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How to deal with annoying pregnancy skin issues

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Have you been waiting to experience the “pregnancy glow” you’ve heard so much about, only to find your skin is totally freaking out lately?

Like sunscreen on a hot day, we’ve got you covered. Here, Bump experts explain the causes of these common problems and how to tackle them. 

How do you deal with these annoying skin issues?

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Re: How to deal with annoying pregnancy skin issues

  • Is it safe to use sulfer acne medication? I read to stay away from salycilic acid.
  • I'm breaking out bad! I am 6w 4 today.. what can I use to wash my face? Been using dove or Irish spring soap...
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  • Yes I normally have dry skin so all my skin care is geared towards dry skin. I use Aveda. Does anyone know if our skin changes during pregnancy? Maybe it's more oily now?
  • I am oily as well. I exfoliate with baking soda
    Twice a week
  • Be careful of triclosan, it isn't safe!
  • I would use Cetaphil antibacterial facial soap
    Mounting evidence that the anti-bacterial Triclosan can cause developmental and reproductive problems. Don't use anything anti-bacterial containing this. I'd suggest black soap or products containing charcoal to help combat greasiness. The acne is hormonal and not a lot you can do about that.

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  • I wash my face with an antibacterial bar of dial soap. Is this safe ?
  • I wash my face with an antibacterial bar of dial soap. Is this safe ?
    They all contain Triclocarban which is just as bad as Triclosan. If you're using that to combat oily skin or acne, try using soaps with charcoal.

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  • Anyone else getting cold sores in the first couple weeks? I never have had one before and now all of the sudden I have a big one right in the corner.
  • Yes, I had 2 in 2 weeks time. The dr said it's hormones and also because your immune system is on overdrive. If I continue to get them he said he will put me on a prescription Valtrex.
  • Oh god yes! I hardly ever get cold sores, and now got a massive great stonking one right in the middle of my lower lip which just won't budge! I feel your pain sister x

  • I am expecting my 2nd. (my 1st is already 3yrs old) I can't remember ever breaking out with my first pregnancy...

    But boy oh boy, My skin has just gone crazy on me... had 3 or 4 really ouch blind pimples on my chin and jawline....:(
  • I have a rash on my mouth area, nose and eyelids it looks horrible
  • I would love to know which oils you are using. I just started to get into them and my skin has been super dry lately.
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  • I use tea tree oil spot treatment it seems to work.
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    Just over 18 weeks pregnant and I've started getting splotchy patches around my chin and mouth. So annoying. I can't wear foundation or BB Cream in that area or it flakes off. Quite frustrating.....
  • Pinterest has some amazing ideas for natural remedies. I, for one, need every last one of them!!!!
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    I have some seriously bad chin acne! I don't remember ever having spots there- even when I was a teenager! :P

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    Tea tree oil sounds like a good idea to soothe it! 

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  • I am 7 weeks and 4 days along with my 2nd (my first is 4 years old). I typically have pretty dry/combination skin but lately it has been even more dry and with a couple of small zits. I seriously went and got my first ever facial today! It helped a lot!!!! My esthnetician used all organic/vegan products and no chemicals. She also recommended "Derma-e" cleanser and moisturizer which I went and got. But on this thread someone mentioned not using any Retin-A products? Anyone familiar with the why behind that?
  • I'm 5 weeks and I have dry cracking skin in both corners of my mouth that will not heal. I've tried everything! Drinking lots of water and i've used Vaseline, polysporin and medicated lip balm like crazy! Ugh
  • CandyAlex said:
    I'm 5 weeks and I have dry cracking skin in both corners of my mouth that will not heal. I've tried everything! Drinking lots of water and i've used Vaseline, polysporin and medicated lip balm like crazy! Ugh
    That could be yeast.

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  • I would not use that nor anything with high contents of vitamin c or other acids.. your skin is much more sensitive when pregnant and could make it worse.
  • I've always had bad skin, but I'm at 6 weeks now and my skin has literally never been worse!! Does anyone have any suggestions for combination acne skin types?
  • Yes I got one last week. I am prone to them but haven't had one in months. I didn't use anything because I'm not sure what's safe. I had a prescription for Valtrax but I didn't want to take it without Doctors approval.
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    i've had some annoying pregnancy acne and have been using tea tree oil.
    It was working some at first.. but not as much anymore (and the smell is annoying!) - Any other products that are safe and seem to be working for others??

    i've heard good things about the belli skin care line (safe for pregnancy) and just ordered the acne spot treatment.. i'll keep you guys posted on how it works!

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  • I've typically used an acne wash for my oily skin but my skin has gotten dryer! I've had a few extra blemishes here or there but over all the dry patches are outweighing the blemishes. Clinique makes a great moisturizer in a little pink pot that I love. It keeps my skin hydrated without making it oily.
  • Try using Aquaphor or Arnica oil.
  • I am 8 weeks. Not much acne but I got rashes on my neck. It's horrible
  • Thanks I will try that
  • I've been having terrible acne. Pre-pregnancy I used a daily face wash with benzoyl peroxide in it and that worked wonders. Now I can't use it and I've tried using a neutrogena naturals face scrub but it barely does anything. Sacylic acid never worked for me pre-pregnancy. So I really need something that is similar to benzoyl peroxide but is safe for pregnancy. Anyone with a similar issue? I feel like I look terrible :disappointed:
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  • I am 5 weeks and have a bumpy/scaley rash about 1.5cm in diameter between my lip and chin, and i have 1 or 2 decent sized blind pimples under both side of my jawline but more like on my neck. My skin has gone super oilier than it was. I have to wash my face twice a day as well as blot with tissues twice and they go transparent with my oil.
  • I am breaking out worse than ever and just bought Purpose face wash. Hoping it'll do the trick!
  • I broke out in a a rash everywhere, i think my skin is over sensitive this pregnancy. Could hardly sleep last night with all the itching. Going to change my shower gel, hopefully that works.
  • Don't get me started! No glow for this momma. Breaking out hard, when I rarely experience acne. Some on my face but mostly chest. Some back and shoulder as well. Not cool, baby. Will be worth it though. Have been using a Nivea foam wash and Clean and Clear exfoliator. Both are not going well and am looking for something new. I always wash off makeup before bed, but it's no use either. Combo that with dry itchy skin, I'm a mess. Trying to drink more water. 
  • I have eczema, and it's gone into overdrive! Its on my back, thighs, stomach and hands! Anyone ever experience this? I'm going nuts! 
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  • I am 5 weeks, and somehow got contact dermatitis (poison ivy) last week. On the bright side, the early doctors visit confirmed I am pregnant, and the dermatologist and OB assure me it's not pregnancy related, but to protect baby I can't take steroids, the usual treatment, because it can increase the risk of cleft palate. So I've been treating the most painful, burning, weeping, itching rash of my life with creams (diaper cream with zinc actually does help, to those of you with rashes) and I just need to vent. It's so early in the pregnancy I can't even complain to everyone about why I can't just get a steroid shot. It's better than it was but now I've got breast tenderness and my nipples itch and it's so annoying. Okay, end rant.
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