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Who is still having sex?


Re: Who is still having sex?

  • My husband is not even remotely into the idea of having sex. And honestly I'm fine with it. I feel huge and uncomfortable. I stand on my feet 8 hrs a day 6 days a week. I'm good with some couch time lol.
  • Thank goodness my first and this one are sleeping it seems when hubby and I have fun time. If the baby was moving that would freak me out. My hubs very much still wants sex but for me it only happens if its doggy style abd its been mayyyyybe once a week.
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  • We have been down to once a month the last two months. Sadly it just barely ever occurs to us any more. I'm just never in the mood, although not really opposed. He just sees me more as a mom than his wife so it doesn't occur to him either although he isn't opposed either. When we do it is always good for him and pretty good for me as well.
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  • We have been having sex... But we decided to last night and it hurt a bit but I took one for the team ;) afterward went to the bathroom to cleanup and noticed some spotting. Has anyone else experienced spotting after sex?
  • SO and I had sex last night and now I'm up at 2am with cramping/contractions!! Ugh I'll avoid sex from now on!
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    Lol no my second but i was the same with my first pregnancy as well.
  • We have been having sex... But we decided to last night and it hurt a bit but I took one for the team ;) afterward went to the bathroom to cleanup and noticed some spotting. Has anyone else experienced spotting after sex?

    Any bleeding during pregnancy needs to be addressed with you OB.
  • We have been having sex... But we decided to last night and it hurt a bit but I took one for the team ;) afterward went to the bathroom to cleanup and noticed some spotting. Has anyone else experienced spotting after sex?

    Definetly let your doc know but there are lots of normal reasons this can happen. Your cervix is more sensitive, increased blood flow to the lady parts, if things were a little too rough. Don't freak yourself out mama.... If your still spotting I would call asap but if it was just a little after sex and baby is moving fine I wouldn't be concerned.
  • Before my bf got sick it was two to 3 times a week and i even want it more!!! My hormones are raging for it. My bump isnt too big so its easy to work around
  • I've been on pelvic rest since 20wks
  • Yes, at least 3 times per week. I have to admit that sometimes I have to just "take one for the team" because I don't want him to have to suffer through with no action (poor man has needs, too). This is our third, so nothing freaks him out about having sex with the baby right there. He was a little more squeamish during our first pregnancy.

    Position is EVERYTHING.
  • I hit a huge mental slump at 28wks and I can't get body-comfortable...? I fee huge- and feel terrible because my husband would never ask if he wasn't sure I'd be into it... So he hasn't in a week and I'm feeling like a terrible person for being so self-consumed. I felt the same way during first trimester- no drive and felt totally unattractive- but I know when we start, I get over it.... Just need to get over myself and realize that he doesn't think I'm as disgusting as I feel.
  • I try.  I get out of breath and my legs cramp and I feel dizzy.  Not sexy so much.
  • Up until last night it was all good... Last night may have changed things. Even DH said he noticed my belly was bigger and I kept having to make him move off of me. I basically just laid there and let him do his thing... I wasn't into it at all. It'll probably be doggy style from now on or me on top when I feel up for it.
  • @fadzak I am so with you on this! 

    It's sometimes way uncomfortable but I cannot get enough. 

    Gimme, gimme, gimme, gimme!
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  • @angelicmommy DH has been sick for 3 days and im starting to get soooooooo moody he is testing my patience!

    Uncomfortable yes however at the time it always seems like an amazing idea
  • dawnaleee said:

    Not meaning to change the subject but can anyone tell me why the whole paragraph I just typed only posted as the first word? I did have a sad face following the NOPE..... and about 4 other sentences. This is the second time I've posted (I think) and it cut off what I typed the last time. Is The Bump trying to tell me something?! Lol

    If you use an emoji from your phone, it'll cut out the rest of the post.
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  • Oh ya! It was the tiniest little bit of pink when I wiped right after sex... (Sorry super tmi) and it's been fine since. I think it was just a little tear or something. I'm not worried baby boy has been moving lots since.
  • At least once a day, happily.

  • I hate sex. Hate it. It hurts, I can't breathe, I'm gassy, I get cramps, it's just awful! I so wished it were enjoyable. But yes I'm still doing it about once a week because I feel bad if I don't. I think I need like a friggin medal or something.
  • Right now we're at 1-2 times a month, but not because of pregnancy. We've had some other life stressors that have prevented it. We try other ways to have intimacy. One day we'll get back to our 4x a week again!
  • No. It's bothering me. My husband doesn't want to do anything even remotely sex-related around the bump. I think he gets that the baby has no context yet but it weirds HIM out. Which probably makes him a pretty sweet dad so I'm not pushing it. 

    But damn. I'm not one of those pregnant ladies who loses her sex drive - even this late in the game. I'm the exact, polar opposite. But it is what it is. As long as this trend doesn't continue beyond pregnancy, then it is what it is and I can wait it out. 
  • I want to and I know the hubs is wanting to. But I'm so uncomfortable during the actual act that no one is enjoying themselves. It's a bummer.
  • @fadzak just tell him to suck it up and get over it... that's what I would do ;)
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  • @angelicmommy Oh dont worry i lasted 3 days then became a hormonal witch. I was that crazy that he initiated it just to have me calm down haha
  • Update: I am! Finally! DH and I had a terrible drought at the beginning of this third trimester, and I am happy to report that we are back on track again. I HATE it when we aren't having sex. Yeah, it's pretty awkward with my growing size, but so worth it for us. Yay sex!
  • How my sex life is going....

    Could not get this meme out of my head this weekend while doing the deed lol!!!! :))
  • @fadzak & @mltarrio yay for you!!! There is nothing better then some fun sexy time to make a hormonal woman happy!
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