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  • When you got your BFP?
    I was a week late before I realized it. Took a pregnancy test while DH and tiddler DS were sleeping. I was shocked when it showed positive! I woke up DH and frantically filled him in. He thanked me for the crazy wake up call. This baby was pretty unexpected.

    What is your EDD?
    August 13 (scheduled c section August 6)

    Basic info like age, if you have any other LOs, fun conceptions stories?
    I am 30
    we have a 20 month old son
    Apparently holidays are a turn on for us. DS was conceived at Christmas and this one at Thanksgiving.

    Did you just join the Bump or are you a gif-pro?
    Long time lurker, just joined
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  • I've had the app since I found out I was pregnant but just started scrolling through the community posts....

    We found out we were expecting Dec. 12th. The day of my missed period. We had just started "practicing" and we're planning to start "trying" after the holidays but I had a feeling I was pregnant almost instantly.

    My DH and I are having a little guy, EDD August, 19th.
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  • Hey! I've been on here for a while but haven't posted anything since the VERY beginning. 

    When was your BFP? I didn't have a positive pregnancy test until January, even though he was conceived in November and I had been taking tests all along. The doctor confirmed it in January also.

    What is your EDD? August 4th, but everyone I talk to (except doctors, they haven't commented in a while) say that there's no way he's gonna wait that long.

    Basic info like age, if you have any other LOs, fun conception stories? I'm Lexi, and I'm 20. DH is 21. This is our first baby! We are so excited. We are expecting a baby boy.
  • Im Daisy, we got our BFP on Nov. 31 almost a whole week before AF was due.

    This is our second baby but the first we get to love in person. My husband and I have been together for 3 years. After a terribly traumatic missed miscarrage in Aug. Of 2013 we stopped trying, and this little guy was a very welcome suprise.

    We are due 8/11 With our baby boy.

    I am new to The Bump, i was on BBC for the majority of my pregnancy but the ladies were very rude to each other on there and Im really hoping for a better experience here! Thank you!!
  • Hi yall!

    I'm Tesha! I'm due 8/1/15. My boyfriend and I Wernt trying and here we are. Very excited to be apart of a group of women who I can't talk about things with. I don't know what GIF is.
  • aj0803aj0803 member
    Hi all,

    I'm AJ. I was a little hesitant to join the site but have been on here lurking since I was about 3 months. 
    BFP on 11/25.

    EDD is 8/3.

    I'm 27, FTM, got pregnant on first try :)

  • My name is Lauren, I just turned18. I finished highschool early and brought my disabled father into my new home with my boyfriend and I. I found out i was pregnant a little late at 12 weeks because I was coming off the depo. I am due August24th. I am expecting a beautiful baby girl. Her name is Olvia Jade and we are truly elated. I cannot wait to meet her. My dad had a stroke and has a speech issue and is paralyzed on his dominant side. I am his primary caretaker. My boyfriend is the bread winner and works very hard. We plan on getting engaged/marrying soon. I am so very scared of labor. Not so much of the pain and everything, but the thought of having to leave my father alone. Obv bf will be with me. I have family in place to come and look after him, but all of these what ifs are coming along. Also I don't want my job as a caretaker for Dad to take away from my Daughter. Excited, but also terrified!
  • When you got your BFP?
    December 5th,2014 ... I went in for pelvic pain and was totally shocked when she said "oh that's your ligaments stretching, you have a positive pregnancy test!! (I was on the patch at the time but realized the box I had was expired!)

    What your EDD is?
    August 12th- just 5 days after my birthday!

    Basic info:
    I'm 28 years old with my first baby girl on the way!

    Did you just join the Bump or are you a gif-pro?
    I joined as soon as I found out and I've loved it ever since! It's been my go to app for mommy stories/advice and keeping track of my
    Own pregnancy!
  • @jezygal congratulations!! I do remember you! GL with the rest of your pregnancy :)
        DS born 8-16-2013
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  • Took me a while to post -
    EDD August 28th

    I am 26 from Canada . Currently expect a girl ! I have a 3 year old son already. Lots of fertility issues and was told my son was my only miracle. Tried for 2 years and then went to clomid . We were on our last dose before we couldn't use anymore and we're going to try IVF and it worked !! Charlotte Hope is coming in 6 weeks ! ❤️
  • Hello! My name is Emily, I'm 37 and my husband just turned 30. My husband and I will be married for a year August 30th. My estimated due date is August 14, 2015 with our first! I am new to the Bump but have been a lurker since becoming pregnant and I am loving all of the information!
  • Hi all.
    I must admit I've been lurking since the beginning of my pregnancy but just never got to posting anything.

    Not 100% sure on acronyms, but. ..

    I told my bf I was pregnant on new years eve :P
    EDD is August 10 - which leaves me with only 11 days to go. Even though I think she'll be late. Bf thinks she'll be early. ...

    We're both 26, been together for 5 years in October.

    Can't wait til she's finally out - my bf limes people to think he's tough - but I know the truth. I can't wait to see him turn into a big mushball when he sees her and holds her for the first time!!!!
  • LorienlilyLorienlily member
    edited August 2015
    Hello, I've already done a lot of following and a bit of posting, but I thought I should finally introduce myself (better late than never, right?).

    I'm a FTM in my late 20s, and DH (early 30s) and I spent a very happy New Years Eve celebrating our surprise BFP. EDD is August 17th.

    DD was most likely conceived while I was still on BC in early November, so all the nausea at Christmastime was our clue to check things out. We'd talked about having kids since our second date (now married 2.5 years) and already had names picked out -- so it was shocking but very welcome news!

    I joined the Bump shortly after I found out I was pregnant, but I've mostly been a causal observer on the conversation boards. With DD's imminent arrival any day, I've become more interested in participating.
  • When you got your BFP? I found out January 18th

    What your EDD is? August 28th

    Basic info like age, if you have any other LOs, fun conceptions stories

    Name- Erika
    Age- 22 years young
    I have a 6 year old step son
    This Will Be My first baby!

    Did you just join the Bump or are you a gif-pro?
    Im pretty new to the bump. Still learning all the abbreviations you guys use on here has me a little confused
  • Hi everyone! Better late than never! :)

    When you got your BFP: Dec. 26th, wonderful Christmas surprise.

    EDD: August 30th

    Basic info like age, if you have any LOs, fun conception stories? I'm 36, FTM, my SO is 35. We met, fell madly in love, and had oops pregnancy a year later, we are thrilled tho, and mature enough ;)

    Did you just join The Bump or are you a gif-pro? I've been reading the boards all along since I found out I was pregs, but I have no idea what gif-pro means, lol. Have really enjoyed this app.

    We are taking a Bradley Method birth class which has been awesome and are planning to have med free birth at a birth center with midwives if all goes well. Baby is near! I am absolutely loving reading all the birth announcements!
  • Hey Y'all!

    When you got your BFP? Sometime before thanksgiving, it was supposed to be about "that" time and my SO wanted to get beer, so I decided to POAS to be safe

    What your EDD is? My EDD was 7/27 and my Son was born on 8/5

    Basic info like age, if you have any other LOs, fun conceptions stories?
    I'm 27, living in the beautiful Texas Hill Country with my boyfriend whom I've known since 4th grade. I mainly am on the July board since my EDD was July and I followed those ladies my whole pregnancy but I love reading the August board and hope to pipe in some. 

    Did you just join the Bump or are you a gif-pro? 
    I joined the bump... Gif's are fun but I dont know how to do them.

    BTW Here is my precious Zeke

  • Hello! Figured I should finally get around to introducing myself (I've done enough lurking, so it's about time).

    When you got your BFP? Christmas Day! I was sure that my period was coming, like it did every month we tried, but I had a test, and the day off work, so I POAS and was shocked to see those 2 lines (Dec was the month I didn't temp and we didn't actively try), so I ran to the only store open and bought 4 more tests!

    What your EDD is? My EDD was 9/4 but DS decided he just couldn't wait to meet the world and came on 8/25 (after 5 days of early labor!)

    Basic info like age, if you have any other LOs, fun conceptions stories?
    I'm 23 and DH is 24, we will have been married 2 years in Dec and this is our first LO. DH is in the Air Force, so it will be just me and the LO once he is deployed (that should be...interesting).

    Did you just join the Bump or are you a gif-pro? 
    I have been on the Bump for my whole pregnancy, and did a lot of lurking whenever I had questions or concerns,

    Our LO Callum.
    TTGP October siggy 

    ***TW Living child and loss mentioned***

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    13 March 2017: Loss at 4+6

  • Hello ladies! I've been lurking on both this and the September 2015 boards. LO was due September 2, but an RCS was scheduled for August 27 so I wasn't sure where I really belonged. 

    When you got your BFP: Christmas day! Like MrsBunz above, it was an amazing gift. DS1 was 11 months and we planned to start trying again after the new year. We had a Napa trip planned with friends and we wanted DS1 to be at least a year old before the next pregnancy but wonderful surprises happen. I didn't get drink at all in Napa but it was worth it! 

    Basic info: I'm a lot older than other moms here. I was 38 when I got pregnant with DS1 and 40 with DS2! DH and I were married in 2011. We live in NC. 

    Did you just join TB: I used to be a Bump Pro during my pregnancy with DS1 but this time around I've been working 10 hour days and it's been tough. I wasn't as excited in this pregnancy and really felt like I wasn't pregnant for a large part of it. Looking back, I don't think I was in denial at all but I was working too hard and pushed to much in my person life with DS1 to even have a chance to plan all the things for this one. I wish I had come here a lot more than I did. I used to lurk around in the beginning and commented in the first trimester but then fell off. I wish I had better relationships here for DS2. I have a ton of questions about what other babies DS2's age are doing and how mamas are feeling. I want to be a part of this community and I hope it's not too late. 
    Mama of boys, Landon (Jan 14) and Harrison (Aug 15).  

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  • What is DFP? Obviously, I'm new to the bump. And parenting. I'm only sixteen, my baby will be three months on Thanksgiving ☺️My expected due date changed quite a few times. When I first found out I was pregnant, my due date was the 22nd, then later on changed to the 23rd, and lastly the 21st. He came almost a week late.

    I don't know if this was the correct response to the topic but like I said, I'm new
  • LuckyAngieLuckyAngie member
    edited May 2016
    Is this old? I don't know if this is super old.....I'm probably posting here for no reason, but I'm a newbie here and felt weird just jumping into threads without posting somewhere else first. I was active on here a LONG time ago. But went to another site during my pregnancy.

    I don't remember when I got my BFP - but it was before Thanksgiving. We had been trying for a year so I was an obsessive test taker. 

    DS was due on Aug. 5th but I had a scheduled c-section because he was breech and had him on Aug. 1st. 
    DS born via c-section 8/1/2015 
    DD due May 2017 (RCS)

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