wish you could just be excited about your little baby growing bigger and stronger. I don't think you're looking for advice and I really don't have any- just hope you find comfort and peace that your creator loves that little guy as much as He loves you and He knows what He's doing. If you live in or near a big city ask around for support-I know in our city 2 of the crisis pregnancy centers also have services for mammas with babies with complications. Hang in there-it may be a tough road but you will not regret working hard to love that little baby! 
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