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Facebook group: (continued) Please read


Re: Facebook group: (continued) Please read

  • Hi I added you as a friend, my name is Samantha Tagye. Would love to join :))
  • I've also been rather silent in the group but have received so much useful information that I also would like to join. I hope you'll have me. First name is Kati. Adding you @kelseyrayay soon.
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  • Ive been a lurker only but this group has really been a huge help to me as a ftm! Sending you a request i would love to be in the group. My name is lisa:)
  • Sent you friend request My name is Jasmine :)
  • I added you! Haven't posted much on here but would love to be in the group on Facebook! I'm Kaci :)
  • @kelseyrayay Hi! I didn't receive anything so I sent you a friend request. My name is Letha- please add me to the group. Thanks!
  • benmel31benmel31 member
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    I friended you on FB.

    My name is Melissa L... O...

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  • I sent a pm on Facebook to be added, but finally got logged back on here. First name is Mandi.
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  • I'm sending you a request! I've been slacking on even lurking, but FB is easy for me. Did this with a group of girls from theknot way back when and we are still friends nine years later. My name is Megan and there is a baby as my profile pic -- should be obvious :)
  • Sent you a friend request too
  • I sent a friend request too and would love to be added. I have a purple ribbon as my profile pic and my name is Kristina. Thank you! The information here has been invaluable to me during this journey.
  • I just sent you a friend request... my name is heather
  • I just sent you a friend request too! My name is Jen.
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  • Added- I'm Chanel
  • I sent you a request :)
    Always hold on to hope ❤
  • @Marissalynn0620 I was waiting for you!! :D In a non creepy way lol
  • Sent a request !
  • Sent request. My first name is Krissy and my pic is my LO in an outfit w strawberries on it and she's sitting on a boppy lounger. Thx!
  • I just added you!
  • I just sent you a request. Melissa is the name...
  • This group has been a life line as a FTM! Haven't posted too much but would love to join! Will send friend request My name is Ana Fernandez
  • Sent you a friend request. 1st name Kristen!
  • I just sent you a friend request! Can you add me to the group? I've been MIA on the bump the past week or so and didn't realize this Facebook thing was happening!
  • I just sent a PM to be added. My name is Shayna.
  • MoprathetMoprathet member
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    Hi! I sent you a friend request. My name is Molly. I haven't been super active on here, but I've loved following the discussions, and look forward to getting to know everyone better.
  • Just sent a friend request! My name is Bree
  • Hi. I just sent you a facebook friend request. My profile picture is from high school because an old friend just died so we all changed our pics. Anyways, my name is Tsivia and I'm not a high school boy.
  • How do I join the FB group?! FB forums are way easier for me to use than the bump! @kelseyrayay
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  • Sent friend request... Andrea :)
  • Sent you one @kelseyrayay. My name is April
  • I just friend requested you. My name is Kelley :)
  • I sent you a request! My name is Lindsey
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  • Are you letting anyone request you on Facebook to be added to the group? I was in a mommy group on FB but I removed myself because they never posted anything mommy related. Just always talking about their baby daddy drama! -_- it would be nice to be able to ask for advice and see what other mommies do when I'm unsure of things.
  • diesel115diesel115 member
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    Just sent a request, @kelseyrayay ! First name is Gabrielle.
  • I just sent a friend request, my name is Rachel. I don't post much on here, but look everyday and would love to join the group. Thanks so much for putting this fb group together!
  • I don't post at all really but I miss everyone's thoughts and questions when I'm up in the MOTN. I sent you a request, by name is Rebecca (pic of baby on profile)
  • Sent you a request
  • Sent you a pm.. My name is Caitlin. How do I find you?
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