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  • Levi Wyatt
    Born 12/07/15 at 11:39 pm
    EDD: 12/4/15
    He has been in the nursery due to low blood sugar/lack of interest in eating. I have been very busy trying to breast feed then having to supplement with formula feeding with a bottle then pumping.
    Am in a lot of pain from my c section but I can't get anything for it from the hospital because I am not a patient anymore. They are still letting me stay here because my baby is here and I am going to every feeding. The Dr. Prescribed me Norco and my husband went to pick it up but he forgot his wallet so they wouldn't fill the prescription for him since he didn't have ID and by the Time he got it and went back it was too late and they were closed.
    I am still too fat to see my vagina and freaked out a little and was crying about that yesterday but there's nothing like recently having been gutted to make you quickly learn how to resist the temptation to cry.
    This whole experience has not been what I expected at all and nothing has gone as planned. Will edit later to add more details/get it more in order... Am trying to be positive and go with the flow. I hope we get to go home soon.

    Hang in there! I had a csection Monday and my little guy had the same issues. We could not get his blood sugar levels to stay up without an iv and supementing. It was scary and frustating. Finally happened throughout last night and got to come home this afternoon. I know how exhausted you must be, but keep the faith it will workout soon!