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Why my pregnant self is crying- September!


Re: Why my pregnant self is crying- September!

  • Wow @maamawaabangi hope you're feeling okay
    and that's a one time deal!  How freightening. 

    I'm crying today because my 16 year old SD is being, well basically a 16 year old.  She's fairly mature for her age (always has been) but has made it abundantly clear that her dad and I ruining her life by having this baby. I've mentioned it in the past that she was pissed at first that we didn't "ask for her opinion" before TTC.  Fast forward to today, when we're trying to get her to move out of her current room (future nursery) and into the other bedroom (which was her choice). She wants nothing to do with anything and won't let anyone help her. I am just so frustrated with her and her crappy teenage attitude today.  Trying to stay busy so I don't have time to think about what I want to yell at her about right now. I know getting into it with her will solve nothing, but dang child. Just work with us...we work too damn hard for this family to put up with your shit!

     Sorry for the rant...it's been a tough morning  :'(
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