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Official Labor Buddies Thread

AdventureMamaAdventureMama member
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It's that time, friends! Let's pick labor buddies!

First of all, let's get some FAQ out of the way.
What is a labor buddy?
A LB is just someone from the board to become closer to through PMs, emails, texts, whatever you like. Chat with them, ask them questions and answer theirs, and, if they want you to, update the board when they're in labor or need our T&Ps. The LB relationship can be whatever you make it!

I'm worried about privacy! What do I have to share with my LB?
Whatever you want! It's totally up to you. At minimum, you guys should chat a bit and get to know each other here on TB, through private messages. But some people want to email each other, text, become Facebook friends. Whatever you and your buddy are comfortable with is totally fine.

Do I have to have a LB?
No. Participation is not mandatory, it's just a fun thing to do.

What happens if my LB drops off the face of the planet?
This happens sometimes. It's a bummer, but think of it as an opportunity to meet someone new! If this happens to you, it should be no problem to find you someone new. Just come back to this thread and comment and we'll make it happen.

Is there a deadline to sign up?
It will most likely take us a few weeks to get people paired up, but new people join the board all the time (and other posters drop out of sight, too), so we'll keep this thread pinned and you can decide to grab yourself a buddy anytime. Be aware that if you don't sign up now, you may be stuck waiting until someone else is ready for a buddy, but I don't foresee it being a problem.

Can I choose my own LB?
Sure! You may have already hit it off with someone from the board, and that's awesome! Just comment and let me know (by tagging the person) who you want to be paired with and it will be noted on the spreadsheet. 

What if I don't have anyone in mind?
Don't worry, this won't be like middle school gym class. We'll randomly assign people to be together, no need to feel left out. I imagine that most people won't already have someone in mind, so you won't be alone.

What factors matter in choosing/being assigned to a LB?
Due date is the only thing that really matters. We want to pair you with someone that has a due date at least a week or two away from yours, ideally, so that you won't be in labor at the same time! If you're a FTM, you may request to be paired up with a STM+, if you know you'll have questions and want a more experienced buddy. This is not a necessity, though!

Are scheduled c-section mamas included?
Absolutely everyone having a baby in February who wants to participate is included!

So, what do you need to do? Simple! Comment on this thread with your due date and let us know if you already have a buddy (please talk to that person privately before claiming them, though!) or if you'd like to be randomly assigned. Please note if you have any other preferences for who you're assigned to, and if you prefer texting/email/FB, or keeping it on TB. Easy enough, right? :) I will work on a spreadsheet (which I will link here in this first post when I create it) and I will also comment periodically and tag the people who I've assigned to each other. It won't be immediate so just check your notifications/come back to this thread when you think about it and see if you've been assigned yet. Then have fun getting to know each other!

Feel free to ask any other questions and I'll answer them as best I can! If they're common enough, I'll edit this post and add it here so everyone can read it. Other than that, let's attempt to keep this thread as chatter-free as possible so we don't have to parse through a bunch of pages to find the info we need. Thanks guys!

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Re: Official Labor Buddies Thread

  • cheesefries88cheesefries88 member
    edited October 2015
    I would like one please! Due date 2/19! Anyone is fine, so randomly assigned, I guess :)
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  • I'm in, due date is 2/5
  • Can we pin this, @bumpadmin @bumptara @bumpcaitlin
    Married 8.5.12
    Caleb born 10.9.13
    2.0 due 2.1.16
  • mamacastromamacastro member
    edited October 2015
    I'm in, due 2/25 TTM
  • egraves4egraves4 member
    edited October 2015
    I'd like one as well!  FTM (doesn't matter if I get a STM+ or not) and I am due 2/13!

    ETA forms of communication... I'm pretty open to whatever.
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  • Me please- I'm due 2/26 FTM and prefer texting


    February 2016


  • acuteanglesacuteangles member
    edited October 2015
    I've claimed @notasychophant.  My EDD is Feb 16 and hers is Feb. 1 

    edit because of accidental partial post

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  • Count me in! My EDD is 2/3. FTM.
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  • Me too! C section set for February 5th and TTM :)
  • SoSiriusSoSirius member
    edited October 2015
    I'm in, 2/29. ETA: STM in case that's relevant.

    I still talk to my previous LB all the time. :x
  • thisusernamethisusername member
    edited October 2015
    My due date is now 2/9! Moving up in the world! I'd love a buddy, any buddy! Preference would be someone who doesn't mind communicating frequently and of possible a STM or even TTM mom, just so I have someone else's experiences to hear and so I can ask them questions without disturbing the board, so someone patient! I am open to all forms of communication.

    And if anyone has location/time zone preferences I am stationed in the east coast, but my school is based off central time and all my family lives in the pacific time zone. So I am free to anyone because I feel like I live in all 3 still!

    Yay, this sounds fun!

    Edit : added communication preferences to make it easier
  • EDD 2/8 FTM here =)
  • AdventureMamaAdventureMama member
    edited October 2015
    I am loving your comments as I pair you. So if you don't see me hearting it yet, I didn't skip or miss you, I just haven't found the right person for you. I just added it to the OP but commenters from now on, please indicate if you'd like to communicate via text/FB! :)

    Pairs so far

    @geojam224 --> @MamaFroFro
    @acuteangles --> @notasycophant
    @AdventureMama --> @graceinchaos
    @cheesefries88 --> @aussiechicka
    @baby0708 --> @SoSirius
    @mamacastro --> @lizziesue07
    Married 8.5.12
    Caleb born 10.9.13
    2.0 due 2.1.16
  • I'm in! FTM and due on 2/26 :)
  • I'm in! Due date is 2/1.
    I am a STM and don't mind being paired with a ftm :) I'm open to any type of communication.
  • I'm in! My due date is 2/19
  • strlitemissstrlitemiss member
    edited October 2015
    I'm game! Due 2/9. I'm a stm and I'm pretty to an form of communication.
  • Married 8.5.12
    Caleb born 10.9.13
    2.0 due 2.1.16
  • pettycrockerpettycrocker member
    edited October 2015
    EDD 2/6, RCS 2/1 

    STM- I am open for FB chatting.  

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  • I'm in! STM, due between 2/19-2/26.. Having RSC and haven't picked a date yet! :) Open to communicating via TB and email then texting probably closer to D-Day! Everyone's experiences are different but wouldn't mind sharing info w FTM if they want a STM. Either way works!
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  • @PaniaO is my labor buddy! My due date is 2/4 and hers is 2/12
    Benjamin born on - 4/5/12
    BFP 12/31/14, EDD 9/08/14 ~ Natural M/C 2/21/14 at 11.5 weeks
    BFP 5/24/15 - EDD 2/4/16

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  • STM, open to email/TB. Original DD was 2/10, bumped to 1/28. Hope it's not just a huge baby :)
  • @Jellybelly119 is my buddy! I'm 2/2 and she's 2/12 :)

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  • @kris10mac is my labor buddy! My due date is 2/4, hers is 2/14!

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  • I'm in 2/6
    Me - 35   Hubby - 38 
    Married 10/2007 
    Baby girl - 2/6/16 

  • MaybeMabMaybeMab member
    edited October 2015
    Grrrrrrr stupid app deleted my comment.

    I'm in

    Due 2-12

    Scheduled C-section 2-5

  • My LB is @ThecoffeeBunch I am due 2/4 and she is due 2/17.
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    Baby #4 Due: 2/4/2016
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  • Count me in, scheduled cs 2/16. Stm and open to any communication :)
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  • I'm in! FTM due 2/2, prefer email/text communication! :)
  • Count me in. Third time mom due Feb 21st but will be having a c section (boo) as soon as I'm 37 weeks.. soo Feb 1st-ish I guess?
    Open to any communication but FB or email/text would be best. I'm horribly slow at responding to emails on here because I'm always mobile and forget to check. I'm working on it though :P
    Baby #3 due February. Dx with Spina Bifida Myelo  "good things are coming down the road, just don't stop walking"
  • Me too!

    FTM, due date is 2/17
    I'm good with FB chat or email! FTM or STM+
  • Im in! EDD 2/20, FTM, East Coast, text or email is probs good, or Facebook I guess. Open to whatever. Thanks for organizing @AdventureMama!
  • I'd love a LB.

    I'm a TTM and am a Military Wife. I'd prefer to be paired with someone who understands the challenges unique to this lifestyle (FTM okay, I'm happy to share my experiences). Thank you.

    EDD is 2/29
  • I'd love a LB.

    I'm a a FTM and also a Military Wife. It's also my first time in the States and I'm having to go through this without my family left behind in Germany.

    I'm due 2/16, but they are talking about inducing me a week early since I've been diagnosed with gestational diabetes very early on during the pregnancy.
  • I'm in! FTM, due 2/5. Email/text is preferred since I'm rarely on FB, but I can do that too if necessary :) Thanks @AdventureMama!

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  • I'm in! TTM (but it's been awhile 9+ years). Due date is 2/19. Dr said bc of my age they dont want me to go past my due date so Im assuming I'll be induced if I make it til then. I prefer FB or text...I'm really behind on emails. Thank you!
  • I'm in. 5th pregnancy but 2nd time giving birth (not sure what this makes me - stm?). EDD 02/02 but likely cs at 37 weeks. I'm open to communicating on TB, email, and possibly FB or text closer to the date once we know each other a little better.
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  • I'm in! Due date is 2/17.

    Thanks for setting this all up @AdventureMama!
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