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  • @RedMar ... I haven't been on here in a while, not fully caught up. Come to the darkside of FB. We miss you!
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  • AnnaS930 said:
    @RedMar ... I haven't been on here in a while, not fully caught up. Come to the darkside of FB. We miss you!
    Baby brain... should also have @rock1cherry tagged. Come to us, my pretties....
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  • I miss you guys too - it's so quiet around here now. @AnnaS930
  • Crickets crickets 
  • After discussion with the Facebook group membership, we have decided that we will be closing the group to new members. The consensus among members was that the Facebook group should be limited to regular, recognized posters.  Since Bump board participation has dropped off recently, we no longer have a practical way of getting to know new potential members.  Many of us are still active on both sites, though, so there will continue to be a community of support here for anyone who visits!
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  • @rock1cherrry congratulations on your baby girl!! She's beautiful!!! 
  • Congratulations @rock1cherry!! She is adorable!!
    Me: 26     DH: 25
    DS1 -- 9/30/2016

  • What's up homies? 

    DD #1 3/26/13
    Mo/Mo twins MMC 3/31/14  o:)
    DD #2 3/31/15
    DD #3 8/25/16
  • Yessssssss. Yeehawwww @RedMar

    DD #1 3/26/13
    Mo/Mo twins MMC 3/31/14  o:)
    DD #2 3/31/15
    DD #3 8/25/16
  • @RedMar YAAAAAAAAS, I knew we'd win you over sooner or later ;) 
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  • Congrats @rock1cherry ! Hopefully she continues to eat good for you! 
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  • @seitzy3 good to see you pop in! Am I the only one who is feeling "protective" of my maternity leave time? I kinda don't want people over and grandparents descending on us. Just want to snuggle with the baby and take a nap...
  • Had an appt today at 39 weeks 3 days and NOTHING. Cervix still closed and high. I know he'll come eventually but I was really hoping for it happen on its own because pitocin is just so painful. With my others I was atleast 1cm by now with some effacement. I don't have the best track record though. 1st baby was a scheduled induction for preeclampsia at 39+ weeks and was 1cm dilated. I labored for 23 hours. It was horrible. Second one at 41 weeks was induced at 1cm because she didnt look to be making an appearance anytime soon. 3rd and 4th induced at 39+ weeks to monitor hemmoraging complications during labor. Induction took 8+ hours with both of those. Now I'm here at 39+ weeks with ZERO happening. Worried and nervous that this is going to be a very long labor :-(

  • @hejo2016 yes, I feel the same way. I'm happy that my mom and MIL are willing to help, especially since I've been pretty emotional the past few days. Still, I'm ready for them to leave after an hour so I can get back to just LO and me!

    @jennlynn777 sorry to hear you've had no progress so far! Try and stay positive. Keeping my fingers crossed you'll go into labor naturally! 
  • RedMarRedMar
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    @jennlynn777 I understand your frustration- BELIEVE ME!! I was about a week and a half over due (according to my OB). Things that worked toward the end I believe were inserting evening primrose oil, sex, having membranes stripped, a foot/hand massage addressing the pressure points and lastly pumping (I would ok this with your doc beforehand as some want you to wait til the 40w mark)
  • Wow it did get really quiet in here. Sorry I have not been on in a while, a baby is more work that I imagined, I will try and participate here more!!
    33 years old, TTC #1 Dec 28, 2011
    PCOS, Hypothyroidism.
    First IVF cycle June 5th 2015 --- BFP
    Miscarriage at 8 weeks
    FET December 15th 2015--- BFP!
    We first saw  at 6w4d
    It is a boy!

    Luciano Alessandro Maximiliano was born on September 3rd 2016


  • Never tried any at home induction methods but with my cervix not dilating or effacing I'm not sure any of that would work anyway. I would be worried to induce contractions if my body just isn't ready for fear putting the baby in distress. 

  • 39 weeks and 2 days. Baby dropped even more today ! But I am limping so bad because when I walk with my right leg, its putting so much pressure on my pelvis. I don't know if I'm effaced and all that jazz as I haven't seen my doctor in two weeks as he has been on holidays. 
    However, I do feel better if I go pee and just naturally let myself relax and kinda push there. Not like poop push but let the pressure just press down. Don't know what the hell I should be doing. This waiting game hurts.
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  • first time on TB in days, i got on to wish @rock1cherry congratulations on her bundle!!! so awesome!!!! :smiley:
  • Thank you @Kimmy717 :) I'm so in love with her. She's perfect in every way!
  • Just had my 40 week appt (I'm 40+5)I'm 3 cm and she said almost completely thin. She stripped my membranes and said if I don't go into labor before hand they are going to induce me saturday!!! I'm kinda bummed that I need to be induced only because I'm not looking forward to being stuck in bed while I get pitocin, but I am so ready to meet my little guy! 
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  • I had my 40+1 appt yesterday. I'm nearly 2 cm, 80% and -1 but my Dr said my cervix is still thick...he stretched it but said he doesn't expect it to do much. I've had some bleeding and cramping, and painless contractions (can't feel them but my uterus gets tight) I was hoping they would be consistent after the appt but no such luck. I really don't mind waiting for baby except I hate the unknown. I have my next appt Monday and he will induce Wednesday if she doesn't come on her own. I feel for all of you that are left.
  • @drabong88 I'm also not looking forward to being induced. I labored at home comfortably until 8 cm with my daughter. Which I was hoping for again, but my Dr said it makes him nervous and would prefer to induce so he knows he'll make it in time.
  • I got stung by a scorpion this evening, ughhhhh!!! Hurts like [email protected]#^.  Thank God it wasn't one of the kids who stepped on it. Super paranoid there's more in the house now :(
  • @rock1cherry that's awesome! Enjoy your visit with her and your dad. Take lots of pics of her and DD too!
  • @rock1cherry that picture is amazing!! Your baby girl is so beautiful and so aware of her surroundings 
  • Belated congratulations @rock1cherry, she's gorgeous! And what a perfect picture for you both to treasure ,<3
  • Thank you so much @Shiva14 I will certainly cherish the day and images. It was so special having her here!!
  • @rock1cherry that picture is too precious!  

    I guess I can keep up with the randoms thread now that most everyone has moved to FB :( it's so quiet here now.  
    has onyone tried one of those pumping bras?  Reluctant to go buy one without confidence seeing as how they are so expensive.  Tempted to just cut slits in one of my old stretched out sports bras.  I like my fancy new pump but can really only manage one side at a time.  It felt ridiculous but when double pumping I was adjusting the pump vacuum with my toe.  
  • Thanks @jensou :) sure makes my heart happy!

    i was wondering about those bras too. I'm not pumping yet, but when I was in the hospital they had me try one and it was tough to hold both. I've seen online that someone did just what you said - cut holes in an old bra. I'm not sure how that would work...gotta make sure you're making a seal around both nipples so I guess it would have to be pretty tight? Maybe? Not sure. Let me know how it goes if you do end up that route! I'm curious!
  • From what I HEAR the bras are not worth the money. Macguyver it!


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  • I've heard you can just cut up a bra too! I'm able to use my forearm and hold one flange and then use my hand on that same arm for the other flange, so leaves one hand free. Took some practice, but then I can read or whatever while pumping instead of staring at my pumped milk...
  • And speaking of McGyver, did anyone else see there's a remake of the show out now?? So funny to me! And yes, I totally watched it. I might be older than many of you though...
  • @hejo2016 yes I saw a commercial for the remake but haven't seen it yet. Is it good?

    I LOVED that show as a kid and totally had a crush on Richard Dean Anderson. Him and David Hasselhoff in Knight Rider!! 
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