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  • @seitzy3 oh my word. 
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  • Yikes @seitzy3 I tried really hard not to laugh, but how could you not!? Wow. What a morning you had! Glad to hear you got it all sorted out, but I'm thinking I would have panicked if it were me. Eek!
  • @seitzy3 you handled that like a champ!
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  • Wow, @seitzy3. That's one of those stories that will be great to tell "one day." Far in the future. So stressful, but well done.
  • @pizzaandwine I need to start writing these stories down! I could write a book and I'm only 3.5 years into parenting. 

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    Mo/Mo twins MMC 3/31/14  o:)
    DD #2 3/31/15
    DD #3 8/25/16
  • @seitzy3 oh my!! You deserve all kinds of awards mama! Are your inlaws there yet???!
  • Hahaha! @seitzy3 that's too good! 
    Today is The day Simon was born as far as gestational age goes. It's got me all nastalgic and also like... Soooo when am I going to meet this baby?!? Let's be real I'm always asking myself that. 
    Married 6-1-13
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  • seitzy3seitzy3
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    @berh2001 so we have the lock on the outside of our bathroom toilet area. It's just a little room with our toilet inside our bathroom. We got a lock on the outside because cam was getting into the toilet and trash. So one day I was peeing and Deklyn locked the door and shut us in there. h was at work and I literally had nothing in the room to pick the lock. I was stuck inside a 4 foot space with my toddler until H came home 1.5 hours later. 

    Edit to add: I now have a pick to unlock the door on the top shelf. I won't be stuck in that small space again! 

    DD #1 3/26/13
    Mo/Mo twins MMC 3/31/14  o:)
    DD #2 3/31/15
    DD #3 8/25/16
  • @seitzy3 I think we need a reality show of your life.. As frustrating as I'm sure they were at the time, I'm loving these stories!! 
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  • I feel like even though I'm still technically 2 weeks from my due date I don't really feel like he should coming this soon. I feel like my stomach isn't big enough, not really getting that end of pregnancy miserable feeling, and I guess I was just expecting that. I know exactly when I conceived and all the ultrasound measurements and my fundal height are literally spot on. Is there something wrong with me here?? Am I overthinking things?? Does anybody else feel like this? It's just a really weird feeling. 

  • @seitzy3 I feel for you because that sounds awful, but I also hope it's one of those things you can all laugh about in the future. 

    @TNgoldengirl You're back! I've wondered how you've been! I hope you have a good anniversary! Our 5th is next month, and DD2 will be exactly 6 weeks that day. I think we are planning on going out to dinner. Would have liked to do something bigger for our 5th, but it's not in the cards this year.

  • @jennlynn777 I think you're just overthinking! I'm also not feeling too bad, although at 39+4 I am definitely impatient about meeting LO. My final height was spot on until this week, and now it's a bit small because baby has dipped into my pelvis. Everyone will experience pregnancy differently, and not everyone will feel huge, uncomfortable, or mistake at the end.  Two weeks is a long time, so you might feel more "ready" as you approach your ED.  If you don't, though, don't worry! Your body knows what it's doing, even if it hasn't filled your brain in yet.
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  • Bah I just got a call from L&D that everyone and their mother is having a baby today and they are completely full!
    They are trying to get someone sent home early to give me a room for my induction tonight but I may not go in until tomorrow or Sunday.
    Boo! I'm the only one scheduled for today so we thought I wouldn't have this issue, guess not!
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  • @megan324 Gah frustrating!! What a mind trip. I hope they can get you in!
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  • @camichael84 Hiiiiiii!! Yes, I hate that I was MIA so trying to just jump back in. We ended up finding a (fixer upper) house we like, listed ours within 2 days, sold within a week, and then vacations, moving, and now's been a whirlwind! Hope you have been well, esp with the precious new squish! ❤️
    I feel ya..not how I planned our big 5th, but there's always next year! 

  • @RG1 It really is a mind trip! You get a date stuck in your head so to be told no its actually tomorrow or the next day--it stinks
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  • Megan324 said:
    @RG1 It really is a mind trip! You get a date stuck in your head so to be told no its actually tomorrow or the next day--it stinks
    Yeah I fear that about my induction. I thought mine wouldn't be bumped because we have a medical reason but so do you! Blah
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  • I'm sorry, @Megan324! That's got to be so disappointing. I am so ready to be done, that if I had an exact date and it got moved later, I'd be pretty bummed. I hope they end up getting you in.
  • @Megan324 I was supposed to go in at 8:30am for my induction today.  The hospital called at 6am to tell me they had to put me on standby because they are full.  I just called to check status and they said hopefully only a couple more hours. Such a mind game.  Definitely frustrating when you gear yourself up for it to happen at a certain time. Obviously I know that if I were to go naturally it would be total random date and time. 
  • @berh2001 oh man I hope they get you in soon!
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  • Had an appointment with my OB today (well her back up in case she's not available when I go to deliver). Got my flu shot at the office today and was told that I don't have any more progress. Which is fine since my Edd is 9/24. Everything else seemed to be good so I go back again next week. Next week is my last week of work as I booked the following week off before my due date. I can't believe I'm down to 5 days and a few hours of work remaining. So crazy!
  • @Megan324 ugh!!! I'm calling in about an hour to see if that can start me tonight, but with no medical reasoning OB did say "everyone and their dog" will bump me off today... we made no backup plan, so I think I'd just schedule a 41 week appointment if not today. Yikes. 
    I'm totally ok with still being pregnant but the hopeful moments of being close to meeting our little boy makes the disappointments feel so low. Hope they get you in Asap!!!
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  • @berh2001 baby time! Good luck!!!!!
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  • @AnnaS930 it's been an hour-- are you going in??

    They are going to call me at 7pm tonight to give me my time but the nurse said it will probably be super late tonight or early tomorrow morning! I don't care if it's next week I just want to know a for sure haha
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  • @AnnaS930 Good luck!!! Can't wait to see your little dude. 
  • Argh they called me to come in and while we were on the phone 2 emergency labors came through the door and took the last rooms.
    My brother works at the hospital and said that they are moving Csect mommas up to the surgery floor just to open rooms in L &D.

    crazy! must be a popular time to have a baby lol
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  • Bummer, @Megan324. Are they planning on getting you in tomorrow, or did they give you another date at least?

  • Random thought: idgi...if you baby wear, what kind of diaper bag do you carry? None at all??

    And how do ya'll deal with the isolation of being stuck at home with a newborn?
  • @frogdog06 I am also wondering how I am going to deal with the isolation and my baby isn't even outside yet.

    This may seem like a silly question (and hopefully I word it ok) but how much "free" time do you have on an average day? I guess I'm still trying to wrap my head around the "day in the life of a newborn" and still having difficulty. Have you been able to establish a bit more of a routine now?
  • @mom2adoodle I've read online that talking to baby about what you're doing and such is great for them. It helps build their vocabulary by the time they're able to talk etc. I plan to talk to my daughter whenever we do stuff together and especially when we are alone. :) 

    Since I don't have Facebook I am not sure how I will meet other local moms with kids the same age. I have a few friends with kids but they're all 1+ at this point. One girl I work with is due in November so she's close at least! Maybe I will just meet people out and about, but it would be nice to have other local moms to meet up with occasionally to keep myself sane!
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