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Health and Fitness Check-in 4/21

Morning ladies!

How was your week? Did you reach your goals for the week? What challenges did you face? What do you want to accomplish this week?

My started out pretty rough. All last weekend, I didn't exercise and I ate like it was going out of style. I finally got frustrated enough to throw away my ice cream and download My Fitness Pal. I've been using it since Monday, and I love it. It really keeps me accountable for the things I eat. So I can't sneak any chocolate without having to log it in. I've also exercised 3 out of the past 4 days and I'm feeling pretty good. 

My biggest challenge this week is myself! I get so discouraged with my lack of progress sometimes it just doesn't feel worth it (which I know, that's RIDICULOUS). But my husband has been very encouraging and that has made a huge difference. I hope you find someone to encourage you in this journey and I hope this thread helps!

This week, I want to accomplish eating right and exercise 4 times this week (Hoping to build to being active in some way every single day). 

Oh here's my favorite workout "gear": My turbojam DVDs! Love that turbo jam combines strength, aerobics and kickboxing. What's got you feeling good this week?

I can't think of another weekly challenge for this week, so if you have a suggestion, let's hear it! 

Thanks ladies!

Re: Health and Fitness Check-in 4/21

  • Overall my week's been decent, but I had a rough 24 hours or so with LO that culminated with me getting exhausted and stressed out and wanting to eat ALL the things. Which I basically did :/

    My goal now is to eat healthier over the weekend, which is usually when I tend to splurge. On the exercise front I'm still working on getting more Jillian Michaels workouts in instead of just staring at the DVD cover.

    Maybe a challenge for next week could be to do some sort of exercise with your LO? Walking, baby wearing, or doing some strength moves with them?

  • I finally got off my butt this week and decided I needed to start working off these last 15 lbs (I gained almost 40 during the pregnancy). I jogged/walked 30 minutes on Tuesday, went for a 3 mile walk with the baby and DH on Wednesday, and took a barre class on Thursday. I felt a bit like a slob yesterday in my class with all those mirrors staring back at me but I tried to be kind to myself - I've got 6 more months to lose it all! My goal for the next week is to go to my barre classes I scheduled and do cardio on the off days. I'm starting back at work soon and would like to fit in more of my work clothes before then! 
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  • I got 3 runs and a few long walks in. We're remodeling our basement and the workers were tearing out the tile on Monday so LO and I walked the mall for 5 hours. Ended up walking about 8  miles that day. 

    This week I want to get a few more runs in and get eating healthy at lunch. Usually for lunch right now I'm eating crap so I need to make a conscious effort to get it right.

    I LOVE my fitbit alta. I've had a one for a few years but it finally kicked the bucket and I got the alta. I like that it reminds me to get moving. 
  • I'm so glad it's finally warming up so at least I can be outside and moving with the kids. We have 14 acres so plenty of room to run around. I've gone for three long walks this week. I tried to start doing my Jillian Michaels workout but everytime id only get 5/10min into it before a kid would wake up or need me. 
    I hope to try to do my DVD 3 times this week and walk daily(as long as the weather holds up). Also mil said I could have her treadmill so I hope to get that in my house so I can start the C25K app. I can't run outside with allergies/asthma this time of year plus I can run while the kids play this way.
    @mommaz1 I love my Fitbit too. I just wish there was a setting for "pushing a toddler in a stroller while wearing a 12lb infant". Lol
  • My week started out a little discouraging. I started weight watchers again and at the meeting this week I had gained a pound. I immediately started trying to figure out how, like me working out 5/7 days or eating right before the meeting, but they both really just feel like excuses. I have to give myself some grace and not beat myself up though. This week I'm trying to get 4 days of working out and just sticking to being accountable with my points. Oh, and I convinced MIL to do this with me, trying to better our relationship and health at the same time. She lost 3 pounds, I'm happy for her, but did she have to tell me with such a smug look on her face? 

    @mommaz1 I love my Fitbit too. I have the blaze, and I really wish it had the movement reminder that the alta does. I agree @baya5 they definitely should give us credit for baby wearing!

    On the activity front, I am putting C25K back on pause until allergy season is over. Instead I am doing Zumba at home. DD really likes watching me move around from her bouncer and every now and then she will wiggle around too, it's really cute.
    I am 27, DH is 26.
    We have been married since September 28, 2013.
    We had our first child, Zoey, February 7, 2016.

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  • Just now joining in, but went to put my work pants on today and none, I mean absolutely none of them fit. I ran out to kohls tonight and picked up 2 pair to get me through the week :neutral: I told my SO that I'm not buying anymore pants until I lose weight. So those 2 pair are going to have to rotate every other day. Even still the ones I bought are a tad snug and I have a nice big roll that hangs right over when I sit down. 

    I am lazy and I never exercise. So that is going to be a goal for me, to just get out and walk. My SO is an extremely picky eater so we eat very unhealthy. I'm talking, he doesn't like soups, casseroles, vegetables, fruits, pastas, etc. He makes my life difficult when it comes to food :( 
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