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Symptoms So Far??


Re: Symptoms So Far??

  • Anyone have some joint pain in your hips? I stand all day so I guess that could be it but I always stand all day and don't usually feel that. It feels like I just ran 10 miles lol! Not sure if it's pregnancy related or not...
  • This is going to sound so weird, but I suddenly have an excess of saliva in my mouth and it's making me ill. :(
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  • So far just really sore breasts and the constant need to pee. Though, I associate the peeing with how much water I drink lol I'm only 3 weeks and 4 days though, so it's pretty early for too many symptoms!
  • About two weeks ago bloating and mild cramping for about a week (still some bloating...or too many holiday parties). Then two days ago very mild waves of queasiness. Yesterday though nausea and I pretty much did nothing but stay on the couch and research baby things. I'm just about to hit 6 weeks. Also, just tired most days. Friday night before bed I was planning out what time I could nap Saturday haha
  • Extremely fatigued, nauseous about 50% of the day, sore breasts and having to pee all the time!!!!
  • @DisneyIsabelle that describes me to a T...I'm almost 6 weeks as well!
  • I have some other symptoms such as on and off nausea, extreme fatigue, and very mild cramping every so often (no spotting/blood), but is it normal to NOT have sore breasts?? My nipples are tender if touched, but otherwise not sore at all. I've seen some girls say they needed new bras already. I have DD, does size make a difference in how fast they grow/how soon they are sore? Just curious...
  • @Sabrina000216  Isn't it nice to know others are in the same boat? haha I'm happy nausea subsided yesterday once I got some ginger candies in me. It seems as long as I eat my stomach feels ok. But once I'm nauseous I don't want to eat
  • I'm 5w2d and my biggest symptoms so far are sore breasts, fatigue and cramping. The sore boobs and tiredness I can deal with, it's the cramping that's the worst! Thankfully it comes and goes only 1-2x a day and usually only lasts for 5-10 min at a time.
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    I am 5 wks 4 days...I have had minor symptoms (enough to make me buy a test)...hungry all the time, constipation, breast tenderness and sleepiness... But the nausea started up this morning:(
  • So far I've only noticed fatigue, slightly sore boobs (although very minor), more frequent trips to the restroom, and I've been soooo achey too, @saam0815, in my hips and my legs. I notice it most when I wake up in the morning. It doesn't seem to matter if I was really active the day before or not. I've had a couple minor bouts of nausea but they're barely noticeable, which I'm thankful for! It's all worth it for our little peanut though! :)
  • I'm 5w3d and I hardly have any symptoms. I know I should count myself lucky, and I do, but it would kind of be nice to have something, just so it feels like I'm pregnant! I have had occasional nausea, and I pee a lot more, but I'm also drinking a lot more water!
  • I'm 6w4d today and the nausea hit me like a freight train this morning. I'm now sitting at work with a ziploc bag full of pickle slices to get me through the day..
  • I'm 4w4d and no symptoms other than fatigue and decreased appetite. It's still early though so maybe it'll hit me later? I'm on progesterone right now though and I figured they'd make me feel pretty bad but nothing yet! Not even sore breasts.
  • Sore, sensitive breast. Mild morning sickness, very mild compared to pregnancy with daughter. Some lower back pain and cramping in the lower right side.

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  • I've been feeling pretty breathless at times which is my most unusual symptom. Any one else experiencing this too?

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  • Have a fun one - I was in a restaurant yesterday and a baby was crying for a prolonged period of time across the room and I swear I got the tingly let down breastfeeding sensation in my chest!
  • I'm craving salty and onions. I hate onions. And nausea and mild cramping. Everything I had with my DS
  • Up until 6 weeks, I only had sore boobs, mild nausea, was cold a lot, bloated and gassy, and a little bit of tiredness. At 6w on Monday the major nausea and fatigue hit me like a freight train. I also had a minor nosebleed monday night. Been having some random twinges here and there, but they seem to be either RLP or stuff moving through my intestines.

    Up until week 6 I was craving salty foods. Now I think the only thing that ever sounds good to me is saltines.
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    About two weeks ago bloating and mild cramping for about a week (still some bloating...or too many holiday parties). Then two days ago very mild waves of queasiness. Yesterday though nausea and I pretty much did nothing but stay on the couch and research baby things. I'm just about to hit 6 weeks. Also, just tired most days. Friday night before bed I was planning out what time I could nap Saturday haha
    This was my post a little over a week ago. Now, nausea is definitely more often, and in general just feeling yucky most of the time. I have been eating way too many Preggie Pop Drops which help temporarily and ginger candies, as well as trying to snack more often and not skip meals. No throwing up (knock on wood), but I've thought I was going to several times. Today marks weeks 7. 
  • With DD1 I ate a lot of ginger snaps... Helped a lot and always had ginger ale... This time and I am only about 5 weeks along... The nausea and diarrhea are bad... Gonna talk to nurse tomorrow once I get blood work back.
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  • 7 weeks & first baby.. Sore breasts, mild cramps, rib pain, & frequent urination. Last week I had horrible insomnia, this week I can't stay awake to save my life! No nausea or morning sickness though so I can't complain :)
  • At 8 weeks now, I pretty much have every symptom. Nausea, vomiting, extreme fatigue, cramping, headaches, bloating, constipation, hunger, loss of appetite simultaneously, lower back aches, breast tenderness, nipple tenderness, mood swings, discharge, horniness, rib pains, frequent urge to pee, food cravings, food aversions, heightened sense of smell, dry mouth, then saliva, then dry again....

    In short, if you only have a few, I envy you. Lol I get no relief from anything. I've tried everything. Gum, ginger, baths, leg rubs. Literally nothing helps. :(
  • Hmmm. Nausea, super smell, insomnia, hungry all the time but nothing sounds good. I think that's all.
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  • @ramoseecology  Could be normal due to the increased blood flow but may also indicate anemia, have you had any bloodwork(CBC) yet?  Are you taking  prenatal?
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  • @Merocket59   I haven't had any bloodwork yet. I am taking prenatals but finding it hard to stomach much but simple carbs. I'll up my iron foods and see if that helps. Thanks!

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  • Extreme exhaustion, cramping, and now the nauseau is beginning to creep in.  My boobs were so sore for the first few weeks, but that has mostly passed.  Oh the joys!  It's all worth it in the end!
  • Just a few days past 6 weeks and the M/S hit me today. Good thing we didn't have anything big planned for Christmas! Stomach feels empty all the time, even when I eat. I feel like I have a hangover without the headache no matter what I do/eat. Have sore boobs, too. They especially hurt when they get cold! Feels like needles!
  • At 5w I have incredibly sore boobs, insomnia and fatigue at the same time. Definitely some bloating and gassy a lot and the occasional headache.
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  • 5w: sore boobs, tired, get full really quickly, heartburn. Bloated. Mild cramping
  • First pregnancy and found out early. I have been bloated beyond belief and emotional! This is crazy. Every day it's something new. Last week I smelled Chinese food and it smelled horrid but I ate it and then was puking for the next 8 hours. I've been super thirsty and my breasts have been very sore. And these last couple of days I've been wanting to jump my man's bones!
  • Is anyone else having extreme back pains? Only 5 weeks, and I can't move to save my life. Nothing is helping.
  • Nausea, diarrhea, peeing a lot,

    Anyone get dizziness?
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    Hello everyone I'm 7 weeks 6 days and have been feeling regular except sore boobs, but these past 3 days nausea and fatigue have been beating me down lol. I'm just SO thankful because I know my baby is growing :blush: Thank God I've been off these past days, but when I go back to work idk what to do. I'm a nurse
  • Nauseous all day. But I cant throw up just dry heave. BooBS are big and sire and i am Soooo tired.
  • Hi - 5w and so far mainly sore/tender breasts that are already much bigger than normal, mild/persistent cramping, and occasional queasiness. Oh, and a very vivid nightmare last night. Apparently that's a thing, too?
  • Hi ladies, my symptoms include extreme fatigue, sore breasts, dizziness,shortness of breath and some mild cramping. This is my 4th pregnancy, with the last two pregnancies I have felt nauseated but not with this one so far.
  • Hi ladies, congratulations to all of you!!
    This is my 1st pregnancy and have been pretty lucky so far.(knock on wood)
    I'm 7w4d and my symptoms are very sore breasts, bloating, occasional cramping & hunger spurts.
    Some back pain now and then too.

  • Tired and emotional at times. My husband guessed I was prego when I brought home Chinese food and orange juice lol.
  • My symptoms have been coming and going, but at 6 weeks I have very sore nipples and I'm absolutely STARVING all the time! My stomach starts growling within hours of a proper meal, and I wake up every morning at 5 am with terrible hunger pains! I'm tied of eating lol, maybe it's a boy! I'm also sleeping a ton every night, sometimes 11 to 12 hours! Is this normal?
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