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  • @sarawifenow I'm getting him the home brew beer system too. We love beer and I'm hoping he gets good at it and has a bottle ready for me in May, haha. I also got him a pair of running shoes since it had been so long since he's had a new pair. Other than that I'm stumped. Maybe find a funny "baby's daddy" shirt.

    Last year his favorite gift I got him was a wireless blue tooth speaker that's waterproof, dustproof, durable... pretty much man proof. He can take it to work if he wants, out camping, or rock out while BBQing.
  • @sarawifenow and @LemmyRN My brother is a big fan of beer, especially craft beer, so I got him a home brewing kit one year for Christmas. It was just a cheapy I found on amazon. It started a huge hobby. The next year his in laws got him a HUGE beer kit, with a big drum and everything. He actually even worked for Dogfish Head Brewery for about a year.

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  • So far I've only found one thing for DH. He always needs new shirts so I found him a tshirt that says DAD in binary. We're both programmers so I thought it was fitting. It's subtle too since most people will never figure it out... Works since he tends to be pretty low key. Still stumped on the rest though. :|
  • We are going back and forth on buying gifts for each other - we don't hold secrets very well and are very verbal about things we want (which both of us just end up buying ourselves considering a shared account). 

    I am holding off on buying him gifts that are baby related. I feel like he would appreciate them and the realistic need, but when I think of gifts I think of getting someone something they want, not need, and I don't want him to feel like I'm only thinking of baby when it's still he and I for the time being. 

    He did mention an xbox since his has magically died (and I was magically happy about..) - I'm thinking a 'no' on that one... lol.
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