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  • @longliveregina I agree, and maybe we can keep this sticky so people can still see them, but just have the bump gods close it so no one will accidentally post. I will go ahead and start the new one.
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  • Thank you all for thinking of me. It's okay though.

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  • I'm super bummed - I don't think I'm having an ultrasound at my first appointment next week. I know not all practices do an 8 week one, but the practice we went to with my daughter did. I switched to a new one this time so I could deliver at a more local hospital. She said on the phone that we would see the heartbeat.. But she must have meant to say "hear." I have super bad anxiety so I may try to push for one since I know my insurance covers it from last time.
  • @lindsey61811 you never know! She could have really meant hear!  Lots of OBs have a tiny ultrasound machine they can wheel into the room. It's not as fancy as the ones at an actual ultrasound office, but it does the job! 
  • @lindsey61811 I agree, at my first ultrasound we could see the heartbeat (actually, the US tech could see it, I couldn't really tell) but it was too early to hear it. I hope you get to see your baby, but if not, hearing the heartbeat will be a really cool experience too! 
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  • I didn't realize it was possible to see just the heartbeat but not the baby. Or am I misunderstanding? When she said we weren't having an ultrasound but would see the heartbeat I was super confused. 
  • Ohhh. I didn't realize she specifically told you no ultrasound. I'll keep my fingers crossed that you get the ultrasound. Even just to hear the heartbeat would be pretty cool. Please keep us posted! 
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    DH: 33
    Furbaby: Walther, 4 year old Rottweiler/Coonhound mix
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  • Her exact words were "no it's not an ultrasound appointment but we do have a machine we roll in to SEE the heartbeat"

    That's why I'm so confused. Lol
  • @MsDemi6 @OnetiredMama we are going to keep this open and let the other one float away into the abyss,  so you may want to repost here as well. Sorry for making it confusing!
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  • Going in for our first ultrasound this Friday on the 12th! I cannot wait!!! I will be 9 weeks
  • @chrlyr Dude. WHAT IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE?!?!
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    So I had an appointment today and based on LMP I was 9 weeks. During the ultrasound, OB noted that baby was looking much smaller than predicted age, more like 7 weeks. She didn't sound concerned since I was breastfeeding and taking birth control at the time of conception, but I can't help but to feel a tad anxious. She was able to detect a healthy heartbeat but not an accurate due date. I have another appointment next week for a more thorough scan for dating purposes. Any one else in this boat?
  • @mrsnc I'm in a similar situation with the baby measuring about 5 days behind but with a heartbeat. I go for another ultrasound next week too. My doctor says it "could" be totally normal or it could be one of the 1/3 of pregnancies that will end in misscarrage. Nothing to do but wait and hope. When my late night googling crazies hit I find it about 50/50 whether people are reporting positive outcomes. So much anxiety! 
  • @mrsnc & @BaylieGirl Sending positive thoughts your way for good follow ups! I wouldn't solely go on LMP as that is used to guesstimate EDD based on a standard 28 day cycle -which most people don't have. When you ovulated is really what counts. If you have longer cycles/ovulate late, it is very possible to see something dating younger than what you would think. I don't know what your cases are, but I'm hoping it's just that and you both have positive outcomes! 

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