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    @Xath I hear you. I find myself typing a response then deleting. Last pregnancy just two months ago I followed that chart diligently. At over a 90% chance I still lost the baby. So I think we are all jaded by reality. But I bite my tongue because I suppose everyone is on their own journey and I don't want to dampen anyone's excitement. I'm still so scared though and almost afraid to acknowledge that I'm actually pregnant again. I love the statement above to take each day as another day we are pregnant and really be positive for each day. Still a constant struggle.

  • @Xath I'm so sorry for your loss; I can't imagine going through something like that. I decided to actually respond but I think I wasn't able to fully express thing accurately. I also sounded like a bitch. Oops!

    I say we let those who haven't had a loss keep their charts; we'll be going crazy and paranoid in our own thread. :smile:
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  • @juleswalsh Turns out my hormones were elevated due to the previous m/c. Good luck to you!!! 
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    @Chicigo How was the weekend for you?  I almost felt bad that I wasn't more sad on Saturday (my DD), but I'm just so excited about this new babe.  And let's face it, I've cried more than enough tears, ya know (and I'm sure there will be more...this healing stuff isn't quick)?  It's bittersweet.  I hope Sunday was bearable for you!!  

    And I love your theme...haha.  Quite timely. ;)  
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