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DH just ranked Eliana as #1 on his list for DD. I like it as elli-on-uh, but not if it will frequently be pronounced elli-an-uh. How would you pronounce it? WDYT of the name in general? Joining brothers Wesley and Owen if that matters.

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  • I would say it Elie-ah-nuh. I have a bit of a Boston accent though.
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  • I like it but it's a little frilly for my taste and it's a somewhat different style than Wesley and Owen. I would pronounce it Ell-ee-ah-nah. I think an Ell-ee-ann-ah pronunciation would be more common in the midwest/south.

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  • Ellie-On-uh.  My friend just named her baby that with that spelling and pronunciation.  That's the only way I've heard it pronounced. 
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  • Thanks guys. Ell-ee-ah-nuh is the obvious pronunciation to me, but wasn't sure if it's regional. Mila is also on our list, but I'm told this is mis-pronounced often, even though Mee-lah seems like the obvious way in my mind.

  • Ellie -ah-nah

    Eliana is a nice name but all of the Ellie names are soooooo popular right now and have been for years.  That would probably deter me from using it.

  • Eliana <----- Ellie-ah-nuh
    Elianna <---- Ellie-anne-uh
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  • I'm in the Pacific Northwest.  I would say elli-an-uh. It's the only way I've ever heard it pronounced around here. 
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  • very 90's.......i would move on from the ana (ending) trend. 
  • Midwest here and I've never heard Ellie-an-uh. I would assume Ellie-on-uh for sure.

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  • Ellie-on-uh is how I would pronounce it too and live in the Midwest. I Love this name. It is my #1 girl pick but am having my second boy. 
  • Ellie-ah-nah here. FWIW I really don't like names that end in ah-na/on-na sound. They've always seemed so pretentious to me. I do like Mila better.
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    I would say it as Elli-on-ah. I'd only assume Elli-ann-ah if it was spelled Elianna. 
    It used to be one of my favorite names, its not so much anymore but I still like it!
  • It's my daughter's name (Ana is the name of her grandmother and great-grandmother so it's part of the reason we chose the name)...we have never had anyone pronounce it with "anna" at the end, but have had many people say "Elaina" after reading her name too quickly.....for what it's worth, I adore the name and it fits our little girl perfectly, despite all the hate it receives on here
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