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DH and I have been TTC for 6 months now. With our daughter, we conceived very quickly, so this time around has obviously been much different. I've been using an OPK and recently started using Fertile Focus too. I was getting frustrated after not EVER getting results from the OPK, despite other ovulatory symptoms. 
On Friday, I finally observed a ferning pattern on the microscope and was so excited! Since then, I've still seen the pattern, but it's definitely changing. 
Im curious: how long can I expect to see the ferning pattern? I'm worried about missing the fertile window! I felt like it had already occurred, but now I'm second guessing myself. 
See pic. This is from the sample I took today. Thoughts? 

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    I don't use a microscope, so all I can tell you is I have read that around 72 hours after the first noted ferning pattern is when you should expect ovulation - if it's matching up with other signs, too? If you're checking other signs, too, what do they say? Are you temping or checking CM?

    I'll be interested to see what other people say.

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  • There used to be a bumpie who used ferning microscopes as a ovulation predictor --- @GhanimaAtreides I think it was?  I know the ferning pattern is good but not much else besides that. 
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  • I think one poster I've seen does this.  I can't remember who or I'd tag them.  I'd recommend temping, OPKs, and CM/CP.  
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  • I have no experience but have read about it. I do believe I have seen a forum or community group in fertility friend app that uses this method and can offer insight. Not many here do. 
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    I used the salavia fernering microscope for about 4 months before my bfp in december. I would have partial ferning for a couple of days leading up to when I would turn an opk positive. The key is to start to look where it turns to full ferns. The photo you show looks pretty close and it could be full ferning.

    I would use the ferning as a sign to start testing with opk's and to start HIO. I would still get partial ferning for a few days after ovulation as well. I get pain with ovulation and pretty clear CM so I was able to catch ovulation with ferning and opk's.

    It should be pretty clear when the ferning turns back to dots and you will see it ramp up to a full fern and ramp down to dots in about a 5-7day period. Once I got full ferns and a positive opk I would stop testing the saliva for the most part. 

    I found it very helpful and I was sucessful using the method. I was motivated to use it because I really didn't want to chart BBT because of sleep issues. 

    Good luck! 
  • Thanks! I find this tool to be useful too, since OPK kits aren't very reliable for me and I can't temp either because I'm often up with my daughter in the middle of the night or have sleep issues myself. 
    This pattern is what I saw yesterday. I would consider my full fern to have taken place on Friday. I think this was my "ramping down" pattern. My CM has become much drier, and I experienced what I believe to be O pain last week. I guess it just threw me off a bit. 
    TWW, here I come! 
  • I would encorage you to look it up! :) 
    I can't temp accurately, as I rarely get a good nights sleep and my preschooler is my alarm clock. Just doesn't work for me. I do pay attention to and log CM, though. 
    I have found this tool to be helpful, so it's definitely worth checking out! 
  • @Marasmommy0611 I don't have any good feedback, but I've heard of ferning before and I am really interested in checking it out!  OPKs don't seem to be very reliable for me, either, although temping seems to work just fine.


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  • My sister used ferning when TTC #2. I know it worked for her. She said she found it better suited to her lifestyle as opposed to temping. This is the first time I've seen a pic though, and it's pretty cool I gotta say! Good luck. interested in reading opinions from those who also use it

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  • I believe @NamelessAria also used/uses a microscope? Could be wrong. 

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    i tried the microscope, but didn't like it for a variety of reasons.  And I never really saw it discussed here.  I would definitely seek out a community specifically for that as PPs suggested.

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  • I've been looking into this with my sleep pattern. Just wanted to attempt temping first with the $7 bbt thermometer vs $30 microscope.
    Might go microscope next cycle.
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  • @NamelessAria am I losing it or were you one of the ones using a microscope?
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  • I don't really see much ferning? Here's some obvious ferning:

    I attempted this but with a regular microscope and saw a whole lot of nothing even though I confirmed O in other ways. It's an interesting experiment, but I think far more difficult and less definitive than other methods. As far as how long you expect to see it, I would guess it's kind of like OPKs in that some people have longer surges than others. 

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    I used the ferning microscope to get pregnant. The first month I used it I never got full ferning- I only got partial ferning which looks like the picture you posted. At the time I thought it was full ferning because I hadn't seen full ferning yet. I wasn't using any other tracking method for that cycle, so it is possible that I never ovulated that cycle.

    The next month I used it as well as OPK's. I had a few days of partial ferning and then got full ferning. I did have a picture but DH deleted it but it looks like the second picture that FinacB posted. Once I saw that I stopped checking. I got a positive OPK the same day. That is the cycle I got pregnant on.

    I never tried temping because I felt I didn't have the discipline for it (waking up at the same time every day is a mission for me- I start work early during the week and didn't want to sacrifice my sleep in on my days off). I think if I hadn't got pregnant that cycle I would have probably attempted it in addition to the microscope.

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  • @LilLambie, thanks for your feedback. I would consider this partial ferning too, but I was just confused when I saw it after what I considered to be full ferning. I guess I just expected it to go back to dots and random lines after ferning showed for 3 days. 
    Today, I see very sight ferning. I had read this may happen if you conceive, but I'm obviously not getting my hopes up. 
    I really like the microscope and will definitely continue to use it if this month doesn't prove successful. 
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