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Sleep regression sadness


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  • ashleyandjodyashleyandjody member
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    @jarob747 Lurker from Jan16...LO started doing the exact same thing. Tossing, turning, grunting, and nothing (not paci or boob) could put her back to sleep. I started searching for an answer and someone told me to change her diaper (something we haven't been doing at night for a long time now). I could have kicked myself for not thinking of this, but since she doesn't cry when wet I didn't even think about it. So now when she wakes up restless (from tossing, turning, flipping) I change her diaper and she soothes herself back to sleep within 20 minutes!

    Also, we go by "wake time" for nap schedules, which is based on age. DD is up for 1.75 hours max before I start her nap routine. 

    ETA that DD is 20 weeks

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  • I'm now thrilled with a 3-hour stretch. We are normally up every 2 hours, sometimes every hour towards the end of the night. My baby used to reliability give us a 6 hour stretch, but it has been weeks now. Ugggghhhh. Plus bedtime and naps are still often a battle. It took us 3 hours to get him to sleep last night!!
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  • robinj716robinj716 member
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    Naps are becoming a battle for us! He will only nap 40-45 mins, where it used to be 2 hours at least. He's much harder to get down for a nap now too, I have to hold him, give paci, shush him and rock back and forth. He is still sleeping good at night but he's now waking up at 700 and then sleeps again until approx 800 instead of 930. 

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  • Anyone else still dealing with the sleep regression? I was managing okay with an added MOTN wake up or two, but last night LO was up every 2 hours after a 4 hour first stretch. He's 19 weeks and I thought it'd be getting better, not worse!
  • @Cherylaf83
    My LO was up every 2 to 3 hours for a couple of weeks in June. At the time it felt like an eternity, but it did get better. He is up 2x now to eat between his 7pm bedtime and 7am wake-up. Once he learned to put himself to sleep, the excessive waking stopped. We did have to move him to his own room and start a bit of sleep training, but it really helped!
  • We had literally three bad nights of about hourly waking just before the 4 month mark and then again last week at just before the 5 month mark. It seems to take about a week to gradually get back to where it was. 
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  • We have steadily gotten more and more sleep at night since she was born. No regression there (knock on wood), HOWEVER, the nap regression is real. I'm lucky if I get a couple 10 or 15 minute naps in per day. Usually those are in the car on my way to run errands. She's taking great naps today bc she had her 4 month shots and cut her first tooth yesterday but I know it's conditional since she doesn't feel well. She turned 19 weeks Sunday
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