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  • This pregnancy is my third. DS is 5.5 (Dec '10) and going to Kindergarten this fall (starts later this week). DD is 2.5 (Sep '13) and is going to a new preschool as well, starting next week. We have been in this annoying childcare gap that happens at the end of every summer, but a year ago we moved across US regions to be in the same town as my in-laws, which has been amazing. They are helping for most of this childcare gap.

    Because we were on the fence about having this one but then got pregnant on the first try, it's so surreal to me that it's happening! 

    Anyone have thoughts/advice on going from "man-to-man" defense to zone? I'm happy to be having a 3rd but not excited about being outnumbered. 

    Responding to some of your posts -- 

    @vrj0522, I do think it is interesting to try to predict gender based off of prior experiences having had a girl and a boy. I had more morning sickness with the girl which I think is common. I guessed the other two genders right and so I'm wondering if I can go 3 for 3 with this one.

    @MrsN092714 ;mentioned boob pain and nursing an LO pregnant. I don't have experience with nursing pregnant, but I did find that boob pain was way less with #2 and I think that is common. Then again, I think nursing with boob pain sounds pretty uncomfortable! My DD loved nursing and was sad when I weaned her at 26 mo. I know it's 9 mo away but I half expect her to want to nurse again when this baby comes out, even though she'll be 3.5. And honestly if it helps her cope with the LO I might let her. She's so old, though! haha

    As for the "when to tell the kids" question (@Stormy61), here are my thoughts. I'd recommend not telling until you're ready to tell other people, because your children will not keep a secret. Even if they're not really verbal, you never know when that language explosion will happen and they'll remember what you said! Then again, it's maybe good not to keep them in the dark for long after you've been telling a bunch of other people. When we told DS last time, he seemed to not care at first so I was a little concerned. But then about 2 mo prior to delivery he became SO excited and impatient! I was glad he hadn't expressed much earlier given that once he started to care he really wanted the baby to come asap. He was a loving and involved brother from day 1, though he had major issues with not being safe with her body for a while (basically until she could hold her own with the smothering / headlock hugging.) We couldn't leave them alone together for even a minute for quite a while! So glad those days are over--they are best friends and play together super well. I relate this story to let you know that if your kid (esp if age 2 or so) doesn't really react much at first, s/he might get super involved and excited toward the end.

    @Kipperoo This is my first spring due date, but because I've had two at slightly different times, I have all of the clothes for any season. With #1 I didn't end up with much summer stuff because I didn't get big until Sept, but with #2 my biggest time was in the summer. So I have everything I need. I'm glad not to have to worry about that, at least.

  • No symptoms other than fatigue so far.  Not quite sure how I am going to handle 2 so close in age when the other 2 are so far apart.  I guess we will figure it out as we go along.  We have told our oldest but the youngest is not going to understand yet.
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  • This will be our third child, singleton after twins,it is still early for me symptom wise though.

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  • Stormy61 said:
    @Yiggle09 actually I was June15... So I have a 14 month old. She'll be almost 2 when this one is born so I'm afraid the only thing she'll understand or know is that she has to share mommy and daddy
    @stormy61 I was from June15 group too! Congrats!!

    DS1 7/24/15

    DS2 5/7/17

  • 5 weeks today with a 13 month old at home... I've been feeling fatigued and right pelvic pain intermittently. I do miss being able to lay down and nap whenever but today, LO was not letting that happen. So I'm sitting here at work TIRED with ZERO caffeine on board... YAWN! 

    First symptoms the first time around were fatigue and nausea :/ . Hoping to skip the nausea this round LOL. 

    DS1 7/24/15

    DS2 5/7/17

  • Oh... And the pregnancy brain has returned!!! Already!!!

    DS1 7/24/15

    DS2 5/7/17

  • Preggo brain seems to have set it a lot faster this time around! I have a 13 month old, and I tried to send him to daycare yesterday with my lunch bag and take his bag with me. I also brought my diaper bag into work this morning, instead of my computer bag. 

    Baby 1-Born: 7/29/15
    Baby 2 - Due: 5/4/17
  • I think symptoms this time around are more obvious because I was planning to the point of tracking my cycle and when I ovulated, and testing before AF is due. I don't know if knowing this early has made me much more aware of what's happening. With DD, we were just NTNP. I'm definitely dreading fatigue with a 2yr though!

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