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When did you stop working?


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  • N15 lurker.  I just started maternity leave today at 39+1, I'm due on Sunday (11.22).  I thought I would be able to make it through the end of this week, but I realized at the end of 37w that I was just done, mentally and physically.  It was really nice spending the last few days with my feet up (my swollen ankles disappeared!) and getting last minute things, like sterilizing bottle nipples and other random parts, done and off my list. 

    Funding for my lab position ran out, so I will technically be employed 2-4w after baby boy is born, and then I will have enough vacation/ holiday hours paid out for 12w of maternity leave (I'm using sick leave right now, because my dept HR is awesome).  But, if the funding situation hadn't come up, I would be taking 12w of maternity leave.
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  • I'm with the other ladies working right up until the end.  I'm due December 9th and plan to work through the 11th if baby hasn't made his appearance yet.  I'll ask to be induced on the 14th if he isn't here by that time, or might end up with a c-section if he's still breech.  We're going to try to flip him sometime this week so fingers crossed that its a success!  I'll take the 12 weeks of FMLA and 4 weeks of PTO to go back to work at the beginning of April.  I've never had this much time off so I'm really looking forward to it!
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  • Both of my previous pregnancies, I worked until the day I went into labor.
  • I am so glad to hear that I am not the only or even one of few who plans on working until they pop.
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  • I'm working part time until I pop. I'm 37+4 and I don't know how you full time working mommas are doing it still. You're amazing.
  • I have a csection scheduled for Tuesday dec 15th. My last day will be the friday before, on the 11th.
  • I'm having a c-section November 30th (the Monday after Thanksgiving). I'm a teacher and I plan on working until November 24th which is the last day my kids have school before Thanksgiving.
  • I'm 36 weeks tomorrow, planning to work until my due date 12/16 if she decides to come by then otherwise I will work until 12/23 and start my 12
    weeks of leave at that time. I don't want to miss out on time with this LO. I feel shockingly okay... Kind of like a stuffed turkey waddling around but otherwise just fine.
  • Last day was 11/12 currently on leave yay!
  • Thanks for the comments everyone (: My SO share a vehicle, and he doesn't like to share so I always have to ask someone to give me a ride home, so I just gave my notice and will stop working in two weeks, at 36/37 weeks. Everyone I've asked so far has just said work until you as long as you feel comfortable, and I still feel great (besides the occasional light headedness) so I feel just slightly guilty stopping early. I can't believe it's almost December already....
  • Tomorrow is my last day, I'll be 36w3d!
  • I am insanely impressed. I'm working until my 38th week (currently 36wk6days) but I feel like I'm dying. Granted I work in a kitchen so there's a lot more movement and effort involved than a desk job but I'm just hoping to survive thanksgiving :\
  • yeap due dec 9th just trying to make it through thanksgiving or until i put my christmas tree up
  • I am a teacher so I am on my feet a lot. Yesterday (11/16) was technically my first day of leave, even though I have a little bit of work to do from home and a meeting with a parent to go to on Friday. I am due 12/2 so I went on leave 2 weeks and two days before my due date. I was eligible for 4 weeks pre baby (I'm taking two) and six weeks after at 55% pay from the state, plus I have three weeks of paid leave through our district so I am taking all of that.
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  • Working until 2 weeks before due date (finish work 12/14, EDD 12/29)! I hope I make it that far though.. Good luck to you ladies working right up to the day :)
  • I wanted to work until a week before my due date but work encouraged me to go on leave earlier because its a hands on job and the clients can be agressive. So i finished a month before I'm due ☺ lots of time to rest and nest haha
  • I'm an adjunct instructor at a community college, so I'm supposed to give my students their final exam on December 14th... My due date is December 13th... But I made the last two weeks of my schedule super easy, like movies and potlucks and stuff haha! I also work part time at the teaching center on campus and my boss said I can start working 9 hours a week 6 weeks later, after winter break - mid January. Then my lead instructor scheduled me for a late start class starting in late March. I'm an adjunct, so I don't really have benefits of any sort. Or rights. Or anything, haha!
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  • I'm done!!!! Yay!!!!!
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