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FTM 28 Weeks, Switching from Hospital/OB to Birthing Center/MW?

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Long before we got pregnant, my husband and I discussed having children. I wanted a home birth, and he said absolutely not. He wanted it at a hospital in case something went wrong. I suggested a birthing center with easy access to a hospital. Nope, he wanted a hospital. Period, end of discussion.

So we got pregnant. Finally. After three years of TTC. I'm having a completely normal, low-risk pregnancy (although I am AMA). I talked my husband into Bradley classes because if I was going to have a hospital birth, I was going to do as much as I could to remain intervention-free. He was skeptical at first, but he has come around. We're 10 weeks into 12 weeks of classes, and he's done a complete 180. He now wants to hire a midwife and is considering a home birth or birthing center.

Is 28 weeks too late to switch? I switched from GYN to OB at 12 weeks, then from one OB to another at 24 weeks because my OB decided to change to GYN exclusively. I feel like I've switched so much I don't know who to really trust... and while I think we'll get more of what we want at home or at a birthing center with a MW, I'm now scared that maybe we should be at a hospital. We have a firehouse with an EMS unit about 3 minutes away, and the largest maternity hospital about 15 minutes away driving under normal circumstances (so maybe 10 minutes in an emergency).

I just don't know what to do now that I'm being offered what I initially wanted. Maybe after thinking this whole pregnancy that it would be a hospital, I'm having a hard time changing my frame of reference. I also know that a lot of birthing centers have gone out of business in our area, and while I'm sure I could talk to my Bradley instructor for a referral, I wonder if I'll find someone/somewhere I like in the next 12 weeks. My husband and I are totally NOT your typical Bradley couple. We both work in healthcare, and I'm worried we won't find someone we really click with.

Thoughts for a worried mama?


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Re: FTM 28 Weeks, Switching from Hospital/OB to Birthing Center/MW?

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    Nope, not too late to switch unless the midwife/birth center you contact says it's too late. Choosing a supportive care provider and birth place is one of the most important things you can do if you want an unmedicated birth. I'm a Bradley teacher and I've had students switch as late as 39.5 weeks. That said, the sooner you start looking at your options, the more time you have to get comfortable with your decision. Definitely reach out to your teacher for local recommendations. 
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  • I dont think it's too late to switch either. I, too, am a Bradley teacher and I am also pregnant and due with an October baby. My town has a brand new birth center that I plan to switch to after my OB appointment for glucose test at 27 weeks. So, I totally get where you are coming from and I think the most important thing is that you pick the place where you are comfortable. Labor is mental and being unable to relax with impact things greatly. Go where you feel like you will be able to let go. For me, the decision to switch had a few parts to it. First, while I had a splendid water birth in the hospital the first time, I feel like I got lucky. I got the right doc, on the right day and had an amazing doula. What if I dont get so lucky next time? Another piece was that 2 of the 4 OBs in the practice I use are leaving before I deliver. Id prefer to know a bit about the new docs replacing them and see their "practice style" before having a baby with them. And the last piece has to do with my son, who is 3. I dont want to be away from him any longer than is necessary (and I felt pretty good after he was born and was frustrated by not being able to go outside after he was born). I also like the idea of having a safe place to labor that isnt home so that DS can stay on his schedule and not see me uncomfortable. With a hospital birth, I tried really hard to stay home as long as possible to limit interventions. We dont have family near us, so being away from DS and having him with a friends for as short a time as possible is important to me. I trust the birth center here. The midwife came from the hospital (and has done homebirths in the past) and has a ton of experience. The hospital is nearby should I need it and the facility is beautiful. Im excited for the switch, but it's taken some time to really settle in to the decision. Best to you.
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