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Pregnancy Brain at it's finest

I'm usually not the one to believe in things such as "pregnancy brain" but I'm beginning to think it's for real LOL

Yesterday I had a cup of coffee (yup half caf) at work and was on my way to put it in the dishwasher. But somehow I found myself in the bathroom instead...

This morning I was preparing my lunch. For some reason I put the Tupperware on the very edge of the counter while I was putting my tortellini in. Well needless to say it ALL dumped on the floor. My dog was happy, but I'm lunch-less :/

Any genius moves from anyone else?

Re: Pregnancy Brain at it's finest

  • @MrsBakes For future reference, this would be a great post for the Weekend Pregnancy Chatter & Questions - 8/5-8/7 or Symptoms - Week of 8/01. In order to help keep the board organized and to avoid over-cluttering, we're are trying to minimize the number of similar posts.
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  • I don't get it...I feel this is it's own deserving thread and I'd rather not sift through either of the above to laugh about pregnancy brain, I would not think to look there for this kind of about sifting/organization.....this would just be mixed in and since it is a real thing, why not a designated thread.

    @MrsBakes - Yes, I think it's early but real too...I've lost my keys and last week I set down my bowl of cottage cheese in the middle of the hallway to grab something from another room. Needless to say the dog got it....what was I thinking?!
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  • I work in the veterinary medical library at Purdue, and we keep our course reserves books behind the circulation counter. I had a student come up yesterday, ask me for a specific book, walked back to the reserves area behind my desk, then had to return - twice - and ask her what the title was she said again. Pregnancy brain is real. 
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  • I support @Neikoda's call to keep the board organized. My last board was a shitshow of random posts, and it was impossible to keep up.

    No hard feelings to anyone. It's going to take some reminding.

    @MrsBakes I feel your pain. I think all my brain cells have migrated to my uterus.
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  • MrsBakes No worries. :)  We've just seen a lot of groups get overrun with too many threads once they fill up and we want to make sure that everyone gets an opportunity to see all of the information provided.
    Me: 23 | DH: 27
    Married: 10.11.15
    MC #1: June 2014
    MC #2: December 2015
    APS Diagnosis: February 2016
    BFP 7/24, EDD 4/5/17
    Previously nweg...7878
  • I'm meh about the board organizing.  I see both points.  I don't mind scrolling to look for specific things, but I've seen the boards get to cluttered also.  It's not real life though, so however anyone feels they should post is fine with me. 

    My brain is amazingly off kilter - I am doing things I would never do normally.  Today, I actually told someone I was 30, instead of 32.  Whaaaat? It just came out.  Of course then I was like, "I mean 32!" and then there was that strange awkwardness where I should make some excuse why I said that, but I didn't, we just stood there in all the glory of it.  Later, this same person, a co-worker, guessed I was pregnant, and I said, "how did you know?"  Cue previous awkwardness.  Duh, because I don't even know how old I am.  "Oh, right."  Damn it, I need a drink. 
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  • Two days ago, I found my breakfast plate in the linen closet. Yesterday, I locked my keys in the car at the beach. This is going to be a looonngg pregnancy if I keep this up!
  • Over the weekend I walked to the bathroom 3 times with the intention of putting on deodorant.  Yup, I left the house without deodorant on that day.  I also put the peanut butter in the fridge and the milk in the cupboard. 
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