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  • @longliveregina so happy to hear that!!!
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  • Congratulations @longliveregina !!! That's wonderful news!
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  • @triwellnessgirl wow! Opening mouth and sucking thumb... that's so adorable!! :)
  • Thank you @ptb_ptb !! We were blown away! What wonderful timing to be able to see that with our own eyes.
  •  @mcdonald-bailey aww :) looks like he/she is smiling! 
  • I love the ultrasound board! So fun to see all the little babies! 
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  • Do you know what's so funny to me in seeing everyone's ultra sounds? I feel like I see no nubs! I randomly thought to look on mine, nothing that I can tell is a nub... I wonder if people specifically ask to get a good nub picture so they can guess at the gender lol. I was convinced all pictures must have had them with all the people constantly asking someone to exam their babies nub angle on the BMBs! Crazy stuff.

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  • @AverageAsh mighty fine indeed!! Glad your AS went well too <3 these cuties are getting so big already!!
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