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    @BelcherEars I think we might have the same mother in law :( 
    since she found out we're expecting our third, she won't shut up about how "it better be girl"... Oh yeah? Or what? Last time I said, "okay well if it's a boy and you'll be disappointed about his genitalia, you won't be allowed to hold him". I wanted to add, "and if it has a vagina you can't hold it then either because you've been such a weirdo about wanting a vagina"

    im seroous though, I don't want her holding the baby if she's gonna obsess about a vagina. She already has two granddaughters from my husbands brother, and we have the two grandsons :/ she's nuts
  • @ihateusernames*  yeah obsessing over a future granchild is one thing. Obsessing like that over the grandchilds genitals is weird! And good grief, how awful to act like the child is a disappointment if its a boy. Shame on her. Good for you for standing up to her rudeness!

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