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Postpartum Depression

Is there such thing as 3rd trimester depression??

Hi, just wondering about third trimester depression?? Totally feeling this way lately

I'm 33 weeks ftm, been on bedrest for a month. I should also mention I am bipolar, on meds, & see a psychologist & psychiatrist as part of my treatment plan.

Anyways, my mom comes over everyday to take care of me, makes me meals, cleans, walks the dog. I am extremely grateful to her & she does this voluntarily-but also feel guilty/burdensome at times-it's a lot to ask. She even takes me to my FST weekly & ob appointments. My husband & I have to split our baby bonding FMLA since we work for the same company & any time he takes off now comes out of that bank, so my mom is helping us out tremendously with that. Thank god my bedrest is separate time.

At times I feel like my husband is sort of taking advantage of the arrangement. My mom leaves an hour before he comes home & I usually take a nap. When he does come home we talk about our day & stuff. He watches the news for awhile & then goes to the garage to workout. Dinner has been cheap stuff, fast food or like pbj or yogurt or something because I'm not supposed to be cooking or doing any type of chores. Then we watch tv & go to bed. I don't sleep great at this point with heartburn & being so big, sometimes I sleep on the couch cuz I am so restless.There's not really any affection, like maybe a hug every once in awhile but thats it. I feel like my mom takes care of me better than he does. I feel like he thinks I'm her problem since I'm her kid. And when he comes home it's his relax, all about him time. Like he can't be there for me.

Take tonight for example: I had a breakdown, been feeling kinda down the past few days and it just came to a head. My dad just got diagnosed with a form of alzheimer's that affects a certain part of the brain & he's only 55. So that's been a shock & scary for what the future holds for him & our family. He's my hero-both my parents are actually.

It's also hit me that baby girl can't stay in my uterus forever & will be here before we know it! And I'm scared about giving actual birth & will she & I come out of it ok...just all these scenarios of the unknown (well unknown to me). I voiced these concerns to my husband & was met with you have to be strong & you're gonna be a mom soon, and you have to put your big girl pants on. And women give birth everyday. I was like ok I know that but right now I need you more emotionally & to tell me it's gonna be ok & you're gonna make everything ok...he said well you need to believe that. And no he did not say it's gonna be ok. I asked to snuggle him-I just needed that touch & he's like ok but I have to get some sleep, so that was like 5 mins. Felt like a burden. Like really? You see me upset & refuse to console me. It just hurts. He's not the most demonstrative person but dang. It feels so cold & heartless. Like is he gonna be like that towards our kid? What if I have post partum depression? I feel alone except for my mom & the rest of my family.

Re: Is there such thing as 3rd trimester depression??

  • @benniferayers1 , I realize this is an old post and you've probably even have had your little one already but I felt bad there was never a reply to you. I hope that you either did or will consider talking to your doctor about this and get some help. I have had a lot of times feeling this way too and I decided to go to a psychologist for a good half of my pregnancy before I moved. I do plan to start up again as it was determined that I am at risk for PPD. Get the support you need and know you aren't alone in this. I hope you're doing better!
  • We are like pregnant soul sisters! I also have bi-polar except I didn't seek help besides talk therapy during pregnancy and didn't take meds. Around 33 weeks I started getting ppd really bad and it is a real thing. Im almost four weeks post partum and I started a support group last week. The person who ran the group explained it is actually perinatal anxiety and mood disorder because it can happen before and it includes a bunch of different emotions and feelings! I would definately reccomend starting a group now because it helped me so much! Im very shy and didn't speak too much yet but hearing stories made me feel so much better. Another thing I was afraid of giving birth too like birth was one of my biggest life fears.. I was also afraid of me and her making it out, I jd a perfect pregnancy physically (not emotionally) and ended up having an emergency c section (on time not early or late) and it came to a shock because it was like doctor checked me at hospital and bam your having a csection right now Im gonna tell you I am the biggest baby when it comes to anything medical especially needles and surgery and thi strength from within came and I took that needle and I did it with grace. I also had a nurse talk to me and focused on my breathing the whole time and it was like a holy s:*+ moment how did I do that, I even asked to be put asleep but they wouldn't let me and I was so proud of myself after.. Trust me you can do it! (I know you may be thinking no I can't you don't get it I can't but I have to and idk how im gonna get through it but I promise you will!) 
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