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Body can't recover from exercise

Hey guys. I am a journeyman carpenter, and I'm also almost 19 weeks pregnant. I usually work 10 hour days and although I have been put on light duty because of my pregnancy, the work is still very taxing on my body. The problem is, I don't notice it being taxing until I'm done the shift. I feel fine while I am working but once I stop my body can't seem to recover. I will be at home trying to relax on the couch, or in bed, or even by taking a (not too warm) bath and my heart is racing, my legs are cramping, and I feel very anxious though not about anything in particular, it's purely physical. I should mention that before my pregnancy I was very athletic and strong and I have been a carpenter for 9 years so I am used to the work. I find it hard to regulate my exercise and work load when I don't realize I have overdone it until it's too late. Has anyone else suffered from this? Any relaxation techniques or suggestions would be appreciated.

Re: Body can't recover from exercise

  • I have a pretty physical job too as I work in the wastewater industry...I haven't been put on light duty but have just been told to let them know if I don't feel comfortable doing certain things..I feel ok as well while working but get extremely fatigued and exhausted when the day is done...14 weeks now in the second trimester and I'm waiting to get the increased energy..I just feel like I'm constantly pushing myself (I'm not a huge relaxer! )

    I have been doing water exercise twice a week. Mondays I do an arthritis type of class in an 85 degree pool. It's at nice so I feel relaxed before bed. I also do a more intense pool workout on Wednesday. I don't know it just keeps my mind off the fact I'm exhausted and makes me feel like I'm doing something good..I also do prenatal yoga twice a week. Though it sounds like a lot I know it's something that will help me in the long run. So it makes me feel and I wonder why I don't have a good bump yet!

    I try to take it tv..nice's just the mind set I have to work on and though I want to be a good employee I want to be a great mom..and need to think about the human I have with me all the time! Hope this helps!
  • Wow girl, for someone who is exhausted you sure seem to accomplish a lot in a week. Go you!
    I like your pool workout idea. Seems like it would be relaxing even though it is exercise.
    (I know what you mean about not being a huge relaxer! Lol) The hardest part of my first trimester morning (make that all day) sickness was spending so much time on the couch rather than being productive.
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