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Feeding pattern

My newborn is 2.5 weeks old and she has a very strange eating schedule. She will nurse for hours and not be satisfied and then eventually fall asleep for a very long time. I woke her up to feed 3 hours after she finished eating last time. She fed for a few minutes and fell asleep on my breast. She's totally out. I'm concerned she will not develop a normal routine.
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Re: Feeding pattern

  • This is normal for a newborn. Just feed on demand. If she has regained birth weight and has no other weight gain issues, you can probably let her sleep.
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  • She's regained it. But is there a point where she sleeps too long? One night my alarm didn't wake me and she slept like 5 or 6 hours. I woke up as I heard her fuss around in her bassinet. I felt really guilty.
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  • My LO would sleep 5 or 6 hours between feelings for the first 2 weeks. He now eats every 2 hours or so. His pediatrician wasn't concerned because he had actually surpassed his birth weight. We talked about this at his 4 week check and the doctor said it's common for newborns to be more interested in sleeping at first. Good weight gain means she's getting enough to eat though.
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  • Sounds like you are describing cluster feeding which is totally normal. Baby is tanking up for the night. When my baby was a newborn, she would cluster feed right before a stretch of sleep. I just nursed on demand. She went into a routine on her. I think by 6 weeks or so. You have plenty of time .

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