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  • completely lacking in motivation today.  promised I would get my team's performance reviews written and i've barely even started yet.  :'(
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  • I just wish I could have a donut!!!! Lol GD sucks!
  • We bought a pack of Costco cookies and I ate like 4/ day this last week. I just can't get enough of sweets this pregnancy. I normally prefer savoury/ spicy things but they just give me heartburn
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  • I ate 2 cinnamon rolls today and a bagel...
  • I bought a two pack of cheesecake slices at the grocery store and ate both at once - right after 3 (cooked) sushi rolls.
  • I have the exact opposite problem...I have lots of motivation. However, I Way over did it this week. My feet have gotten so swollen from being on them too much, I’m all ready for baby, but there is so much to do around the house and for work!
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