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  • I drink at least one cup of hot black tea a day. And sometimes two! I've avoided sushi, but I have been so tempted. I want spicy tuna SO bad. 
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  • A Jersey Mike's turkey sub sounds like the best thing ever to me right now.  I've had two since I found out I was pregnant.  I've dropped coffee - the smell is too much.  I miss it.  I've picked up tea and an occasional Pepsi when I need a quick hit of caffeine and my stomach is off.  
    I pretty much don't want to eat anything right now (I'm living on cereal) and I'm too tired to be active so there is very little that I could be doing wrong... just waiting for my second trimester when I hopefully get more energy and my appetite back.
  • Just coffee...every day :wink:
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  • Sushi and seafood are my "cheats."  I only eat fully cooked sushi, and seafood is really what sounds good for protein right now. Chicken and beef don't work well and I am allergic to pork... So seafood it is! The mercury concern is more for types I don't often eat, anyway.

    Caffeine is another, but I drink way less than the 200mg/day limit, so I think I am good. This fatigue thing is insane! Who knew growing a tiny human was so exhausting, right? ;)
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    y'all i'm still eating raw fish and oysters regularly with no fear.  sushi and east coast oysters are two of my absolute favorite foods and i've been craving them ceaselessly.

    i suffered from a bout of food poisoning in at six or seven weeks- but it was from hummus.  
  • AliKay20 said:

    I gave into sushi but didn't eat anything raw. DH made sure the chef didn't use same knife used to cut raw fish when making my california roll and shrimp tempura roll! Kitchen was visible since it's one of those small ones by the bar and they were more than understanding when learned of our reason. Haha! Lately, I make DH eat all the foods I want but can't have. It oddly satisfies me hahahaha!

    I wish this worked for me. Lately nothing sounds good. Like the other day all I did was mention "oil" and I had to run to the bathroom. This is my 4th pregnancy so I just want this nausea over with lol. But in regards to this post. I dye my hair, I eat soft cheese. I eat fish probably more often than I should (not this post week though, I've been so sick.). I also in my past pregnancies have drank wine which my Dr said was ok and no I didn't get drunk... just one glass. I continued to bowl with a 10lbs ball because I was already doing it prior to pregnancy. I lift my kids and I am still currently nursing my 2year old. <--- if anyone has ideas on how to wean her, please please help me
  • Sushi!! I didn't eat anything raw, but I sent a snap to some friends. I got like four replies of "you shouldn't be eating that!" I literally had been craving it for about three weeks and instantly felt bad. This is my first so I guess I'm paranoid. I still ate it though.
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  • Count me in as a "rule breaker". I've eaten deli meat, all kinds of cheeses, sushi (cooked and raw), coffee daily, I've even had an energy drink. I drink soda, eat ice cream, and whatever chocolate I want (I've gained 3 lbs so far). And, flame away, in second tri, I fully intend on having a small glass of wine.
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  • Working out at my normal intensity. I firmly believe that 140 heartrate limitation is bullshit. I listen to my body and if I feel weak or dizzy, I pull back. My OB cleared me for everything I did before I was pregnant as long I still feel okay doing it. The only thing I've changed is I now run inside on a treadmill because I'm paranoid about falling on the ice. 

    I want to eat deli meat so badly but for some reason I can't do it. I know the risk of listeria is so small, especially when heated, but I haven't chanced it yet. It's just really easy for me to eat something other than deli meat, so I'll stick with it for now. 

    Agreed. The newer guidelines are more based on listening to your body and signs that you may be overdoing it: extreme thirst, fatigue, pain, etc, and using the RPE scale to figure out when you hit your max rather than your heart rate.

    I lurk. I snark. I offer sound advice if you're not BSC. You may not like me. I'm okay with it.

  • My DH pretty much makes sure I don't do anything I am not supposed to as I got put on partial bed rest at 32 weeks last time for being in active labor. He isn't as worried about eating certain things but he makes sure I have decaf coffee and soda without caffeine. He makes dinner 90% of the time and it doesn't ever contain any of the fish we are "supposed" to stay away from or lunch meats.
  • Ive eaten salmon sushi, a nibble on deli meat last night (not appetizing) and Ive had two three ounce glasses of wine. But the biggest thing Ive been concerned about is that Im a server, and Ive had the sections farthest away from the kitchen. It wouldnt be an issue if I didnt load my trays up with so many dishes. I broke down and told my boss because my bodys not handling it. I wish I had energy to continue running.

    Growing a person is a lot harder than I thought!
  • Dye my hair (I use vegan manic panic)
    Eat cold cuts
    Have my 1-2 coffees daily.
    Two girls so far, one 6, other 4 months....happy healthy.
    Currently 7w5d.

  • I got a horrible stomach virus from my 6 year old when I was pregnant with her sister who's now 4 months. I literally threw up for 2 days straight, couldn't get out of bed. Threw up every hour for 48 hours lost 5 lbs. Was severely dehydrated. Had to call my Dr's 24 hour line. I was so worried never been that sick and was 4 months's amazing what your pregnant body can handle.

  • My OB is OK with deli meats and soft cheeses (provided the cheese is pasteurized). Fish once *maybe* twice a week is also OK (according to him). Caffeine is OK too.  He does advise absolutely no alcohol.  With my last pregnancy I would have an occassional small glass of wine starting in the middle of second trimester.  I think I had maybe 4 small glasses in total. My 11-month old is totally fine and ahead of all of her milestones so far.  I don't think I'll have any alcohol with this pregnancy though given how strongly the AAP came out against it recently.  The NHS (Britain's healthcare agency) also changed its stance on drinking in pregnancy in the past few months and now says absolutely no alcohol in pregnancy.  I have read France is also changing (or maybe already changed?) its guidelines.

    That said, I do drink one cappuccino a day.  In my last pregnancy, I HATED that people had an opinion on that.  I was even scolded by Starbucks' baristas on more than one occasion for ordering something with caffeine in it for myself.  I wanted to say, "Are you my OB?? No? Mmmm'kay, then your opinion does not apply. Thanks though."
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    I had a ricola cough drop :open_mouth:
  • @reneeannem are all cough drops on the no-no list?
  • All I want is sushi but I think i'm too chicken to do it.
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  • Lunch meat!!!! I'm so glad I'm not the only one. My last pregnancy I ate a few sandwiches and this pregnancy I want nothing to do with it, but I ate that and I had coffee.  I drink coffee every morning but I cut back a lot. 
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  • I think lunch meats bummed me out the most. I really never was much into sandwiches...but now that I am pregnant...THAT'S ALL I WANT. Haha. And I never really liked warmed or toasted sandwiches..:(
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  • cbpalagi said:

    @reneeannem are all cough drops on the no-no list?

    Don't think so, but ricola has a long list of herbs in it that may or may not be safe. I find the menthol really helps my nausea but I've switched to Halls.
  • I worked at a sushi restaurant for years in my early 20's. We had japanese ladies come in all the time and eat raw sushi while pregnant. All of their babies turned out quite healthy and normal. It does kind of make you wonder how many of these rules are actually truly a risk. I eat sushi, but haven't eaten anything raw.    I was once at a restaurant and they wouldn't serve me an egg because i was obviously pregnant. I was like people, an egg. Mind your own stinkin business and give me my egg! (i asked for over-medium)
  • I'm a huge deli-meat sandwich person. That's mine and hubby's go-to lunch during the work week. I've never been a hot sandwich person, so I'm totally breaking the "heat the deli meat up before eating it" rule... all the time. As a PP said - people are getting listeria from so many other things.

    Also, I'm a huge Coke fan - original Coke, no zeros or diets for me. My OB said having 1 can a day is absolutely fine to get my caffeine fix... I might have had more than 1 today... it was a bad day, no judgement. 
  • I have been trying not to carb-binge, but who am I kidding. I am not exercising enough, sleeping enough for two, and have had some black tea and a bit of pop. What I have been craving is cantaloupe, which has been hard to find for some reason, and strawberries (which are on the list of most pesticide-covered fruits.) I cook my steaks medium/medium rare. Not awful, but not great either!
  • Me too! I really want a cold cut. I think I will do it now!
  • Definitely bumping this back up!

    I've been having one or two sodas a day which I believe is only about half the caffeine you're allowed. I also have been eating my fair share of cooked sushi. I haven't chanced raw sushi though.
    I have also been avoiding deli meats but now I'm craving Subway.....
  • I caved in and got a foot long Subway turkey sandwich the other day but got it toasted. Even still, my friend scolded me saying toasting the sandwich isn't enough, lol. It was so delicious and hit the spot!!! No regrets...
  • I feel like toasting it should be sufficient. I was told to heat the meat up to "steaming".


  • I'm late to the party, but I just wanted to second eating eggs.  I made myself soft cooked eggs the other night because they were the only thing that I thought I could get down.  They were delicious.

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  • I'm sitting here drinking lemon and ginger herbal tea, it helps with the nausea.  I honestly don't feel herbal tea can be all that bad for you in moderation!  And after reading these comments, I realllllyyy want some raw sushi. 
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  • I'm so sick and sometimes salami is the only thing I can handle. I try not to eat is a ton. At this point I'm just trying to survive the first trimester. I lay down the majority of the day. I drink whatever my body will keep down. Juice and soda and tea. I can't handle water. I've never heard queso was bad. I pick up my 3 year old.
  • I went skiing today and it was freakin fabulous. I'm exhausted now, but no regrets.
  • My doctor is pretty serious about the food restrictions so I follow pretty much all of it. I just switch it up with my eggs and go over medium, not the same but still delicious. I can't eat a steak well done (ew) so I cook it medium/maybe medium rare.

    I went shooting a couple of weeks ago. A lot of sources I looked at said its fine before 14 weeks, preferably at an outdoor range.
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  • I just ate almost the whole bag of spicy nacho doritos to get that awful taste out of my mouth that never goes away. I know they're not on the list of foods to avoid but it was definitely not my healthiest moment.
  • @Abcd7890 I have found that Juanita's tortilla chips sit really well, so I totally ate almost an entire bag in one sitting! I resonate with your post. :)

    I spoke with my mother about the "do not" list and she said she ate poached eggs during all of her pregnancies, despite the warnings against it. She also said that it kind of depends on what your body is used to. She eats them all the time, pregnant or not. *shrug* 

    I am *not* following the veggie suggestions, sadly. Many veggies aren't sitting well in my system. :/
  • Hmmm...I've had queso several times, though it was probably pasteurized. When I was very early I had lunch meat, a hot dog, and a medium steak. Fortunately, I'm so sick right now it is hard to break any rules! The idea of meat, sushi, eggs, etc all makes me nauseous. I also don't eat healthy, haven't exercised lately, and pick up my 35# son.
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  • I've started weight lifting again, though much lighter than I was as I've lost strength. But I'm still using weights anywhere from 25-110 lbs. my doctor told me it was fine, but of course it's over the usual "20 lb" rule that some doctors give.
  • Isn't queso a) cooked and b) usually made with Velveeta rather than real cheese? 
  • Snaps816 said:
    Isn't queso a) cooked and b) usually made with Velveeta rather than real cheese? 
    Yes. I think the confusion with queso is that queso fresco and queso blanco are two types of Mexican cheeses that are often unpasteurized. When American-Mexican restaurants serve "queso blanco dip" it's usually made with white American cheese, not with the traditional queso blanco cheese. Unless you live close to the border or have incredibly authentic Mexican near you, I think most restaurants in America will have pasteurized cheese in their queso dips. 
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  • Snaps816 said:
    Isn't queso a) cooked and b) usually made with Velveeta rather than real cheese? 
    Yes. I think the confusion with queso is that queso fresco and queso blanco are two types of Mexican cheeses that are often unpasteurized. When American-Mexican restaurants serve "queso blanco dip" it's usually made with white American cheese, not with the traditional queso blanco cheese. Unless you live close to the border or have incredibly authentic Mexican near you, I think most restaurants in America will have pasteurized cheese in their queso dips. 
    That's what I thought! I hate to think of these poor women missing out on delicious queso dip for no reason. Velveeta is by no means a health food, but it's not a pregnancy risk!
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