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Physical therapy...for the lady bits!?

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Kind if TMI but I went to the dr after 9 mo pp and still experiencing some frustrating and painful symptoms since childbirth. I had a natural birth, all was good, I had some tearing but nothing crazy. She said I've healed perfectly but is referring me for physical therapy! I had read about it (to strengthen pelvic floor and relax muscles) and am open to it, but think it's such a funny and bizarre concept, I'm interested to see if it helps and curious if anyone has done it? Am I in for an intense regimen of kegels or what??

Re: Physical therapy...for the lady bits!?

  • If your doctor thinks that you need it then do it. Pelvic floor muscles are important for women to exercise especially after childbirth and as we age. You don't want your uterus to fall out of the vagina or have incontinence issues of bladder and bowel when your older.
  • Oh I'm certainly going to do it! I'm asking if anyone has done it out of curiosity wondering what to expect and if successful.
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  • Oh I didn't do it myself I just did a lot of kegals and pelvic tilts and other postnatal core workouts. I imagine it's like that
  • I've had pelvic floor PT for a different issue (chronic back pain). For me, the problem was a couple very tight muscles, so the majority of the time was massage in the office-both internal and external- and internal massage at home with a crystal wand. Be forewarned that you'll probably have an internal exam as part of the visit
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