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  • hi all!
    I am due August 31st! So I barely made it here! hahaha. I got my positive result January 1st and this will be my first baby but second pregnancy. I suffered a loss in July. My angel-baby had triploidy and we had to have a d&c at 12weeks because the heart stopped. My hubby is 31 and I'm 28. I also teach 2nd grade and I'm a photographer in the Miami area. Excited to be here!
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  • BFP 12/20/14 EDD 8/26/15 - I was in denial for the first 3-4 months so didn't check the boards much. We weren't trying and weren't preventing; guess that's how it works! Our first son was born 4/24/14, so they'll be 16 months apart! I'm 33 and DH is 36. I've been a WAHM for a call center but long to get back to counseling, after #2 now. DH builds airplanes! We have 3 dogs and 6 chickens too. 3d/4d ultrasound this weekend we won in a raffle, super excited :)
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  • hi my name is shawnese I'm 24 I have two children both girls. my edd is August 17. I'm new to this app. so it should be nice meeting some of you guys.

  • When you got your BFP? Have no clue what this means :-(

    What your EDD is? 11, August 2015

    Basic info like age, if you have any other LOs, fun conceptions stories? 42, 4 kids- 14,13,11 & 4.

    Did you just join the Bump or are you a gif-pro? Been on a few other boards in the past but this one I want to stay in the loop longer.
  • BFP ; December 1st.
    EDD ; August 4th
    Expecting a Girl we're naming Haylee Lynn.

    My 21st birthday is 10 days after I'm due.
    I have a 3 year old son named Coltin LeBron.

    I had a BabyGaga account when pregnant with my son but came upon The Bump on my App Store to use for this pregnancy.
  • Hi ladies!  I'm happy to be joining you here. Congrats ladies!

    When you got your BFP?
    22 DPO (12/26/14)

    What your EDD is?

    Basic info like age, if you have any other LOs, fun conceptions stories?
    My EDD is my M-I-L's b-day and is two days after my 40th! (I died a little just now, typing that!)

    Did you just join the Bump or are you a gif-pro?  
    I'm new to this board but not new to the Bump. I was very active 2 years ago on TTGPAL and TTC+35. I ran the September Sapphires pg loss board for a short while but it quickly became to overwhelming. I thought I could handle it but seeing one BFP after another, even though I was over the moon for them, was crushing my soul. Shortly afterwards, I left and never thought I'd be back. But, now I'm 19 weeks along and looking to connect with others in the same boat!


    We began seeing an RE based on my age (37 at the time) and began "the process", read: tons of bloodwork, tons of testing, 1,000s of dollars and still no baby. I learned the following: 
    1. My miscarriage at 11 weeks was due to a chromosomal abnormality (Trisomy 10)
    2. I'm a carrier for cystic fibrosis (this was a shock; DH isn't a carrier)
    3. I had a mass in my uterus (again shocking; polyp-removed, fibroid-monitoring)
    4. My right tube is blocked (umm more shock!)
    5. I'm DOR (not shocked; well isn't that great!) ::eye roll::
    6. Taking my BBT every morning, monitoring my CM, peeing on OPK strips, watching for LH surges and not knowing what day of the week it was but rather what day of my cycle it was - well, that all got to be a bit consuming!

    DH was pushing IVF for months but I was just beginning a new job in September 2014 (teacher) and didn't want to be too overwhelmed. I kept putting him off, partly b/c of that but also, I wasn't ready to close the chapter on us concieving naturally. When my November cycle was late, I was elated and tested only to get a negative. I was pissed, oh and my period was a week late! Thanks ute, I hate you too! So when my December cycle was also a week late, I just figured that was my "new normal". But the day after Christmas I just had to test (I'm a sadist like that) and there it BFP! I didn't believe it so I tested 4 more times (of course I had several different tests, doesn't everyone!) And, here I am! 

    I still can't believe it's real! It's hard to have pure joy b/c this whole experience is tinted with fear and doubt. My loss had jaded me but I'm trying to put those feelings of doubt, anxiety, fear, etc into a box and leave it on the shelf. I'll take the box down if I need to. But that, ladies, is very hard to do!
    Me: 42, dx: DOR (AFC: 5), low AMH (0.163), blocked tube, fibroid
    DH: 44, dx: ED (uses Cialis), low count/motility (17 million/44%)
    ~Our History~
    2012: April married <3 , begin TTC
    2013: Jan: BFP #1, mc at 11 weeks (Trisomy 10), D&E :'( ; Nov: HSG=blocked right tube, SHG=polyp, fibroid
    2014: April: polypectomy; May-Nov: TTC, Dec.= BPF #2, DS born 8/28/15 via C-section <3
    2016: Oct.-Dec.: TTC 
    2017: Feb.-Aug: benched due to Zika virus threat (Feb.=trip to Philippines) :( , Sept.-Dec.: TTC
    2018: Jan.-Apr.: TTC
              May: IVF #1 w/ ICSI/AH: 6R, 3M, 2F; day 3 transfer of both embies; poor quality (E1=grade 3, E2=grade 4)

    May 2018 IVF Spreadsheet:

  • Intro ***Loss mentioned**

    Hello! I had my BFF on 12/28 with a EDD of 8/26. I'm 28 and DH is 31. We are hoping for our first rainbow with this baby. I had a loss at 16 weeks in 2013. It took three surgeries and a few depot lupron shots to remove an extremely large septum before we could begin trying again. I'm feeling much better regarding this pregnancy since the septum is gone and I'm also on lovenox as a precaution. We are team green and can't wait to see who this little baby will be in August.

    I've mostly been a lurker since 2013 and have been following this board since February. Wishing everyone a happy and healthy pregnancy!

    BFP 5.19.13 EDD 1.18.14 M/C at 16 weeks 
    We will hold you in our hearts until we can hold you in our arms in Heaven.
    BFP #2 12.28.14 EDD 8.26.15
    Praying for our rainbow!

  • BFP: Mid December 2014

    EDD: August 8th 2015


    Name: Jacqui


    Info: This will be my first delivery. We found out last week we are having a boy :) I also have two daughters through marriage Abrianna (7) and Madison (5). Hubby and I are excited to be welcoming our first son.



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  • BFP: 12/23/14
    EDD: 8/23/15

    Basics: hi, my name is Amanda, I'm 35 and this is my first pregnancy. I was hospitalized last January due to a pulmonary embolism and DVT. It was at that time I came off BC. Last spring I was diagnosed with antiphospholipid syndrome and was told to wait a year out from the clot to ttc.

    Lo and behold....just at that year mark, I got pregnant. The best part is....I'm back at school and I was just finishing a semester of human anatomy...I was literally in lecture the week I conceived hearing about the maturing ovum and conception as it was happening inside my body! (It totally explains why my final lab exam had me feeling so nauseous)

    We were not trying but also not preventing. I feel so blessed and excited. I'm being followed by an mfm practice of doctors and am on anticoagulants for the whole pregnancy.

    My husband and I have been together for 14 this baby will certainly be a change!

    I have not been on this board long (been mostly on the what to expect app)
  • When you got your BFP? 12-28-2014

    What your EDD is?
    They gave me 2 dates: 08-02-15 and 08-13-2014 due to having an irregular cycle!

    Basic info like age, if you have any other LOs, fun conceptions stories?
    26 yrs old been with the DH for 8 yrs it will be our 1 yr wedding anniversary 04-12-15 and we thought we couldn't conceive. Since I very rarely get a period (3-6 times a month if not less) I was on BC and even on BC I wouldn't always get a period. I thought I had the stomach flu around Christmas time and was getting frustrated that I wasn't losing weight either, I went to the doctor and it turns out it wasn't the stomach flu and the reason for not being able to lose weight was that I was pregnant. I'm 22 weeks today and both the DH and I will be FTP! We are expecting a baby girl
  • EDD: August 28, but will be induced at 39 weeks.
    I'm 32 and my this is my first baby. I have to be induced at 39 weeks because I had a blood clot 2years ago and am on blood thinners throughout my pregnancy because of it.
  • Hi everyone! Late to the game, my hubby downloaded the bump on my phone when we found out so we could keep track of how baby is growing but I haven't really been involved with posting :)
    EDD: August 30th
    BFP: December 23rd (longest 24 hours of my life to keep it a secret so I could surprise hubby Christmas Eve)
    I'm 27 this is my second baby, my son is 7 from a previous marriage and I'm a stepmom to a 6 year old boy!
    Just found out we're team blue, another boy! Love being a boy mom and so excited to experience having a LO again :)
  • Got My BFP in November 2014 .
    I'm Due August 9 ❤️
    My Name Is Ivonne .
    I'm 21 .
    I Have A 5 , 4 , & 2 year old
  • When you got your BFP? December 20

    What your EDD is? August 27, 2014

    Basic info like age, if you have any other LOs, fun conceptions stories? I am 30 yrs old and I have a 16 months old daughter. We were a bit surprised finding out we were pregnant with baby #2 since it took 3 years of trying for our first.  

    Did you just join the Bump or are you a gif-pro?  I just recently joined the Bump. It seems like there is more activity then the last site I was at when I was pregnant with my daughter.
  • I technically never got a BFP lol. I felt pregnant for 6 weeks before seeing my MD and confirming the fact. All my home tests where negative!

    I am due 8/20 with boy number 2!

    Hubby and I have been married 6 years and have a 3 yo son and a big orange cat and a sweet sweet pit. 
    I am 27, Hubs is 29, son is 3, cat is 6 and dog is 1. 

    Thats about it.

    DK ~ Mommy to Connor (with Jesus) 1/12, ODS (3), DDog and DCat :) ~ EDD 8/20/15 for DS#2
  • Hello all! My name is Ashley and I'm new here
    When you got your BFP? 12/11/14

    What your EDD ? August 1st

    Basic info like age, if you have any other LOs, fun conceptions stories?
    I am 25. My boyfriend and I weren't trying but it was a nice surprise :) we've together since I was 20. I had the implanon in and had that take Out in July since it had been three years so I started the pill and apparently that didn't work for me. I only questioned whether I was pregnant or not because I was so tired and was still waiting on a period, one of our good friends told me to get a test and it was +. We are FTP and are beyond excited! He has five sisters, the three with kids have boys and we are having the first girl in the family. Two of them are expecting also so it's been fun to have two others to go through it with. We have one fury pup named Remy!
  • When you got your BFP?

    - December 19, 2014

    What your EDD is?

    - August 31, 2015

    Basic info like age, if you have any other LOs, fun conceptions stories?

    - I'm a 32 year old mom of two energetic boys ages 8 and 5. My husband and I own and operate a high school travel baseball organization. We have been together since middle school. We were not planning on having another child, but too much wine and a romantic moment on a bearskin rug in front of a fireplace during our vacation in the mountains of North Carolina changed all that. Haha! We are VERY excited about this baby though because we are finally getting our little princess!
  • Good Morning! Can't believe it has taken me so long to get in on these posts! I am still trying to figure out all the lingo so bear with me lol. I'm Amanda, 34, EDD August 23rd and I got my BFP December 19th. This is my first baby, a little boy and I am equal parts excited and terrified. I moved to the bump from the knot and the nest and am looking forward to getting to know some of you over the next few months! I am a Southern California native and can't wait to sweat through my 3rd trimester lol! 
  • gomezygomezy member
    edited April 2015
    Hey Mommas!!
    My BFP was on thanksgiving day!!
    EDD: August 3rd
    Info: I am 24, DH is 27, we are newly weds, got married 6/28/14. 2nd pregnancy, but FTM. Got pregnant 3 months after m/c, we are so excited to meet our bundle of joy!
    Sex is unknown, until day of!!
    Pregnancy is going by too fast!

    Just joined discussion board! Learning as I go!
  • Finally!! Feels like forever waiting to get to post here :)

    BFP was... in February >> Late i know, i was in denial and not believing i could be pregnant!
    EDD: Aug 1

    Info: SAHM, two older girls, 12 and 6, this is my boyf's and i's first child together, expecting a boy! Canadian mama here, old hat at baby group (now an fb group) but new to the bump. 
    DD1: 3.27.2003
    DD2: 9.7.2008
    DS: 8.4.2015

  • I found out on Dec the 3rd. I'm due Aug. 10, but having a planned c-section so I'll have her earlier. I'm 30, I was told I could not have anymore children. I have two girls 10 and 8. So, I'm starting over. The babies sperm donor is 41 and has two children of his own and took off about 4 days after I told him. I have many pregnancy apps, but this is my first time using The Bump and so far I like it so much more.
  • When you got your BFP? 11/25/14 - total shock as hubby and I only tried for one cycle.

    What your EDD is? 8/5/15

    I am 43, hubby 47. Married for 9 years.  We both have older children from previous marriages.  I have 2 daughters in their 20's, and my husband has one 10 year old daughter.  This will be our first son.  We are thrilled and feel blessed.

    Did you just join the Bump or are you a gif-pro?  Joined recently.  Super excited
  • Hi,
    I'm new to the bump. I found out I was pregnant Dec. 15. I have a 7 year old son and when trying to conceive again when he was around 3, was told by infertility doctor that my husband was now infertile. We were content with our one and later thought about adoption once he returned from his deployment.
    I recently loss 128 lbs and was actively lifting weights with a trainer when I noticed how fatigued I became. Looks like my husband gAve me a wonderful present before deployment ☺
    Long story short, this is my little miracle and second cerclage baby. I had my cerclage at 13 weeks with no complications compared to my first pregnancy. I have been taking it easy, but not officially on bed rest. Tomorrow makes 24 weeks and praying that I make it full term. I had pprom at 34 weeks with my son.

    Look forward to chatting with you ladies!

    Oh, I'm due on Aug 24 but my cerclage willl be removed at 37 weeks on Aug 3! Technically my due date is sometime between those two dates.
  • When you got your BFP? November 15, 2015

    What your EDD is? August 7, 2015

    I'm 21 and hubby is 24. We are funeral directors (boo!) and baby Squishy is our love child lol

    I was a member of the knot and now the bump! I'm excited for us all
  • Hi!  I'm late to the party!

    BFP was December 9th.  Ahhh, what a day.

    EDD is August 18, 2015

    I'll be a FTM.  I'm 28 and DH is 32.  We're from the Philly burbs and have two super cute Boston Terriers.  
  • BFP on 12/13/14
    EDD 8/28/15
    I'm 28, DH is 40. We've been married about a year and a half. First pregnancy, very nervous and excited!
  • Bfp - 12/8/14

    EDD - 8/19/15

    Info- I'm 35, due the day before my 36th bday, hubby is 39. We will be married 9 years on 8/5. This is number 3 for us, big sisters are 7 and youngest turns 5 in June.
  • tlm992tlm992 member
    edited May 2015
    Hi there My name is Teagan, I'm 23 and my partner is 22, this is our first bub, my due date is 28/8 and can't wait to meet my little boy :)
  • When you got your BFP?
    November 25th 2014
    What your EDD is?
    August 5th
    Basic info like age, if you have any other LOs, fun conceptions stories?
    Hello Everyone! My name is Julian and I am 28 years old, my s/o is 30 and we are so excited to bring our first child into the world on August 5th. I moved to Northern California in September of last year to be closer to my sweetheart, and naturally we got pregnant 2 months after the move. I was working full time as a cosmetics counter manager, when I moved and recently decided to stay home and nest a bit. 
    Did you just join the Bump or are you a gif-pro?  
    I have been a member of the Bump for awhile now, a family friend recommended joining cause she has had such a wonderful experience and made some great friends with fellow moms and I would love to have the same experience. Especially since I am home now, I don't have too much interaction with any other females and would love to meet some new friends to talk and get advice! Unfortunately I am not a GIF pro. I WISH I WAS! :)

  • New to this, first post after just reading other posts and a few likes. So I hope I'm doing this right.

    Got our BFP Dec 9 (my husbands birthday) so it was an extra special birthday for him with a card calling him daddy and a box with a onsies and two pos pregnancy tests tied with ribbon as my way of tell him. We weren't trying or anything so it was extra surprising and unexpected. I got it on video too :P

    Due date is now Aug 12 from my last appointment, but from what I believe to be the conception day I got Aug 20. So if I'm "over due" I won't be shocked. I am 99.99% of the exact date time of conception because it was the only night over a months time that we didn't do anything to prevent pregnancy and my husband actually joked that after that winning hockey game that if I end up pregnant tonight it will just be God telling him it's time to start his family team.

    Well we are having a little boy who is very active, so maybe my husband is psychic! ;)

    I am 24 and my husband is 32. We have been married for almost a year at the end of June.

    Our first baby, and it was a total surprise. However, I don't take oral contraception so not shocking or anything. We are very excited. We have been fur parents to our sweet spaniel boston mix for 3 yrs who has an August birthday too;) As she has been our little baby for years I have been reading a lot of posts on how very attached dogs handle their new family member. Luckily she is a very sweet and well trained girl, so I don't think she will be a problem other than feeling neglected.

    Excited to read and post on the bump more!
  • Hi everyone! I'm not really new, but I've had this app on my phone since the beginning of my pregnancy but I never thought to checkout this part of it ::-)

    But I'm Carmen, I'm 25 and my husband is 34. On August 30 (5days after my dd) it will be out 10 yr anniversary. We have 3 other kids, boy who will be 7 tomorrow, and a 5yr old girl and a 3 yr old girl.

    I got my BFP on December 9, the day before my daughter's birthday! My expected due date is August 25! I'm hoping I make it to August with this baby, my last baby was supposed to come August 19 but I had her July 22 :-)

  • BFP- 12/23/14
    EDD - 8/29/15
    My husband and I are 35 and have been married 3 1/2 years. We lost a baby at 23 weeks last year and, after 6 months of trying again, finally got that BFP! I actually had an appointment to see a fertility specialist a week after I found out I was pregnant! We are cautiously optimistic, and so far so good :-)
  • Hi All! I've had this app since I first found out I was pregnant but I'm just now venturing into the forum :).


    I'm 29, my husband is 28 and we've been married for three years in July. This is our first baby and it's a girl! We tried for a year and a half, I wasn't ovulating so I had to get on Clomid/Femara and do the trigger shot a couple times. Had a chemical in November and then saw that beautiful positive in December! Can't believe it's almost time for her to be here, but I still wish time would go faster :)
  • AnPo14AnPo14 member
    Hi, I've had this app for a few months but have never looked at the community tab.
    Bfp 12-2-14
    edd 8-17-15
    My husband and I got married mid November and found out a few weeks later that we're expecting. I'm excited to meet my baby girl in august!
  • hollyswifthollyswift member
    edited May 2015
    When you got your BFP? 12/31/15 - What a way to start off the year on NYE :).

    What your EDD is? 8/26/15

    Basic info like age, if you have any other LOs, fun conceptions stories? I'm 28 & my boyfriend (father) is 27. Only LOs I have are my chihuahua & 2 cats lol.

    Did you just join the Bump or are you a gif-pro? Been on here for a few months (I think?).
    Mommy can't wait to meet you Max <3 EDD 08.26.15
  • When you got your BFP? Jan 25th

    What your EDD is? Aug 16th

    Basic info like age, if you have any other LOs, fun conceptions stories? I'm 35, married, and I live in Newfoundland Canada. I have a 21 month old who will be 2 yo by the time this baby is born. I was 11.5 weeks pregnant when I got my BFP, it was a surprise, (I say one part breast feeding two parts denial). I got my BFP because of a bet (which I lost).

    Did you just join the Bump or are you a gif-pro? I joined the bump 2 years ago when I was pregnant with my first boy. I was apart of the Aug13 community. I have been lurking on this board for a few months but I figured it was time to introduce myself. I enjoy GIFs, I sometimes try to post them but I usually fail miserably and just end up scrolling through all the awesome posts.

  • When you got your BFP? December 26, 2014. (Merry Christmas to us)

    What your EDD is? Originally was August 21, 2015 but due to her size (IUGR), I will be induced (for her safety) on July 31st!

    Basic info like age, if you have any other LOs, fun conceptions stories? 22, first LO, it's a girl :) although due to a mishap with the "sneak peak" early gender test we thought our she was a "he" for a good few months, resulting in lots of tears at the ultrasound and several trips to return things to target and babies r us!

    Did you just join the Bump or are you a gif-pro? Just joined three days ago after being recommended by a friend, and just got my member status today *very exciting*
  • Hello, August 2015! I have been bouncing around apps my entire pregnancy and finally settled on The Bump but have been a lurker instead of a poster. I figured that it was time to change that!
    I got my BFP on 12/15/14....and about 8 BFP's after that, haha.
    My EDD is 08/17/15.

    My name is Brandi and I am 25 years old, I will be 26 in August, about a week prior to my EDD. I am a newlywed... I moved from Tennessee to California in June of '14 to be with my long distance boyfriend of 9 years and in not even a years time we are married, expecting our first child AND now transplanted to Washington State for his work. Talk about a whirlwind!
    After suffering with Hyperemesis Gravidarum my entire pregnancy, it has finally leveled off some in week 29...and we are so excited to meet our baby BOY.
    I can't wait to jump in and learn about all of you and your LO's, and be a part of the discussions!
  • Hello! Brooke here, I'm 31 yrs old and pregnant with #2. DS is 21 months and we're expecting DD around Aug 6.
    And i don't know what bfp means, so can't answer that....or the other one either, gif-pro
  • Hi, I'm Jen I am 26 and DH is 28. We are pregnant with baby #2 - a boy who is due Aug. 10.
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